Shaun walked into the car and put on his seatbelt but he just couldn't shake off the sudden fear in him. he couldn't stop thinking about what Bonita said.

he sat still thinking about it. Ntando saw him staring at the window thinking hard and shook him.

Shaun got startled a little and looked at Ntando.

Ntando: what is wrong with you? are you ok?
Shaun: I can't stop thinking about what that girl said.
Ntando: who? that girl you were talking to? the one who speaks sign language?
Shaun: yes... she said something about being attacked.
Ntando: she is attacked? and you let her go?
Shaun: not her... us.
Ntando: huh??

Shaun thought for a moment before he said anything.

Ntando: Shaun you are speaking but I don't understand you. actually tell me what exactly did that girl say?
Shaun: she said... she said I shouldn't drive this car.
Ntando: why?
Shaun: she didn't really specify but she said something about an attack.

Ntando took a moment to understand what Shaun just said.

Shaun: braza do you believe in prophets? 
Ntando: prophets? 
Shaun: (breaths out) no matter how I find this crazy and unbelievable I am so afraid right now. I don't feel right.
Ntando: you know your instincts are most of the time right. maybe she was used by God to warn you.
Shaun: but who would attack me? and why?
Ntando: boy we are discussing this while in the car after being told not to use it. what if that attack happens now??
Shaun: say no more lets get out.

they got out quickly.

One thing about Shaun he is a bit of a coward. he has his times where he is bold and can stand but he has a lot of fears. and one of them is death. 

they stood next to the car and looked at it.

Shaun: so what do we do? do we call an Uber to take us to Duma's house.
Ntando: yah I think so too.
Shaun: ok you request it.
Ntando: k.


I was tired of running. I was out of breath now and needed some water but I didn't know where to get some.

I didn't have any money on me nor anything I can exchange with. I had no plan when I ran away but its okay even if I die on the streets its better then dying in the hands of my father or sister. 

besides I believe that God exist so he will help me.

I kept on walking and walking. 

as I was walking I passed a house where someone was using a hosepipe to water the plants and there was a dog.

I stood at the gate and waved my hand.

as he looked at me I smiled and greeted him by waving my hand.

he smiled and bowed his head a little.

Him: can I help you?
Me (sign language): may I please have some water to drink I am thirsty.

he called for someone and a boy a bit older then me walked out.

Him: can you please help the lady at the gate. (looks at me) he will help you.

I smiled and nodded. then put my hands together as a sign of thanks and then looked at the young man who came my way.

Him: hi

I waved again.

Me (sign language): do you understand sign language?

he looked at me with a confused look. it was clear he didn't understand.

I positioned my hand as if I was holding a glass and pretended that I was drinking from that glass.

Him: you want something to drink?

I nodded already with my hands together signalling a "please".

he nodded and said " okay please hold on for a while"

I nodded with a smile and waited.

indeed later he came out with a small 500ml bottle of water and told me to keep it.

I thanked him again by putting my hands together and he nodded.

I waved goodbye to him and the man I found outside watering the plants.

I didn't waste time but immediately drank my water finished. I must have been very thirsty.

I kept walking what was I looking for? I have no idea.


Mr Ndamase and Melissa came back and the first thing they asked the helpers is to ask if Bonita came back. they were so angry to be told that she hasn't returned.

Mr Ndamase: where could that child be? 
Melissa: I also don't understand she doesn't have friends nor family around here so where could she go?
Mr Ndamase: we have to find her before she causes us trouble.
Melissa: I would be glad if she would die on the streets.
Mr Ndamase: we still need her for the plan remember? 

Melissa just rolled her eyes looking away putting her hands on her waist.

Mr Ndamase: not many of the people I know know about her since we kept her hidden. it will be suspicious to ask them to help me look for her. we have to search for her ourselves.
Melissa: or hire a private investigator dad.
Mr Ndamase: right! you are right.. a private investigator. I have just the person in mind

As Mr Ndamase went to make the call Melissa just sat on the couch checking the TV out very annoyed. 


Shaun got out of the Uber car with Ntando and they walked into the house.

