Bonita was busy cleaning the house as Noma just sat on the couch with her legs on the table back leaning on the couch and her eyes fixed on the TV.

not only was Bonita her s*x satisfactory but she has now turned into a maid. 

Noma had a helper who cleaned the house and cooked when necessary but she fired her and made Bonita do all the work alone. not even Noma can do all of that.

however Bonita was used to such hard work. it reminded her of the hell hole she came from. this was how she worked even at home.

she thought it was better here because she wouldn't face her father and sister but now she rather be there than here. at least her father wouldn't sexually abuse her.

ever since she came her she lost everything her body her freedom her speech and her will. she doesn't wish to live anymore she has even become suicidal. she tried drowning herself. tried cutting her wrists with a knife but she couldn't. somehow she would be filled with fear. she wouldn't know where the fear comes in but it would be there.

Noma: Bonita!!! 

Bonita stopped whatever she is doing and ran to the living room.

she stood near Noma and looked at her.

Noma: I need some more wine darling my glass has run out.
Bonita: *nodding*

Bonita did as instructed.

Noma looked at her as she smiled licking her lips.


Bonita had just finished taking a bath Noma instructed her to get ready as they had somewhere to go.

Noma walked into the bedroom while Bonita was still changing.

Bonita freaked out when she saw Noma walk in and she was still half naked putting on the tracksuit that Noma got her.

Noma: (smile) don't be afraid even though you always turn me on we don't have time. we have an important meeting to go to. maybe we can save that for later right?

Bonita looked down while slowly putting on the track pants.

Noma: hurry and lets go.

Bonita hurried. she was feeling so uncomfortable changing with Noma standing near her staring at her. 

after she was done Noma lead the way out as she made sure every light was switched off and every window was closed.

they walked out and went in the car.

as they were in the car Bonita was looking out the window wondering if the world was only cruel to her of if she is just going through rough times to prepare for the future.

she kept looking outside.

Noma: are you enjoying the scenery?

Bonita looked at Noma who was speaking to her.

Bonita: *nodded*

she also gave a slight smile hiding all that sadness.


The car parked outside a huge club.

Noma: we have arrived.

she said then opened the door for both of them to get out.

Bonita got out the car and looked at the place. she got a full view of it and looked around the street to see other buildings.

Noma: like the place? its my special business. this is the reason why I live so lavish.. want to see inside??

Bonita didn't respond but already Noma was leading her in the club as she held her hand.

they walked in and the place.

as they walked in Bonita kept looking around. there was music playing people enjoying themselves with drinks and chats. there was also woman on poles dancing with almost no clothing on.

she continued following Noma as she walked into some hallway.

after passing a few doors they arrived at the last door upstairs and that's where Noma walked in.

as Bonita walked in following Noma her heart sank to its bottom stage when she saw many girls locked up in there.

the girls were a mess looked liked they haven't been washing up. every girl had their own mattress and small storage bag.

Bonita stood there holding her tears back. she didn't want to Noma to see her cry.

Noma: you can stay here for a minute familiarise yourself with the girls because this is about to be your home soon. okay?

she said that already heading out leaving Bonita to deal with the rest.

Bonita walked slowly while looking at the other girls. some looked at her dirty others didn't care and other felt pity for her.

as she was looking around a girl raised her hand and called Bonita. she had a smile on her face like she wasn't sad about being here.

Bonita walked to her as she looked rather more open and welcoming.

Bonita waved her hand to say hello.

Girl: hi.. my name is Samantha.
Bonita (sign language): I am Bonita....

she said with a smile on her face.

the girl looked at her rather confused and lost.

Bonita was a bit disappointed that she couldn't understand.

Samantha: wait? you speak sign language?
Bonita: *nodded*
Samantha: ohhh I can't speak sign language. 

she thought for a while then smiled turning to Bonita.

Samantha: but that doesn't matter body language is also a language right?

Bonita laughed then nodded.

Samantha: mhm... that means I can't ask questions that need lengthy answers so I will focus on questions that are easy to answer using body language.

Bonita nodded again while smiling.

Samantha: seeing that you are new have you been at aunt Noma's place?

Bonita nodded then pointed at her wanting to ask if she was also there Samantha caught what she was trying to say.

Samantha: mhm.. I was also there. I was her toy for some time then she brought me here for my first customer after that more clients wanted me so its like I was in demand. (laughs) at least I was in demand (she joked to make the situation light) and that's how I got a permanent place here.

Bonita then pointed her twice and made a thumbs up in order to ask her if she was okay. 

Samantha: I have to be.. if I am not.. how will I survive?


Ntando: how is Musa?
Shaun: he is currently under bed rest.
Ntando: hope he gets well soon.
Shaun: well he always roasts me when I go check on him. so that means he is well.
Ntando: (laughs) I know him very well.

they laughed.

Ntando: so Mr Mtolo hasn't found that girl?
Shaun: (sigh) not yet boy.. he hasn't even contacted me yet.
Ntando: maybe they killed her.

