Noma woke up early to make breakfast for Bonita.

she made something nice and easy then took the tray to her room. Bonita didn't spend the night in her room (guest room) she spent the night in Noma's room.

last night she was injected and tied to the bed when she gained her conscious (which was faster then usual) she found herself tied on the bed and Noma half naked sitting on the chair in the bedroom sipping on some wine. when Noma saw that Bonita was awake she stood up and started doing what she pleased with Bonita.

after that she let Bonita to go bath. obviously she had to threaten her not to do anything stupid like running away or anything. Bonita tried drowning herself but she couldn't she just couldn't it was like the universe didn't want to let go of her or the after life was rejecting her.

so after taking a long bath she walked out and Noma told her to sleep on the bed. she had no choice but to follow the given instruction.

Noma walked in her room and sat near Bonita and gently working her up.

Bonita woke up with a spinning headache. (side effects of the injection).

Noma: good morning I made breakfast.

Bonita looked at her and looked away.

Noma: hai you have to eat and be healthy to make me happy. 

Bonita just looked down and didn't say anything. 

Noma: Love. You are in my care now so you do as I say. surely you don't want to see me angry do you?

Bonita looked at Noma and fear filled her. 

she sat up and looked at the trey.

in her mind she was convinced that Noma was trying to poison her. so she swallowed and accepted death inside of her.

she reached for the food as her tears threatened to come out again.

she stopped and looked at Noma.

Bonita (sign language): why are you doing this to me?
Noma: what do you mean? I am giving you the best life here. am I not?
Bonita (sign language): you could have let me die on the streets.
Noma: is that what you wanted? listen Bonita. nothing is for free in this world. I gave you shelter food clothing I gave you the best. isn't it only fair to at least satisfy me?

Bonita didn't say anything.

Noma: I mean its not like I am making you sleep with a guy. I am a girl a woman. I use my fingers to penetrate you and you use a strap to penetrate me. what harm does that do? nothing. its not like I am raping you.

Bonita still didn't say anything. she looked at the food.

Noma: I don't mind sending you back to the streets. all you have to do is say it.

Bonita looked at her.

Noma: but just know.. if you do you will have to pay back what I did for you and then you can go. freely.

Bonita looked down losing all hope.

she continued eating as Noma kept watching her. as she was done she moved to the drawer and took out a syringe.

Bonita looked at it and shook her head.

Noma nodded as she smiled.

she held Bonita's arm right and injected her.

Noma gave her the second dose as well because Bonita never fully responded to one syringe. even though one syringe was enough to fully intoxicate a person it wasn't enough to intoxicate Bonita.

the syringe is supposed to knock you out for a few minutes then put you in a druggy state where you are ho**y and a bit weak. that way as much as Noma craves for it Bonita will also crave for it. 

Noma was surprised and confused as to why but she just thought that the syrup inside must be getting weak.

but... it could be because Bonita was a special soul with a purpose.

as the drug kicked in Noma placed the tray on the side drawer and moved closer to Bonita. she gently touched her and started kissing her neck.


Melissa was on the table picking her food.

Mr Ndamase looked at her.

Mr Ndamase: Melissa?  won't you eat?

Melissa looked at her dad.

Melissa: dad?
Mr Ndamase: mhm?
Melissa: We have money right?
Mr Ndamase: huh... yah... why do you ask?
Melissa: I have been thinking. maybe we don't need Bonita.
Mr Ndamase: what?
Melissa: we can hire a secret surrogate. 
Mr Ndamase: huh? 
Melissa: think about it dad. I could start by getting to know Mr Collins then when we are close it will be easy to drug him and trick him into sleeping with that surrogate. then we keep the surrogate under house arrest while I pretend to be pregnant and using bought bellies to sell my story it would go well.
Mr Ndamase: it would but then we wouldn't have control. the surrogate could start blackmailing us anytime even after the baby is born she would be a threat to us. but with Bonita
she would be a threat to us. but with Bonita we own her she wouldn't dare turn against us.
Melissa: The surrogate wouldn't blackmail us if she dies while giving birth right?

