Insert 7

Insert 7:


I walked into her office and I felt so small. I stood there waiting for her and than she walked in with high heels a pencil skirt and shirt. Her weave was ass long and she stood there studying me head to toe than she broke into the most kindest smiles ever.

Linda: Morning Nkosazana 

Me: Hi

Linda: captain says i should be ready to have my mind blown away.

I blushed as she sat across of me


The guys were here now and Mlu was drinking.

Mlu: I think we should postpone the heist tomorrow 

Xola: How will we get the codes again?

Zola: I think we all panicking can we breathe.

Mlu: This girl will catch us. Mark my words

Me: are you guys done?

Everyone was quite.

Me: we do two heists a year for this reason. We spent six months working towards this for a reason. We doing the heist and if we get caught ill deal with it okay?

Guys: Okay

Me: Now let go through the First national bank security measures.


I got home so exhausted. I made noodle soup and took a long shower to find my phone ringing. I picked up and answered.

Me: oupa

Oupa: ay ntwana your mom came here demanding ukuthi ukuphi its been a week ungafonanga.( you have gone a week without calling)

Me: what you told her?

Oupa: nothing ntwana

Me: Thanks

its been a week ungafonanga.( you have gone a week without calling)

Me: what you told her?

Oupa: nothing ntwana

Me: Thanks ill come see them tomorrow.

Oupa: sho you good?

Me: Yeah am good. Thanks for the check up.

Oupa: No problem.

I hung up wore my Pj and went to sleep.


I woke up early. Today was Tuesday the day of the heist. I packed the guns and clothes that we using. Booked the hotel that we going to be taking a shower at after the crime. Then left to our meet up point where we going to be using the care to go to the bank.


I left the office around 10:30 am drove to the First national bank offices and branch. I parked around the corner and slowly walked in as my phone rang.

Me: Am at the bank Nkosi

Nkosi: Cool will talk when you back

Me: cool

I hung up and walked in and walked to the front where I gave my number for the appointment and they showed me which door to get too. I did everything that I needed to do and thanked her and left. I can’t believe my own sister will do me like that i wiped my tears walking just as Four guys walked popped out of nowhere with guns in they hands screaming for everyone to get down while guns shots went up in the air. I closed my eyes and listened to my heart beating.

Guy: If you think that being a hero will save you. No just stop whatever you think okay?

Than there were feet running everywhere as 2 of the guys disappeared.

Voice: Now everyone hands up this will take 2 minute.

My heart was ringing in my ears as I opened my eyes and looked at the guy. His height and just like that the perfume hit me up and I close my eyes thinking where i smelt it from but just couldn’t remember. I opened them as he spoke.

Voice: 1 minute left.

I looked at him closer and her turned my way and there I saw it. A dragon tongue pointing out of his collar. The other two guys walked out with 3 bags full of money I think and I really don’t know what got in me but I saw myself stand just as the other 3 guys pointed they guns on me as the other by standers started screaming in fear.

Me: Phila!!!

I whispered and he looked at me with shock in his eyes.....


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