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The arrest of Mrs Hlope was public and there was an outrage everywhere from people and police catching the bad end of it on how they let things go for so long. Nkosazana was out hospital and was home resting she been requesting files on the case and the Commander granted that we give her. I sent one of the rookies to send them yesterday and so far she hasn’t bothered me. I sat there thinking about how am going to approach her. I really do like her as a person and she has that thing about her that makes you feel whole when you around her. I looked at the files and figured she might not have had lunch maybe i should drop of with one if her favourite meals.


Its been 3 days since iv been out of hospital. Phila has been sleeping over at my house every night and complaining about how small it is. Today I was going to go through some files and I had Ntokozo over going through some system checks trying to find a way to the data base and connecting thinhgs

Me: Are we winning?

Ntokozo: Its been two days of us doing this and we coming up short.

Me: I know

Ntokozo: what exactly are we doing again?

Me: we finding people that are in the same business as you guys who are also dealing on this part of the world so we can catch them. So what Am doing is connecting they crimes to your crimes so it’s similar so that when i ask detective Nkosi to run checks in his system he finds the same similarities making my information solid and you guys are clear! While we investigate them.

He looked at me for some time.

Ntokozo: why didn’t we think of that own our own?

Me: cause am smarter than you guys

He laughed.

Ntokozo: and you didn’t tell Phila this because?

Me: I can’t really say “ hey look what am thinking”

Ntokozo: why not?

Me: He will say no

Ntokozo: to you helping?

Me: To me even suggesting help.

Ntokozo: so why you helping?

Me: I don’t know 

He looked at me folding his arms and smiling.

Me: What?

Ntokozo: its funny how you two are

Me: funny how?

Ntokozo: his over protective of you and you over protective of him yet you lazy to tell each other what exactly you guys are feeling for each other.

Me: Which us?

Ntokozo: Oh no am not about to ruin my bet

Me: bet?

Ntokozo: Yep. The guys and a I have a bet on you so you figure it out yourself

There was a knock on my door and i watched him stand by the frame not visible with his gun out. I walked to the door and opened it to find Nkosi standing there with fish aways in his hand.

Me: boss

Nkosi: Sbonelo

I looked at him confused

Nkosi: that my name Nkosazana 

Me: I didn’t paint you as a Sbo kind of a guy

We both laughed

Me: let me get the keys for the bulgar gates.

I walked back to the lounge cleaned up the extra cup and stuff and helped Ntokozo sneak out from the sliding doors and went back opened up for him.

Me: what brings you this side

Nkosi: i figured you might be bored out of you mind

Me: i was actually going through some work

Nkosi: i was wondering why my phone not ringing

I laughed

Me: a still wrapping my head around it. I help dish out for him opened the fridge took out one of Phila drinks and gave him

Nkosi: you drink?

Me: nope its for guests

Nkosi: you make your guest drink exported beer?

I took a bottle and looked at it.

Me: this is exported beer?

Nkosi: yep is 110 dollar for six pack in japan.

Me: you must be kidding me. 

I opened the fridge and there was more than 6

Nkosi: yep Space Barley is they name.

Me: hmmm

Nkosi: You didn’t know 

Me: nope

He opened it up and drank it with his eyes closed and grinned.

Nkosi: it worth it

Me: Let me taste

I took his bottle took a sip and looked at him after coughing it out.

Me: Its sour

Nkosi: its beer

I drank water and wiped the floor. I sat on the high chair and dished out for both of us

Nkosi: going to tell me where the beer comes from?

Me: Nope


I looked at her i knew you have to be a real beer drinker like I to love this.

Me: i can guess?

Nkosazana: Am not answering that Sbonelo

She said my name funny and I laughed eating.

Me: Going to tell me who he is?

She turned looking at me.

Nkosazana:how did you know

Me: A girl as beautiful and smart as you cant be single

She laughed as if in disbelief.

Me: Plus iv been here before remember

i swapped your whole house and you never had a coffee machine and a skillet and toaster


I looked at all the things that he was pointing at.

Nkosi: and those are not regular coffee appliances.

Me: am I under investigation?

He grinned.

Nkosi: Am sorry if am being to curious.

Me: No its fine i am seeing someone. I thought its something new and we moving slowly and frankly I didn’t notice these small changes until you pointed them out.

He laughed

Nkosi: really?

Me: yep

Nkosi: well rest assured the guy is marking his territory 

Me: looks that way.


I looked at her smiling and I knew she will never see me as a boyfriend but more of a friend or brother.

Me: Are you happy?

She kept quiet a bit than smiled.

Nkosazana: There not much to be happy about in my life but he makes things worth it. 

Me: That good

Nkosazana: yeah but am not sure he likes me as much I like him.

Me: He brought his coffee machine here he loves you as much as his coffee.

We both laughed.

Nkosazana: Thanks

Me: For?

Nkosazana: Coming by I didn’t think i needed this until you got here.

Me: Its a pleasure.

We ate talking about work and mostly me updating her on things. I took my feelings and shoved them deep maybe for now all I need to be is be her friend..


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