Insert 34

Insert 34:


My phone buzzed and i looked at it and the sos showed on it and I looked at Nkosazana and with her family. I know the guys were in trouble. I tracked Ntokozo to see that his at his house. 


I saw him change I excused myself and walked to him.

Me: you good?

Phila: i have to go babe

Me: am coming with

Phila: its best you stay here

I turned. 

Me: ma we have to go something at his job came up

Dad: aah

Me: i promise to see you tomorrow

Ntokazi: promise to do lunch with me tomorrow

Me: i promise. I hugged them and kissed them than got in the car. 

“ talk to me”

Phila: Someone after us. In the morning that accident wasn’t an accident.

Me: Oh

Phila: I shot the car and it flipped and I took they phones and now Ntokozo sent me “ 🆘 “ and that means something has happened.


My heart was pounding so hard as we were overtaking like psychos.


We were all good as we got to the secret room that had all the guns and ammunition. Zola was already packing up shit that we will need as I was arming the house to explode in 3 minute. Mlu was panicking while Xola was helping him with his bullet proof vest.

Me: Ready guys? 

They all nodded and I pressed the count down button and we started moving to the car firing back with Zola leading us to the heavy armed and bullet proof car and we got in driving to the safe house where Phila will meet us. What the hell just happened?


The police force was on alert as the gunshots were reported and when we saw the cars that started the attack only to find out they registered under Scorpion and his gang. I took out my phone trying to call Nkosazana and her phone kept going to voice mail. So I ran to the car going to her place to check on her with a whole team and when I got there it was burnt to ashes.

“ get everyone here now”

Another report came through of a house blowing up making it 5 house. Ntokozo Mbuli

Zola khozaMlungisi Zwide and Xola shange all they houses blew up. I got in the car racing to the hospital where I know that Phila Mazibuko works and found out that he hasn’t been to work and 10 minute ago he reported a family emergency. I called the station and asked for all these names to be traced find a link and 20 minutes later there was no links of these people knowing each other or any camera in the city seeing them together.

“ what the hell is going on la???” I was now standing at Phila Mazibuko house gate looking at the high walls praying that Nkosazana drives her or someone drives here so I can get my answers....


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