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Insert 5:


I read the text twice and listened to the voice note twice. I called Ntokozo

Ntokozo: Boss

Me: she is a freak she doesn’t have any social media. Her number is not even listed. So obviously she has a thing with technology.

Ntokozo: Why isn’t she dead?

Me: Why should she be dead?

Ntokozo: you never ask questions you shot first and ask questions later.

Me: Why is she worrying you so much?

Ntokozo: I don’t know brobut something about her that makes me go “ no”

Me: She is just a 25 year old basement analyst. Now did you find anything about us in they data base?

Ntokozo: No

Me: Remind again why you sweat?

Ntokozo: We will come by at 9am to work out the plan for tomorrow.

Me: Cool I got you genius 

Ntokozo: I know.

Me: Ill see you.

I hung up and took a shower getting ready for work

I got you genius 

Ntokozo: I know.

Me: Ill see you.

I hung up and took a shower getting ready for work I got dressed in my suits as Zola knocked. He drives me for important meetings as my guard.

Zola: hey

Me: Hi

Zola: well i got the text from Ntokozo.

Me: not this again guys

Zola: You doing things in a different way

Me: I know we can’t kill everyone guys. One slight interest in our directions and we gun blazing. Come on guys. I took my phone and we drove off talking about work.

Me: Stop at this coffee shop please. 

He stopped and I got off

Me: want anything?

Zola: Coffee

I walked off to the store and stood there waiting for my turn when I saw her by the coffee shop at the corner looking so engrossed in her papers. I brought my coffee’s and l walked to her picked up a piece of paper that had fell from her desk and put it on her table and she looked up.


I looked up just as the Ocean smell of a perfume was near me and lord behold the most handsome guy iv ever seen was standing there. He had on a suit and had a dragon head showing on his neck making him look a little gangster ish.

Him: You dropped this 

I looked at the paper and smiled. Am sure I look funny.

Me: Thanks

Him: Phila

Me: Nkosazana 


I turned my head and through the glasses there he was looking at her and talking. I took out my phone and called Ntokozo.

Me: Sho

Ntokozo: Yeah

Me: I think he has a plan

Ntokozo: Who?

Me: Phila

Ntokozo: About?

Me: The girl

Ntokozo: why you say that?

I took the came took a picture and sent it to him

Ntokozo: Holy fuck!!

Me: Yes Holly fuck indeed.


“ well nice to meet you Nkosazana enjoy the rest of your day”

Nkosazana: You too

I turned and left her there going to the car. And gave Zola his cup.

Zola: What took so long?

Me: I meet our detective. She still working on the case she had our files of all the crimes and she was focused on the case of the jewellery store. The hit were we made 1.4 billion and has a few things coloured in the notes. Now its either our contact in there is lying or she smart enough to play this close to her chest. 

Zola: Shit... you got all that from standing there for two minute?

Me: She not the only smart one. I need a favour from you.

Zola: Yeah

Me: Hook up with your girl please.

Zola: Who?

Me: Linda Mkhonto.

Zola: Oh fuck no... hell no!!!

Me: its the only way we can get to see if they prosecuting or not.

Zola: No!!!

Me: Think about it....



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