Insert 9

Insert 9:


I got home to find neighbours everywhere and dad in a stretcher.

Me: What happening?

Mom: Your sister was kidnapped 

Me: Nkosazana?

Mom: Yes

Me: And dad?

Mom: had a minor heart attack after hearing the news

Me: Cameras?

Mom: new people. 

I ran to the bedroom took a quick shower and did my hair and put vick vapour in my eyes. If I want to be in tv i must show them an act of a life time and now is time.


My insides were shaking but I remember reading somewhere that I shouldn’t show them anywhere that am scared and that what I plan on doing. Am not sure who switched on the tv but the cops were on scene and just than a footage of my dad being rolled out in stretcher showed and a full blown picture of me was on ever channel as they changed it talking about my kidnap and a reward for anyone with information.

Somewhere in Durban

I looked closely at the screen and my heart skipped a beat my husband walked in with our son Nkosana 13 and Daughter Ntokazi who is 28 years old

Nkosana: Mama she looks like you.

Jack looked at me and the screen and a tear rolled down his eyes. 25 years ago our daughter was stollen from the hospital like she just vanished from the nursery. No one knew where she went or who took her. Whole stuff was investigated and till to date they never found her. I  quickly took down the number of the captain and called him.


I answered.

Me: Yeah

There was breathing on the other side.

Me: You better talk right now or forever hold your piece.

Voice: I think she is a missing case child.

Me: Who?

Voice: Nkosazana the girl on my tv? I think she is my daughter that went missing 25 years ago.

I couldn’t believe my ears what the fuck did this child pulled me into. 


Mlu: We have to kill her now chop her up and discard her everywhere. She knows us

fuck sake she knows where you stay.

Nkosazana: I wont tell

We all turned to look at her.


I had the attention now i have to gain they trust.

Me: I promise I won’t tell

Mlu: Wont tell what?

Me: I wont tell them who you are we can just pretend that all this never happened.

Phila: really?

Me: yes ill go home and turn up at work like this never happened and when asked ill say I don’t remember 

Mlu: And your case? The DA. You think you smart wena.

Me: I give you my word. Ill never turn you in.

Phila looked at me for a second than looked at his guys.

Phila: here is the plan take the jewellery as discussed. Go on as business as usual and ill deal with this.

Ntokozo: How? 

Phila walked closer to them.

Phila: Remember whatever happens none of you are going to jail.

Zola: None of us are going to jail.

Mlu: Promise?

Phila: Promise just go on as normal. Ntokozo check any notes the put on the system. Mlu go be ears on what happening on the investigation. Xola go check if we left anything at the scence and Zola go speak to your girl friend.

Me: Who is his girlfriend?

They all turned as if they have forgotten that I was there. Trust my big mouth to say and ask stupid things. Zola looked at me and grinned the scariest smiles

Mlu: Don’t tell her

Zola: she dying anyways... Its Linda Mkhonto 

Am sure the shock on my face was enough.

Me: we were never going to catch you guys.

Phila: Yet here you are!!!...


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