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7 years later


I woke up to find the sun at its peak and I must say no one sleeps like I do. I got up and took a shower and wore my jeans and black baggy pants. I opened up the curtains and windows then the balcony to let in some fresh air. I love my small place. Its a 1 bedroom apartment studio that has a lounge kitchen and bathroom with a tiny bedroom that i turned into a study. Its clean and cosy yet spacious. The bedroom and bathroom was up a few stairs and the lower part was just kitchen and lounge and study.  I cleaned than went to the kitchen to go make some snacks than went to my study and fired up the PC to start working. I started with my freelancing job of book keeping than did the books and sent out a few emails. I worked for what felt like hours and got up when I was really hungry and went to make a light early dinner only to be disturbed by a loud noise on my door. I walked to the the door to find the girls Dika and Siza.

Dika: Bitch hi

been calling. I hugged and kissed they cheeks and they got in looking all good and slutty.

Me: iv been working

Dika: on a Saturday like really? She threw a bag at me and smiled as i took it and opened it. I took out a over the knee black tube dress that would hug all my curves.

Siza: Go dress up we going out tonight.

Me: am not in the mood of going out guys.

Dika: oh no dear you are cooped up in this house forever. Now let go? She pushed me up the stairs as I got in a quick shower than I wore the dress and I must say I looked fucken hot with my curves. I had my afro in a bun and had silver hops earrings and silver chan. Wore my silver anklets and wore my black TomTom sneakers and the tube dress and applied black lipstick. I took the black biker jacket and a bag. I got out of the room found the girls chilling having some of the wine I have in the house for them.

Dika: damn girl. 

Siza: you look awesome

Me: thank you. They took they bags as uber hooted. We got out and got in the car as we went to the basement club in newton. We got there paid and got to our table were they ordered they drinks and my apple juices and the energy drinks. I sat in a way that I can see the dj and the dance floor and everyone. Around 11 the girls were beyond drunk and I was chilling watching over them. They went to the dance floor than came back with a group of guys who ordered them more drinks making things so much worse. Just than my favourite song played Rihanna- Pon de replay and lord the girl lost it and ran to my corner and called me while a few heads were turning and I was like what the hell. We danced me more showing of my classical and contemporary dance moves gaining more audience that hyped us up. Dancing was my escape from the world. That the one thing that my father got right in parenting. The crowd went crazy as i moved my hips while rooted in one spot and not doing anything else. When the song was done our table was buzzing with people chatting to us and trying to gain my attention. Some drunk and some sober. After awhile Siza came and told me she leaving her boyfriend here he came took her bag from me and left offered a ride but I couldn’t leave Dika here alone so I chilled till 2 am when she came with some guy and asked for her bag. I walked her out and took the guys number plate and wrote it in a small book that i have for her. I walked back to the entrance took out my phone and was about to book an uber when I felt eyes on me. I turned to find a guy standing next to me.

Him: Hi. I turned to look at him and smiled. 

Me: Hi. I unlocked my phone and went to the app.

Him: I can drive you to your place

Me: Am fine thanks. I finished up requesting the uber than stood there and zipped up my jacket.

Him: Am J.T. I turned and looked at him to fully study him in the little light that i could see but all I could see were crystal blue eyes staring at me and I blinked shocked than looked ahead.

Me: lulama

Him: pleasure to meet you. He smiled with his crispy voice. I checked the app to see that uber is here and just than it drove to where I was and he opened the door for me and I thanked him and got in the car and it drove off as I turned to look at him standing there with his black suit and hands in his pocket......


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