Insert 25

Insert 25:


I walked into the building and found everyone busy and the place a buzz. I walked onto captain Nkosi office and he hugged me. He was so happy just than the commander walked in smiling.

Commander: Nkosazana Nkosi tells me this is a little hunch from you that got the ball rolling.’

Me: Oh

Nkosi: Yep your sms pointed me in the right direction and 5 arrests later here we are and you won’t believe where we found him?

Me: Where? 

Nkosi: His from Johannesburg but he was here on”business”

Me: Where are they now?

Nkosi: Holding investigating rooms.

Commander: If you want to see them you can so you can identify who hit you.

Me: thank you i will

My phone was ringing and I looked at the number that I didn’t know.

Me: Hello


I know i should have waited for her to be the one calling me but its been a week now.

Me: Hi please don’t hung up.

Nkosazana: Okay...

Me: Its Busisiwe Cele

Than there was silence


I slowly moved out of the office and got in the next one sitting down.

Busisiwe: Helo

Me: am here

Busisiwe: sorry to just call

Me: Its okay

Busisiwe: Will it be to much to ask you over for lunch or dinner. Whichever easier for you.

Me: uhmmm

Busisiwe: Please

I took a long breath I wasn’t ready for this yet but I can only imagine what they might be going through right now.

Me: Okay i can do dinner.

She squealed making me laugh.

Busisiwe: Thank you ill send you the address

Me: Thanks

Busisiwe: You can bring a friend if you want whatever that going to make you comfortable.

Me: Thank you

whatever that going to make you comfortable.

Me: Thank you ill see you later

Busisiwe: Okay. Bye

She hung up and I sat there for a second as Nkosi walked in with a file.

Nkosi: You good?

Me: Yeah that was my biological mom

Nkosi: Oh

Me: she wants us to meet and I kinda don’t know what to say to her.

Nkosi: Just be you

Me: Yeah?

Nkosi: You rub off on people.

Me: Thanks.

Nkosi: ready?

Me: For?

Nkosi: Taking a crack at the guys they have been here since 3am and they haven’t spoken.

Me: oh 

Nkosi: yeah let go


I waited in Ntokozo lounge for him to be back and the minute he walked in he froze.

Ntokozo: what are you doing here bafo.

Phila: so that how greet me these days?

Ntokozo: aw bafo

Me: Last time i check you hated being in the public 

Ntokozo:i still do

Me:yet today you have done so much of traveling!

Ntokozo: she made me do it

Me:do what

Ntokozo: manipulate the system to generate results what we didn’t count on it for it to spew up suspects.

Me:Start from the beginning.

He wont telling me about a system that the created in 3 days to generate more suspects to widen the investigation but not taking into account that it will narrow down the list.

Me: what wrong with you bafo? Since when did you become so stupid

Ntokozo: she made it sound so simple.

Me: I don’t get it a few weeks ago yourl hated the idea that she poking around now you helping her?

Ntokozo: she cares for us

Me: Us?

Ntokozo: yes you and us

I looked at my long time friend and the conviction he said his statement.

Me: so now what? You guys are hanging Scorpion and his guys for this?

Ntokozo: she fixing that

Me: how Ntokozo!!!! She is jut a kid she doesn’t know our world and how we operate.

Ntokozo: that where you come in angithi


I watched him as he slowly lost his cool. He really cared about her.

Phila: i do not want her in this

Me: too late. I switched on my system and activated her cellphone speaker for us to her the conversation she having with people around her.

Phila: remind me to switch off my phone when I go in important meetings

I laughed.

“ technology will be the end of us”...


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