Insert 26

Insert 26:


I watched from the window as they tried they best to interrogate the suspects but no one spoke a word and that seemed to be getting on the investigators nerves.

Commander: You give it a try

Me: me

Commander: Yes you

Me: Iv never interrogated anyone in my life.

Commander: Just give it a try.

I nodded as I was nervous. I walked to the room where Scorpion the master mind was.


The minute she walked in looking weird in character clothes and her big classes I smiled are they for real bring a child in here. She slowly walked in and than walked out again and walked in again with bottled water. She placed it on the table and removed my cuffs which took me off guard.


“ what the hell is she doing?”

Commander: Let her be


I took the bottle water and drank up.

Me:thank you


I felt the hair at the back of my neck stand up.

Me: Is that Scorpion?

Phila: tap into the camera in the room.

I did as he asked and tapped into the camera that was recording and we watched as she was standing next to the door with her arms folded.


Her: pleasure

She kept quiet and that seemed to get to me.

Me: I thought you here to investigate me

Her: My name is Nkosazana 

Me: Nice to meet you Nkosazana 

She kept quiet 

Me: As much as I appreciate the company but are you going to stand there the whole time?

Nkosazana: are you inviting me to sit?


“ fuck she so good and doesn’t even know it”


“ remind me never to be in a hot sit with her”


I stood there watched her playing mind games with him he doesn’t even know what hitting him. All the anger Iv felt towards her disappeared

he doesn’t even know what hitting him. All the anger Iv felt towards her disappeared she was handling herself like a boss lady that she is.


My heart was pounding against my chest but I was not going to show him. I walked to the table and sat down.


The minute she sat down I felt my heart freeze. I saw the ring of infinity on finger and I know it from only one man who wanted that set of rings so bad and that is Phila Mazibuko. I remember asking him why these rings and he explain they history and how he will only give this ring to a woman that will be his forever. I remember laughing at him but I saw the seriousness in his eyes and I knew he meant it. Does this mean that his setting me up for how I demanded the 30% cut in all the jobs he did in Johannesburg? Is this some revenge or is it a coincidence?

Me: Lovely ring

She looked at it as forgotten that she wearing a 4.5 billion ring.

Nkosazana: Thank you

Me: you must be wearing it with pride since it has so much history.


I was shaken that he was talking about my ring. Yes I googled it after Phila gave me to be shocked how much its worth and that its an heirloom of the duchess back in 1842.

Me: all rings have history

Scorpion: Not as much as yours

Me: Well its unfair that iv shared my name with you yet I don’t know yours

I tried changing the subject and he laughed.

Scorpion: Only one man in this world owns that ring with it matching pair

Oh God Please don’t say his name.

Scorpion: Phila Mazibuko!


I took the name down in my laptop and did a quick search of him and found out his the doctor that treated her. Yes I knew that Nkosazana is seeing a rich guy but I didn’t know that she seeing the local brilliant doctor who happens to be doing so much good in the world and is also a self made Billionaire according to Peoples magazine.

“ holy shit no wonder he exports his beer”

I closed the laptop and was now looking at the interview with new eyes....


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