Shaun: I still think all this was just a joke and we fell right into it. what if they scammed us the car?
Ntando: better safe then sorry.
Shaun: bullsh**
Ntando: you are quick in finding people if it is a scam you will just let your dad know how the girl looks like then they will find her. done!

Shaun just shook his head.

he used his key to get in through the small gate and head in the house.

they got in and already his father was on his case.

but he ignored him. his mother also added to the fuel.

Shaun: mom dad
I really have something else to think about. okay?
Mrs Collins: what is it? you look very worried.
Mr Collins: its his forefathers punishing him for not being an obedient child.
Mrs Collins: honey would you stay still.
Mr Collins: I was just saying.
Shaun: this is nonsense where is Musa?
Mrs Collins: he is outside

Shaun stood up leaving Ntando with his parents and went to Musa.

he got to him.

Shaun: hai buti Musa.
Musa: Shaun (smiles)
Shaun: sorry to bother you can you get my car in Florida? you can track down the tracker.
Musa: okay young master.
Shaun: mxm I always told you to just call me Shaun. you are more like my brother now.
Musa: (laughs) I was just pulling your leg you seem tense are you okay?
Shaun: yah I am okay.
Musa: okay let me get going then.. but then why did you leave it there?
Shaun: (sigh) you will probably think I am a fool.
Musa: what happened?
Shaun: some innocent looking girl came to me when we were just done getting some take out. she told me I shouldn't drive my car because I would be attacked. and for some reason I believed her. that's how I left my car there.
Musa: (laughs) is it even there right now? its probably a scam and its been hours are you sure its still there? I am sure your car is somewhere being stripped apart.
Shaun: (sigh) I still wonder why I believed such an obvious scam. am I being dumber by day?
Musa: you are just getting old.

Shaun held his forehead and Musa laughed.

Musa: don't worry I also have somewhere to go quickly so I will check it out if its there or not.
Shaun: wait!!

Shaun took out his phone to check if the tracker was still on.

Shaun: well the tracker is still located in the same location hasn't moved.. so maybe the car is still there... 
Musa: then I will go check it out.
Shaun: but then if its true then it means you will be attacked.
Musa: I may believe in many things but prophesies? mhm mhm (no) 
Shaun: Musa??
Musa: I will get it.. and I will come back in one piece. watch!!

Musa walked into the house to get his jacket and walked out.

Shaun couldn't stop getting a bad feeling but thought for a moment that Musa may be right. he shook the feeling off and walked into the house.

he went to sit where he was sitting next to Ntando. his parents were not in the living room.

Ntando: don't tell me you asked Musa to get your car.
Shaun: ........
Ntando: what if they attack him thinking its you?
Shaun: I am sure it was a scam okay and if it is really true if there were people who wanted to attack me they would have attacked that car already thinking I am inside. and if they are really watching then they will see that its not me in the car.

Ntando didn't say anything he just shook his head. as for Shaun he was internally agreeing with what Ntando said but hoped that they were both wrong.


Shaun and Ntando were now relaxed and playing videos games in his room.

yah another things about Shaun he is still a child at heart. he loves playing games to calm himself down or listen to music if not play the piano.

as they were playing games Shaun's phone rang and he looked at it. he suddenly stopped when he saw Musa calling and quickly took it and answered.

Shaun: please tell me you found my car?
Musa: I....... I did.... but...
Shaun: Musa?? Musa what is it? what is wrong?
Musa: I... I was attacked.. (swallowed)...(groaned in pain) I am injured.
Shaun: Fuc** hide well I am on my way.

he said that grabbing his jacket and walking out Ntando followed asking what is wrong.

Shaun: Musa was attacked.
Ntando: I told you... that girl was right...
Shaun: that's not the song I want to hear right now. we need to go make sure Musa comes here alive.

he rushed to ask his mother for her car keys and she gave him without asking because of how Shaun was. she could see that it was an emergency so she saved the questions for last.

Shaun and Ntando got in the car and drove out following the tracker of Shaun's car.

Shaun: fuc** its all my fault.


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