Insert 38

Insert 38:


I got to the ranch and found the guys there already having Milo and crackers

Mlu: I told you he will come empty handed. They all started giving him money.

Me: What the bet about now?

Mlu: Have you noticed that it been a week since Nkosazana baked for us her delicious scones

Me: Yourl know where my kitchen is why dont you guys start at the main house first?

Mlu: And have her bite my head off

Me: Than use your kitchen. All the properties here have they own kitchens.

Zola: wenake wa moody

I took a deep breath and sat down.

Me: We pregnant 

They all cheered and looked at me.

Me: She doesn’t know and she refuses to go see a doctor cause am there taking care of her.

Zola: than stop taking care of her.

Everyone looked at him.

Me: and you wonder why you mot married.


I finally woke up and dragged myself to the kitchen made something to eat and sat by the couch opened the TV and watched some show while I stuffed my face. I have been googling my symptoms and everything says I might be pregnant and that’s stressing me because Phila and I haven’t spoken about kids yet and now I might be carrying one. I took my phone and called my only friend here apart the guys Lucy who is head over heels inlove with Zola and his just not paying attention.

Me: Chommie

She laughed cause she says its funny when I say that. ah Americans!!!

Lucy: Hey

Me: Are you free today? I want us to go shopping

Lucy: Ill come pick you up in an hours time.

Me: Awesome and thanks. I hang up and walked to the kitchen counter looking at the back and looked at the guys standing by the tree drinking Milo and laughing. Its like we created our own family here in the farm with all they houses on different wings of the farm.m

2 weeks later


We were on our way to the states and the kids were excited beyond words. A little pack with instructions came a week after that and we followed everything as we flew on a private jet. Yes a private het. We were sitting on the bed after waking up with my husband.

Cele: Iv been a judge for years now and I know conspiracy when I see it. This is all Phila doing

Me: Kahle babakhe

Cele: I still say he is the one that kidnapped Nkosazana and when shit it the fan the only way to save her was to kill her. I would do the same

Me: She is gone!!!

Cele: The minutes from our house to the time of the bombing is suspicious.

Me: Can we stop talking about this please and just enjoy the trip.

Cele: I still say this has that Mazibuko boy. How else do you explain the 100k i got in my account a week after they vanished referenced lobola?

Me: He might have has it on future dated.

Cele: Am telling you... Our daughter is alive.


The drive to the doctor she was quiet and all nervous. I placed my hand on her thigh as we drove there and got to the doctors.

Nkosazana: What if the doctor tells us something you might not like.

Me: Like

Nkosazana: I don’t know but...

They called us and and she smiled welcoming us as she spoke and i listened.

Nkosazana: I haven’t been well for some time. And my husband being a doctor been helping me get well but the nausea and laziness is something else and I feel like my body is out of place.

Doctor: when last you have had your period. She looked at me and I shrugged.

Nkosazana: Oh my God.

She looked at me again.

Nkosazana: You knew? You knew all along?

Me: Knew what?

She took her tiny pineapple bag and threw it on me.

Nkosazana: Iv been stressing all along and you knew I might he pregnant and said nothing to me?

Me: In my defence love

were you going to take my word?

Nkosazana: I always take you word you little creep.

I saw the doctor smiling trying to hold her laughter. Its funny being shouted at by a little girl wearing a pineapple dress. Yes her whole dress was a big pineapple. And she topped it off with a bag shaped like a pineapple.

Doctor: How about we run the test to see if you are before we get angry at the husband. She sat down and we did the test that came out positive. 


We did the scan and for the first time in my life I saw Phila cry at the sound of our child heartbeat. 

Phila: Ngiyabonga sthandwa same.

I grinned like a love sick puppy. This is our little joy. Our little Angel....


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