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Insert 32:


I was so nervous but Phila had his hand on my thigh and kept it there as comforts.

Me: what if ...

Phila: let talk about something else today babylike look at that car.

I looked at the car in front of me 

Me: its just a car

Phila: it’s beautiful 

Me: you have so many cars

Phila: i do not

Me: you have a whole garage of cars

Phila: true but...

Me: no buts

We were quiet for sometime And I saw him smiling 

Me: Thank you

Phila: They will love you and if they don’t than its cool. Its they loss.

Me: thank you babe.


My phone rang as I was packing for Johannesburg as my uncle was insisting.

Me: Sho

Spy: Ill send you pictures of his wife

Me: Okay

I hung up and a few minutes later the pictures came in and I sat there keeping quiet.Nkosazana Hlophe?

This can’t be her i zoomed the pictures and I saw it was her I felt my heart ache and a small headache. The Saliva in my mouth disappeared and I sat on the bed looking through my pictures. I have to see her. I have to talk to her explain myself to her yes its been years but I have to make things right.


I saw that a car was following us from the time we left Durban till now. I saw a garage.

Me: Can we pee and buy water?

She nodded and I didn’t indicate and just offramp to throw them off and they quickly did the same so i parked at the side of the store and smiled at Nkosazana who was busy on her phone with candy crush.

Me: Ill be right back babe.

She nodded and I went to the store brought water and went back to the car.

Me: Babe don’t you want to pee.

She looked at me for a second and I laughed

Me: are you pushing to see if pee comes out?

She laughed

Nkosazana : yeah

Me: what if a small drop came out

Nkosazana: its ill feel it before its comes out and yeah I need to pee.

Me: Ill wait here

She nodded and got out and I moved to the boot opened the lower part took out a gun and a silencer and assembled it than took of a bag hiding it and walked right to the car that was following me as it speed away and I aimed at it tires as it made screeching nose and its flipped rolling off the road. I ran towards it and got there first to see the two guys in there and i opened the door took out they phones and tore they top put it on the tank and light it as I slowly ran towards the crowd that was watching from afar.

Me: Move back!!!!!.... They stuck and the  car going to explode.... move back!!!

Everyone was moving back and i quickly ran to my car put the gun there closed the boot as it exploded into pieces. I texted Ntokozo my location snd typed “ clear surveillance cameras for anything suspicious please” i switched off the guys phones and answered questions from onlookers telling them am a doctor was trying to help but I couldn’t. 


I walked out to a car on fire from just afar and Phila surrounded by people. I walked closer to him with my heart in my throat but he was fine. He held me tight.

Me: You okay

Phila: Come

He moved me to the side.

Phila: Am never going to lie to you okay?

I nodded.

Phila: but I need to know that whatever i tell you

you can handle this cause you married to me and my world is different than yours.

Me: You scaring me

Phila: I know come here.

He hugged me tight and kissed my forehead and I looked at him confused. He pulled me into the car and took his business card walked out and I saw him in the mirror give it to one of the walkers than got in and drove off in silence off ramping at the side where trucks stops. He looked at me.

Phila: Am not telling you anything right now cause I want you to go home to your parents on a clear mind. Am also not telling you anything right now cause I want you to enjoy this life time experience okay?

Me: You confusing me what happening.

Phila: Do you trust me?

Me: Yes

Phila: Trust me that not knowing right now is for the best.

Me: I nodded. He opened up the dashboard took out a small box and placed it on my lap.

Phila: Please wear that.

Me: What is it?

Phila: A normal watch baby with a tracking device and panic button.

Now I was panicking but he started the car and drove off as I wore the watch and looked at him with my side eye to see that he wasn’t himself like a whole new him popped out. Protective and alert not the calm relaxed person that I know. I took my hand and placed it on his thigh and watched him relax a bit.

Me: Am here babe.... am here!!!

I don’t know why I said it cause vele he can see am here but that calmed him a bit cause he was calming down!!...


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