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I listened to Phila confess everything and I just sat there looked at him all shocked at everything that has happened under my nose.

Me: so you’ll faked your deaths 

Phila: yes.

I was quiet for some time this is to surreal if I bring them in I might be promoted but is it worth it to lose a friendship on a promotion? Nkosazana looked beautiful happy and exotic at the same time.

Nkosazana: stop staring am pregnant.

I laughed.

Me: Its suits you

Nkosazana: thank you.

Me: what now?

Nkosazana: you do what you have too

am pregnant.

I laughed.

Me: Its suits you

Nkosazana: thank you.

Me: what now?

Nkosazana: you do what you have too ill understand.

Me: am not ratting you out.

Everyone took a deep breath

Me: But I wanna know what now? Your family knows you alive and am pretty sure they will like to see you often.

Phila: Ill navigate around that.

Me: Scelo is still on the wind

Nkosazana: Scelo who?

I looked at Phila and he shook his head no. Nkosazana doesn’t know about scorpion Nephew.

Me: its just a lead I followed never mind. Am happy to see you. She grinned smiling hugging me one last time.

Me: best birthday gift ever.

She laughed looking at her husband and I knew that even though I wished for her to be my wife but I knew that am okay with having her as a friend than losing her completely. So my feelings for her in that way has to dis because this is enough for me.

6 months later


today was my day and I was feeling the pain. Phila been nagging to go to the hospital and I did. My sister was here for the past 2 months since she and Ntokozo are a thing now so we spent most days together. Mom and dad was coming 3 weeks later since they both have big cases they dealing with.

Me: We got everything?

Ntokazi: Yep

Me: Please help me up. She helped me get up and we walked out of the bedroom to find Phila pacing by the lounge with the guys and Lucy handing them tea.

Me:we packed the bag just incase its tonight. He took the bag and walked to the garage as the baby kicked

Ntokozo: Have you thought of a name yet.

Phila: Yes

He walked in.

Phila: Angela

Me: That so mundane 

Phila: she my angel

Me: Imolathile

Phila: what does it mean?

Me: Its means God has chosen her to bring joy in our life.

Phila: What if its a boy?

Me: same name.

Phila: Aybo

Me: You can call her “imo” or “lathi”

Phila: usuqhalile

Everyone laughed 

Phila: If it’s a girl than its fine with me but its a boy am naming him.

Me: what you naming him?

Phila: Olumiyo

Me: Imolathile Olumiyo Mazibuko.

Ntokazi: they so unique.

Mlu: Youll making me cry. And just like that my water broke and it was the race to the hospital.


I finally found her to see her in North Dokota under the name of Jane. I found out she was heavily pregnant and that made me hate him even more but that not an issue. I organised a friend of mine that deals in trafficking kids about the new kid being born today so I told him everything apart the sex of the baby. So the plan is he kidnaps the baby. I wait a few months for that to take it toll on they marriage than they divorce and she becomes all mine. Simple right?


After 4 hours of sleep Imo was born. A bouncing healthy baby girl that was too adorable for words. With dimples and was so fair that it took me back a bit since we not that light but I loved her. I was holding her and she had her eyes closed. I touched her as she slowly wrapped my hand on hers.

“ I love you so much Imo” I sat there rocking her while Nkosazana slept.


Its been 3 adorable months with out daughter. She was a daddy girl and she knew it. I woke up as usual at 5 went to the kitchen made her bottle and breakfast for us and than went back to her room to wake her up so she feeds and the bed was empty. I figured Phila took her so I went to our room found him sleeping. I was panicking now as I looked for her.


I heard screams as I got my gun out of my side table and walked to the baby room to find my wife in fits crying.

Me: What is it?

Nkosazana: Imo!!!!!!!.... she screamed i placed the gun on the table looked at her confused than the bed and my daughter wasn’t there and my heart was pounding.

Me: What happened?

She pointed to the open window.

Nkosazana: she is gone Phila.... someone took our daughter!!!!!!

The pain in her voice ripped in me as I went down on my knees clenching my chest. All I could hear was her screams as darkness consumed me...

The end!!!........ book two is the girl in the basement!!!


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