Insert 29

Insert 29:


I stood there for a second while Phila jumped up and Enhle stood there with her banging body.

Phila: Its not what you think.

I closed the door left my files at the side table and looked at them with Enhle looking smug.

Enhle: So you screwing the investigator and the opposing lawyer? Is this how ill be getting the information?


I looked at Enhle and than at Nkosazana.

Me: Babe

Nkosazana: hmmm

Me: Am not sleeping with her and haven’t been for the past two years.


Enhle: wow

Phila: Can you please shut the hell up and let me explain myself to my wife.

I watched as Enhle nearly choked on her Saliva

Enhle: Wife???

Phila turned looking at her.

Phila: Yes wife.

I don’t know how it escalated but they ended up going back and forth with Enhle telling him how he used her all those years so I just left them there went to the bedroom undressed and took a long hot shower with tears streaming down my face.

“ how on earth am I going to compete with that “


“ Look I know we have been on and off for years now but we both knew that we just fuck buddies”

Enhle: Fuck buddies?

Me: Yes... its been two years since we have fucked and I thought you have moved on from that like how I have”

Enhle: Oh and why did you get you guys to call me?

Me: You are a lawyer are you not?

She kept quiet for some time.

Enhle: Does she know?

Me: We not going down that road. Please leave.

Enhle: So this is it?

Me: Yes

Enhle: I guess ill be sending you a cheque for my services with Scorpion.

Me: Cool.

She tied up her coat took her bag and left. I stood there for a second took a deep breath and turned walking to the bedroom to find the bedroom empty and i walked to the bathroom and the water was on. I sat there for some time but nothing so I got naked and got in the shower to find her sitting there and crying. I moved her a bit and sat down with the shower splashing us.

Me: I didn’t sleep with her

Nkosazana: I know

That took me back.

Me: Than why you crying?

Nkosazana: I don’t know

its just hurts to think about it.

Me: Than don’t think

She looked at me wiping her face.

Nkosazana: You naked!

Me: You are in a shower

Nkosazana: I know but you naked with me in a shower

Me: I got worried about you.

Nkosazana: So you came after me?

Me: You my wife!

Nkosazana:  i know but...

I really don’t know what pushed me but I kissed her and she welcomed me back as I slowly picked her up. I really needed her so much right now that I wasn’t thinking about foreplay and making her need me as much as I needed her that I flipped her over on top of me and slid her down with her moaning so loud as all her inside hugged me making me take a minute to enjoy the pleasure of being in her warm cosy honey pot....


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