Insert 30

Insert 30:


The minute he entered me I felt like screaming. Yes iv had sex before but it wasn’t like this. He held me tight as he guided me as I slowly got the pace of how he was going and when I got the rhythm i started riding him faster and faster as the urge to explode grew near and he digs his nails into me. I felt him go rigid and the steam was making it hard to breath as we both collapsed and climaxed as I went numb. He slowly opened the door letting air in as He held mepushing me a bit into the shower allowing the water to splash on us. I caught him slowly grinning as he kissed my neck leaving little bite marks.

Phila: You have an amazing body

I blushed as he started moving again slowly making me yearn for him again.


I drove to my house and parked feeling like shit. What does she have that I don’t? I gave him everything that I was. I parked in the garage and walked into my house to find a guy sitting on my counter. He looked breath taking and i slowly walked in.

Me: Trespassing is a crime.

Him: Am not stealing anything though

Me: I don’t remember giving you a key

He eyed me from head to toe and grinned. I walked in closer to him and stood a few minute away from him on the side counter by the corner.

Him: Scelo Makhathini

Me: Enhle Mncwango 

Him: You representing my uncle in a crime he didn’t commit

Me: Okay

Him: Okay you representing him or okay you know.

Me: Okay am listening.

Him: His known as scorpion 

Me: I see

Him: I know you going to get him out

all I want to know is who hired you?

Me: that information is confidential 

Him: Really?

He jumped off the counter and I stood there with my heart pounding so loud in my chest. He tugged on my coat and it opened up exposing the lingerie that I had on.

Him: Big joe never came to party?

I grinned on how he refers to the “D”

Me: The wife came home early.

He picked me up and placed me on the counter.

Him: I have no wife... and I didn’t see any husband here either.

Before I could answer him he smashed his lips on my lips and kissed me making me breathless. Within minutes my panty was ripped off me and he was half naked as he went in hard ripping my insides. The rush and adrenaline was to much making me climax over and over until he had his fill.

Scelo: His name?

He slowly dragged himself out as I was about to explode again.

Me: I can’t.....

He moved in circular motion making me scream.

“Philaaaaaa.... Phila Mazibuko “

He slammed into me as I shattered into a million pieces as he rode me till he came. He finished up and grabbed a paper towel than wiped himself as I sat there helpless and exhausted. Yes I wanted some love making today but instead I got fucked until my brains couldn’t anymore.

Scelo: My number is on your side book on your table. Call me if you don’t get your periods. He walked off leaving me breathless on the counter. Who the fuck is Scelo Makhathini?...


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