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Insert 33:


The bell rang and I opened it and there she was wearing same top as me and we both laughed hugging each other.


I stood there confused as the whole family was basically looking like pizzas. They were hugging each other with tears on they faces. It was really refreshing seeing how she is so much like her family and how they adored each.Mr Cele came to stand with me looking into his family.

Mr Cele: Beautiful 

Me: Yes

Mr Cele: She wouldn’t have brought you here if she didn’t take you as family.

I turned looking at him as that was unexpected.

Me: I know

Mr Cele: When are you sending your people?

Me: I can send them tomorrow morning.

He laughed and patted my shoulder.

Me: I know she won’t say anything but we already married sir

Mr Cele: I know

I looked at him shocked 

Mr Cele: Am a guy too you know. I saw how you look at her and how she was holding on to you like her life depended on it.

Me: Oh

Mr Cele: And how every few seconds she turns to see if you okay.

We both were quiet and she did turn after a while looking my way smiling.

Mr Cele: You see

I nodded.

Mr Cele: I know you were not asking for my blessings but you have got them and when we are settled you can bring your lobola.

Me: Thank you


“ what are you guys whispering about”

The guys laughed as we walked to sit down and eat. Ntokazi has always been a shy reserved girl but today she was smiling and talking Nd laughing. She hit it off with Nkosazana and I loved seeing that. I loved how they were laughing and sharing 

Me: Thanks for swinging by

Nkosazana: Thank you for having me over ma

My heart swells at how mannered she was.

Me: You welcomed anytime nor call me whenever you need me.

Nkosazana: i will. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity of knowing you guys and my lovely sister you everything that iv ever imagined a bigger sister to be. Thank you.

They smiled hugging.


After the text and the video I knew that Phila needs us and the crew so I had the guys around his place and had called the team over.

Mlu: Repeat?

Me: Phila was targeted. I showed them the footage when he took those guys out and there was silence.

Mlu: Holy crap

Me: Were you guys followed?

Mlu: I wasn’t

Me: Did you check? Or you assuming?

Mlu: I checked i always check

Zola: You guys need to be calm

Mlu: Did you see Phila calm in that video?

Zola: He was with Nkosazana

i always check

Zola: You guys need to be calm

Mlu: Did you see Phila calm in that video?

Zola: He was with Nkosazana he couldn’t risk her being hurt.

Mlu: which means we are not safe too.

Xola has been standing by the window whole time his gotten here.

Me: Xola?

Xola: I think am being followed. The whole room went silent.

Me: Why you think that?

Xola: I saw that car outside my apartment window and now am seeing it here.

We all rushed to the window to look at the car. 

Me: That my neighbour new car bro.

Zola: You see we panicking

And before we knew it there were bullets flying everywhere as we all went down doing our best not to get shoot.

Me: Move towards the back door guys!!!!!!!!!....


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