Shaun was walking from her company just stretching his feet. he just had too much in his mind that he wanted to offload some thoughts and walk around the block to get some air.

as he was walking someone attacked him from behind and he fell down.

he quickly looked and there were 3 guys in hoodies.

Shaun: who are you guys? what do you want?

they didn't answer. they just jumped on him and started beating him up.

he groaned and groaned in pain trying to use this hands and feet to block the sticks used to beat him.

after some beating one guy squatted to his level and pulled Shaun by the caller.

???: Mr Mbedu told me to send his greetings. he also said to tell your father that a father's since always wears to the son.

he then pushed him down and they walked away.

Shaun laid there roughed up and full of blood.

with a struggle he reached for his phone and dialled Ntando's number.

it rang so many times but Ntando didn't answer. 

he called his father still it didn't go through he called Musa and also didn't go through..

he gave in and just laid there in pain.

After a while his phone rang. he picked it up and it was Mr Mtolo.

he picked up.

Shaun: Mr .. Mr Mtolo (cough)
Mr Mtolo: Shaun?? are you okay?
Shaun: mhm... why did you call? did you find her?
Mr Mtolo: yes I found her.


Mr Ndamase was in his bedroom sorting out some things when his phone rang.

he walked to the drawer picked it up and answered.

Mr Ndamase: Zakes anything?
Zakes: I found her.
Mr Ndamase: are you sure? where is she?

- 18 APRIL 2003 (AFTERNOON) -

Samantha: you know in the 3 years that I have been here I have leant that it doesn't matter whether you are obedient or fighting at the end of the day we are all punished somehow.

Bonita couldn't really say much so she could only nod and listen.

Samantha: I never got to ask. but... do you have a family??

Bonita thought it through before giving an answer.

she then slowly shook her head.

Samantha: really?? I am sorry. 

she moved her hands stating that it wasn't a problem.

Samantha: I also don't have a family. I was raised in an orphanage and when I heard I was going to be adopted I ran away.

Bonita shrug her shoulder asking why?

Samantha: I had hope that my mom would find me. that she will come looking for me. till today
I ran away.

Bonita shrug her shoulder asking why?

Samantha: I had hope that my mom would find me. that she will come looking for me. till today I still have hope that maybe she is still looking for me and regretting ever leaving me at the orphanage.

Bonita looked down not knowing what to do.

Samantha: don't be sad. I am okay. I will find her no matter what.

she then smiled after saying that.

Samantha didn't seem like this life was bothering her. she kept smiling even after she was beaten up. she made sure Bonita doesn't see her sad or crying she always smiles and laughs around her. 

Bonita knew that Samantha wasn't okay but let her be as she thought maybe this was a way to help her heal.


Noma: what do you mean you want to buy her? she isn't for sale.
???: clearly there is a rumour that this girl is the rich girl that is wanted by some private investigators and police officers. don't you think they already know that she is here?

Noma thought about thought he was right. ever since Samantha started this rumour no one wants to touch Bonita. they say she may tell and they could go to jail. so Bonita never has clients. the only person she is touched by is Noma.

Noma looked at the guy.

Noma: that rumour could be a lie.
???: really? then explain this.

the guy gave Noma a picture of Bonita a clear picture of her.

Noma: where did you get this?
???: an investigator asked me if I know this girl because she is wanted. I told him I didn't. but then I came here someday and saw her. I would have called the investigator's number and told him. but then again this girl is worth more value. that's why I must buy him from your hands and return her.
Noma: if she is that valuable shouldn't I be the one to call and return her?
???: and risk your business?
Noma: who said I..........
???: the chances of this girl speaking are 50/50. the chances of me speaking is 50/50. not to even mention your clients who have seen her countless times around here. do you think they will keep quiet in front of money?

Noma looked at him.

???: its more risky if you do it. so how about this. the reward I will get when I return the child is 500K. I give you 200K to buy her from my pocket then I gain 300K. how is that? 

Noma looked at him the card of the investigator and Bonita's photo.

???: its either that or you lose your business and go to jail. that's how valuable she is to me.


some men walked in and walked straight to Bonita no word nothing.

Bonita was confused and scared Samantha shouted asking where they were taking her but that only caused her to be beaten for disrupting their work.

she was worried about Bonita.

the men took Bonita to Noma's office.

as they walked in Noma looked at her and the man stood up smiling.

Noma: you must have strong Gods hai.. once again someone came to your rescue. lucky B**ch.

she said looking at her.

Noma: she is all yours now. the money?

the man threw the bag on the table.

???: a man who knows what he wants comes prepared.

Noma looked at it and it was indeed real.

???: I could sit here and wait for you to count but I am busy. however I assure you its all in there. 
Noma: I believe a man like you won't lie to me. or else my boys will find you.
???: (laughs) mhm.... nice doing business with you.

he looked at Bonita.

???: follow me please. I am now your new master.

he smiled as he led the way and Bonita followed while continually looking back.

she didn't know what was going on and didn't know how to ask.

the guy put her in the car and got in the drove away.


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