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I was busy running the videos as the girl said. She was right all robot timing is 6 minute more than it usual time. Just as I was doing cross referencing every footage she busted in looking like hell. She had on brown pants yellow top and green shoes with a green blazer that had bananas all over. She looked funky and goofy. She had her brown case bag and had those big nerdy glasses. I stood there looking at her.

Me: Nkosazana!!!

She looked up and walked fast towards me as I walked into the small room that we use a case room.

Me: You late!

Nkosazana: Actually am early. She dropped her case on the chair and looked at me. Than quickly dragged me with my hands and run with me to the ladies room. Yes the ladies room and she checked all the stalls and saw it was empty. Closed the door and stood there looking at me.

Me: Mind sharing why we in the ladies room.

Nkosazana: I hacked your phone computer and banking details. 

Me: You did what?


My heart was pounding. I had too after I came across a recording of one of the heist where I heard one of the guys reminding the other to check with they police intel. So i had to make sure that my new boss is clean. Now him shouting at me is making me regret doing so.

Me: I had to make sure you are not the leak


I looked at her now interested in everything she has to say.

Me: Go on

Nkosazana: They have a leak her in the department so I started my own investigation.

Me: On?

Nkosazana: Your special crimes team

Me: and what did you find?

Nkosazana: all 6 of you guys are clean. No heavy sums of money in the last 10 years. No life changing things that might show any of you are dirty. 

Me: Okay. Now that you have established that why are you here?


I looked at my new boss for some time and kept quiet.

Nkosi: Talk

Me: are you always this grumpy?

Nkosi: no

but you not talking is making me grumpy.

Me: Well i checked you guys but not the whole force. The information we received has passed so many departments so any one in this building may have access of it. That means we have to check every saps special crimes forensic and rookies to see who is getting lump sums of money and that could take months to do.


I looked at this young girl that am beginning to like. She only here for two days and already she doing ground shaking investigating. Iv been searching for these guys for ten years and Iv never been this close.

Me: So what do you suggest?

Nkosazana: We spread word that we off the case due to lack of information. Than we ask the commissioner and the commander to find us a site off book that we can use to continue with our investigation. We than go through every detail of the case and evidence and see which is new information which is facts and which is information that meant to throw us off.

I smiled at her as I was loving this child.

Me: and they have been hiding you in the basement all along!!

She grinned and someone knocked. She opened the door and we left going in the office to speak to our commander.


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