A Mistake Caused By Fate - Prologue

When you open a book you find a prologue and an epilogue right? 

But is that really the case when it comes to life?

I mean who determines our epilogue in life?

God? Yes? No? Maybe?

Growing up we were taught that God is the one in control of everything and we are just actors playing the scripts we are each given. What could possibly go wrong there? I mean there's nothing wrong with such an analogy right? Wrong!

The difference between a movie and human life is that when you die you die. You don't just play a character but you are the character you living as that character and sadly there's no going home after a long day to read because that's life its a fulltime job whereby you rest in death.

Where am I going with this? Good question. And to answer you I don't know actually. I'm just a kid sitting in front of her laptop writing whatever comes to mind first and right now this piece of junk is what came to mind.

I am Sybil Thandoluhle Adams and yes you guessed it. I am the daughter of a hybrid and a part witch doppelganger. When has that combination ever made sense before? Does it even exist? Should it even exist? I mean a hybrid itself is an abomination to nature I should not exist. Don't even get me started with that whole being a witch thing. In a nutshell my life is shity and I have no control over it!

For those that don't know my parents I am the daughter of Anelisa and Ahlume Adams

I am the daughter of Anelisa and Ahlume Adams sister to Sibulele Kayla and Ntandoyenkosi Samuel Adams. And like me my siblings are part witch and part hybrid but unlike me they are witches that can practise and I'm just a freak who can syphon up magic. Yeah my life sucks! I just turned 18 by the way but my story goes back to when I was 16 years old 1st year in college a few days after my birthday. 

Sit back and enjoy the ride cause its goin be a long and bumpy one!

Oh right I said something about prologues and epilogues in the beginning well that was to grab your attention so that you read this with an open mind...

Sorry to put your brain through that but on the real though as much as our epilogues are from when we born mine started when I was 16 because that's when I discovered who I really was. Oh no don't get it twisted I already knew I was part hybrid and part witch but I didn't know that being whatever I am came with so many burdens. I was never warned that being what I am came at a price. I am my own story's villain. That doesn't sound right does it? Who becomes their own villain? Me! That's who. When you the only freak in your family you are bound to and sadly death is not an option I would know because I tried and it did not end well. 

Let's uhhm... Get right onto it shall we?


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