Shaun stopped playing and looked at Ntando.

Shaun: why would you think that?
Ntando: come on Shaun I am sure you are smarter to understand. I mean if I had a plan up my sleeve an someone betrayed me to tell you about the plan I would kill that person because I know if you find her she will expose us.

Shaun thought more about it.

Shaun: isn't that too far fetched?
Ntando: you are not a gangster ask a gangster and you will hear how they think.
Shaun: are you one?
Ntando: I watch those movies a lot.
Shaun: movies??
Ntando: mhm..
Shaun: damn! I was about to fall into that explanation. thank goodness I didn't.

Ntando opened his mouth shocked as Shaun laughed.

someone knocked on the door. Shaun went to check who it was and it was his mother.

Shaun: ma?
Mrs Collins: its time for dinner and we have guests.
Shaun: its the Ndamases isn't it?
Mrs Collins: just come to dinner and stop wining like a baby.

Mrs Collins walked away and Shaun looked at Ntando.

Shaun: I swear I feel like I the Ndamases are trying too much.
Ntando: why don't you just marry Melissa? she looks like a nice girl.
Shaun: (sigh)...
Ntando: sometimes we don't fall in love we rise in love. we start loving a person once we start getting to know more about them. so give her a chance you might get to love her.
Shaun: ............... lets go have dinner before my dad comes here to drag me out. he always acts out when the Ndamases are here.

Ntando laughed as he put the controller down and walked out with Shaun.


Bonita was still sitting with Samantha when the door of the room opened and the boss arrived. Noma in the flesh.

she smiled as she looked at Bonita. Bonita's small escape time with Samantha was seen flushed down the drain in such a small time.

Noma: I see you even made a friend? you chose well. its like you knew how similar you guys are.

she said smiling.

Noma: well little bear its time. come we have work to do.

Bonita looked at Samantha and held her hand tight. Samantha smiled and nodded.

no words had to be exchanged they knew each others hearts and their minds connected.

Bonita then stood up and slowly walked to Noma. she looked back once more but was dragged by Noma holding her hand.

Samantha's smile disappeared when she saw Bonita being dragged out. a flashback of her first time here flashed in her head as she looked at Bonita. a mute girl like her will she be able to survive like Samantha?

Samantha has been in this situation for 3 years its Bonita's first day will she even survive a week?

Noma dragged Bonita to another room. in there she helped her change into something very exposing.

Bonita wasn't comfortable at all but didn't have much of a choice.

Noma: look at you... oh my word.

she said admiring Bonita's exposing short dress. it was so short and very thin.

she was then sat down so that her face could be pampered.

Noma: you better help me Bonita and don't you dare cry. because if you cry and ruin this make up you and your little friend will see heaven.

Noma knew that Bonita has lost her will so threatening to kill her might motivate her to get herself killed so she found a way to make her obedient.

Bonita was triggered by what Noma said so she swallowed and breathed to calm down.

after her make up was done Noma lead her to look at herself in the mirror.

Bonita couldn't even recognise herself. not even a bit.


Noma: my next girl is not just any girl. you see this one is still fresh. of cause she isn't sealed but she is fresh innocent and she is the type to even have fun with right under other people's noses because she doesn't make sounds.
???: doesn't make sounds kanjan'?
Noma: phela she is mute. and wena Magyver I heard you like it at the theatre with people watching movies. wouldn't it be fun.
Magyver: (laughs) kodwa the fun is when she has to make the noise but holds it in. its the suffering I like. I can't suffer holding it in alone.

many other agreed with Magyver.

Noma: I tell you gents she is a price to grab you know I never lie.

Noma nodded and Bonita was brought in.

indeed her shy appearance with her pulling down her skirt got some men's attention as they saw that innocence that Noma was talking about. her nervousness was just adding points.

the bidding started.

she was like an object being auctioned to hungry predators and the highest bidder wins.

after the long bidding an old man had his last price. he was old enough to even be her father.

Bonita looked at him then at Noma as she battled with her tears.

it was obvious what would happen after this.


Samantha didn't want anything to happen to Bonita and she already promised to protect her so she was willing to do what she promised.

Samantha and some girls built up a plan.

some girls started a fake fight then as the security focused on them Samantha managed to sneak out. she walked through the hallway to the club because that's where the auction was. 

she knew the place so well since she has been around for 3 years now. she knew how to dodge security and knows where are the "sleeping rooms". she waited until the auction was done then waited for Bonita to be taken to the room while she just looked in hiding.

after a while she walked to the room and kicked the door finding the old man trying to force Bonita into a kiss.

Samantha: old man you better stay away from her. you have no shame coming onto a young girl who is likely the same age as your daughter.

the man was shocked to see an interruption as he was told no one would interrupt.

