I was in the hospital room giving birth I lay on the bed while feeling every inch of pain down my lady. 

The doctors were there helping me breath and push harder.

my half sister was holding my hand also helping me get through the process.

"she is bleeding a lot" the doctor said freaking out. I looked at my half sister with lazy weak eyes and she looked more surprised than I.

"don't tell me she will lose the baby." she said looking at the doctors. "we will have to open her up and its too dangerous right now as she may die. and we don't have time.

I looked at my sister.

Me (sign language): Sister please help me.

she came towards me to whisper something to me.

Her: sorry dear this child is my ticket to being Mrs Collins. and I won't let you or anyone stand in the way. it was a great life I had with you I won't miss you though.

I looked at her as I shed tears. 

Me (sign language): please sister please.

she stood up and looked at the doctor that they were working with called Doc Zulu.

Her: she said we should save the baby. 
Nurse: really? she could die.
Her: that's what I told her but she is convinced that the baby has to live. 

one doctor was in doubt as he saw me trying to shake my head.

Doc Zulu: I can understand sign language I will ask her.

the other doc got a bit relaxed and relieved.

Doc Zulu: if we go ahead with this you may loose your life is that what you want?
Me (sign language): no please save me. this child will only suffer alone.

the doctor looked at me and just looked at the other doc he nodded and I saw my sister smirk and they started going ahead. I tried getting their attention but before I could do anything I was sent to sleep.


I woke up sweating and having difficulty in breathing.

I quickly reached for the lamp and switched it on.

I then looked at the frame that was near the lamp I was sent to sleep.


I woke up sweating and having difficulty in breathing.

I quickly reached for the lamp and switched it on.

I then looked at the frame that was near the lamp that was my mother my dear mother. 

she has been in the ICU for 3 months now. 

I have always had hope that she would wake up one day. 

My dad wanted to switch off the machines a month ago but I begged her not to. he said its just a waste of money to keep my mother in the ICU but I still begged for him to wait a few more. he said he would keep my mother alive if only I sleep with Mr Collins get his child and hand the child to Melissa (my sister). 

Why? because my sister is barren. she was chosen to marry Mr Collins to bring the family together and join the family resources together and to also keep the business within the family circle.

My dad and Mr Collin's dad are long time friends. and that's why Mr Collins and Melissa are arranged to get marry to each other. which is not a problem but now I got involved.


I had fallen asleep I guess because this time I was woken by my sister pulling the blankets and sprinkling me with cold water.

I woke up and looked at her.

Her: have you forgotten that we have a family dinner with the Collins today? I hate being late get up and lets get ready.

I never got to meet the Collins I never even once set foot at the house. I only saw Mr Collins and his family on TV.

so why I am invited today? because today Mr Collins will be drugged then I will be taken to his room and sleep with him then when he falls asleep I will have to be taken out and my sister will sleep next to him that's why its important that we both wear the same clothing tonight I am even forced to put on a weave that is also like the one she will be putting on. its important that we look as identical as possible.

then I will have to be under house arrest for 9 months give birth and hand my child to my sister. that's the plan. and its all for the exchange of having my mother's medical bills paid while in the ICU.

one would say "just give up on your mother and save yourself" well its not as easy as it seems. I wish I could do that without even thinking much about it.

Me (sign language): I am sorry I overslept.
Her: are you still sitting in your bed? hai hurry and get out.. you still have some cleaning to do. I am only holding myself back from slapping your ugly face because I have to be elegant today. I won't let a slut like you ruin my day.

I looked down as she walked out.

My Name is Bonita.


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My name is Gculisiwe Bonita😀