Insert 27

Insert 27:

She looked at me as calm as a cucumber and I saw why he picked her a damn cop that will cover his back. I laughed.
Me: This is funny shit
Nkosazana: Share the joke.
Me: You pinning your husbands crimes on me.

“ holy shit we need to get her from out of there”
Phila: wait...

I took a deep breath and looked at him calmly while my heart was hammering.
Me: Now let go over facts and some time line here so I can see where all this coming from. Me framing you and all. 
I opened up the file on the table.
Me: 1 am 25 years old and the crimes you are being tagged with are 10 years old. I was still in school back than.
2 my relationship with Phila here is out of a question yes his a business man and has enemies
some his aware of and some he isn’t. I guess you fall in the list of those his not aware off.
Than there is lastly. Even if I wanted to frame you I couldn’t and am not that stupid. We feed the system information and they fees us leads that we can track which am pretty sure my boss did. Now since we have gotten to know each other and you know who my Husband is...

Commander: Did she just say husband?

I ran to my laptop and hacked the database changed her working profile to married everywhere in the system and generated a marriage certificate that say she been married for 3 years and pressed update!!

Fuck I said husband.
Scorpion: Husband?
Me: Now this is what going to happen. I took out a piece pf paper and pen placed it right in front of him.
Me: you going to write a confession 
Scorpion: confession?
Me: Yep a confession. I moved closer to him hiding the came with my body and looked at hum mouthed “ Lawyer” and shifted again so I don’t block anything. I pray he got my message

I looked at her confused. Did she just mouthed lawyer?
Me: Lawyer?
She smiled and looked at me.
Nkosazana: am sorry did you say lawyer?
I nodded.
Nkosazana: Please be vocal sir we dont want you saying the cops mistreated you
Me:I want my lawyer.
Which I have no idea who to call.
She patted my hand and smiled.
Nkosazana: Oh want someone to come hold your hand?
She than got up and moved from the door.
Nkosazana: Round 1 won by Nkosazana... see you in trail bitch.

I slammed the door quickly sent a text to Ntokozo telling him to get Scorpion a lawyer now. I calmed my nerves and walked in the office about to do the best acting this world has ever seen. I can’t believe staying with Zoey all those years it finally paying off...


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