Guy: hai wena little girl. unless you want to join I suggest you get the hell out of here. grown ups are busy.
Samantha: I guess you won't be busy when the police know about this.
Guy: what police? you can't contact the police you are locked up here.
Samantha: of cause I can't but you see that girl. she is the most wanted girl right now. I am sure her parents even hired private investigators to find her. her family is rich and they will be searching for her. what will happen if she is found and she tells them that some old man raped her? 

the guy looked at Bonita and looked at Samantha not knowing what to say.

Samantha: if you don't believe me search online. unfortunately the girls face is not revealed because they are avoiding prank calls. but check it.

as he was reaching for his phone to verify some men and Noma walked into the room after being told that Samantha escaped and some securities caught Samantha on camera heading to the "sleeping" room.

Noma: hai you slut what is happening here?

she said to Samantha.

Noma: get her take her to the room and teach her some manners.

the man did that. 

Samantha: verify mister Verify before you get your hands dirty!!

she said before being dragged out.

Noma: I am deeply sorry for the interruption I will put my man near the door so that there is no interruption anymore.

the guy had already verified the news.

Guy: actually I have changed my mind I am leaving.
Noma: wait? what?
Guy: you don't have to refund me. I do not want to be part of your scheming if you want to play with fire do that alone.

the guy walked passed her as Noma stood there not knowing what was going on. Noma looked at Bonita and the guy then decided to chase the guy first.

Bonita breathed out as she sat on the bed. she buried her head as she let her tears came out. at this moment she wasn't even thinking about the threat Noma made she just wanted to let her heart breath.


Bonita was dragged in the room by Noma.

Noma was holding her by the hair and made her look at Samantha who was terribly beaten and left ripped laying on the floor.

Noma: girls who don't listen follow the same path. be careful what you choose next time.

Noma threw Bonita on the floor with the same outfit that she had on.

Noma: I think this will be your home from now on. you may have not done anything today but there is still another day.

with that said she walked out.

Bonita crawled to Samantha and held her shoulders as Samantha moved away because it was painful.

Bonita put her hands together to indicate a "sorry". Samantha saw Bonita and sat up straight as she let out a smile.

Bonita drew a smile on her face and shrug her shoulders with her hands stating a "why?". she was asking why she was smiling.

Samantha: why am I smiling?
Bonita: *nodding*
Samantha: because you are here.

Bonita smiled and looked down.

she then put her hands together to state a "thank you" and made a thumb moving back

Samantha: are you thanking me for something?

Bonita nodded and made a beard.

Samantha: ohhh about that man?
Bonita: *nodded*
Samantha: hai! no big deal.. I am just glad you are okay.

Bonita didn't say anything she just smiled.

Samantha: you must be wondering why he believed me right?
Bonita: *nodded*
Samantha: well yesterday when I got a client I managed to use his phone while he slept. it was fingerprint so I used his print to open it. he didn't have anything interesting in his phone so I went online. I saw a post about a wanted girl. she is from the Kubeka family but they didn't want to reveal her face so they just had an outline of how she may look like. your face almost suits the outline that's why I used that excuse.

Bonita nodded as to say she understands.

Samantha: don't you know the Kubeka's?
Bonita: *shakes head*
Samantha: ohh.. well thanks to their post many clients won't want to be involved with you. they wil be afraid of landing in jail. only the bravest will take that risk.

Bonita thanked her.

Samantha: hai what did I do?? I only started some fire. that's it.

Bonita smiled and went to hug her but stopped with Samantha hissed in pain.

they both laughed.


dinner was finished and now was just chatting and chatting.

Mr Collins: Shaun!

Shaun looked at his father.

Mr Collins: don't you want to show Melissa how beautiful the moon is before they leave??
Shaun: I am sure they can...........

Ntando stamped on him before he could finish his sentence.

he looked at Ntando.

Ntando: that's a good idea. getting to know each other may be the first step to knowing each other.
Mr Collins: see even your friend is supportive.
Shaun: (fake smile) of cause.. I guess I can give it a try right?
Mrs Collins: ohh look at my baby finally growing up.
Shaun: if I keep doing this everyday will I be grown enough to mind my own life on my own?
Mr Collins: stop talking nonsense and go..
Mr Ndamase: Melissa you will be fine right?
Melissa: yes dad.
Mr Ndamase: won't you get cold? let dad hand you his blazer

he said that slowly taking it off.

Mr Collin: ohh don't worry Mr Ndamase I am Shaun is generous enough to consider something to help.

he said that looking at the confused Shaun wondering what he should consider.

Ntando: Shaun!! it is cold outside.. 
Shaun: I have a hoodie on.

Ntando threw eyes at Melissa who looked down embarrassed.

Shaun caught on and sighed.

he took off his hoodie and was left with a shirt.

Shaun: here have my hoodie. its probably cold outside.
Melissa: huh... but won't you get cold?
Mr Collins: he is a man he won't get cold. right Shaun?
Shaun: I mean you already said it Mr Shaun.

he became sarcastic as he lead Melissa out.

Ntando smiled and shook his head


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