Mr Ndamase looked at Melissa and their stare was interrupted by a phone ringing.

Mr Ndamase realized it was his phone so he picked it up.

Mr Ndamase: ohhh Mike
Mr Collins: Joseph... hope you are eating healthy?
Mr Ndamase: as always.
Mr Collins: (laughs) anyway My son has a golf meeting to go to today he is not doing well emotionally due to the attack that happened few days ago.
Mr Ndamase: attack? Shaun was attacked?

Melissa looked at her dad in shock.

Mr Collins: ohh I must have gotten so busy that I forgot to let you know. it wasn't Shaun that got attacked but Musa got attacked. 
Mr Ndamase: Musa? is he okay?
Mr Collins: yah he was discharged. but that's not what matters. I was asking if its okay if Melissa could go with Shaun to this meeting. 
Mr Ndamase: well of cause why not. I mean they will be married soon so its best that we start highlighting that.
Mr Collins: exactly what I said... (laughs) we always think alike.

they laughed.

Mr Collins: okay get Melissa ready Shaun will be there to pick her up.
Mr Ndamase: say no more I will get her ready.
Mr Collins: okay. let me not waste more time talking. bye.
Mr Ndamase: have a great day.

he hung up and looked at Melissa.

Melissa: Shaun was attacked?
Mr Ndamase: no Musa was attacked. but he is fine now.
Melissa: ohh I was worried for a minute.
Mr Ndamase: anyway you have to prepare yourself hurry Shaun will be here any minute to pick you up to go with him to the golf meeting.

Melissa was surprised.

Melissa: really? 
Mr Ndamase: yes hurry. you don't want to keep that handsome man waiting will you?

she smiled and quickly got up rushing to her room to prepare. Mr Ndamase smiled looking at her.


Shaun: Dad I already said I wouldn't go with her.
Mr Collins: you better not make me a liar. she must be waiting already go.
Mrs Collins: son she is going to be your future wife can't you just try to see how she is?
Shaun: and who agreed to marry her? me? I don't remember.
Mr Collins: hai idiot. how will you agree when all you know is play around with life. you should be happy she agreed to marry you.
Shaun: of cause she would. I have everything that will benefit her. but what do I benefit? isn't a marriage about both of us benefiting?? I feel robbed.
Mrs Collins: you benefit a beautiful woman who is kind and generous her type is rare in this world. most girls now just lie to get into marriage and are evil minded. you are lucky to have her by your side. 
Shaun: for all we know she could be a fox in a sheep's skin.
Mr Collins: agggg nonsense. not everyone is careless like you.

Shaun just looked down rubbing her forehead.

Shaun: fine. I will take her with me to the meeting but only because I want dad to stop talking. my brains hurt.

Mr Collins looked at him with a dirty look.

Mr Collins: punk. you should be thankful I am getting old. I would have whipped those big ears of yours.

Shaun smiled and grabbed his keys.

Shaun: I will use your car mommy dearest. dad's car might roll me over since his heart is dark. don't trust it.
Mr Collins: mxm. that car is still my car.
Mrs Collins: sorry?
Mr Collins: I was just kidding.
Shaun: Checkmate.

Shaun gave his father a smile and his father just frowned.

that's how they are and always were. but their love runs deeper trust me.

Shaun walked out after kissing his mother on the cheek.

He got in his car and drove to Melissa's house. (GPS)


he arrived at Melissa's house and pressed the honk.

The helper came out and went to report that Shaun was here. Melissa came out and headed to the car.

Shaun was in the car. he didn't even get out to open the car for Melissa. Mr Ndamase was at the door looking at Melissa near the car.

Shaun looked at Melissa through the window and signalled for her to get in.

Melissa opened the front door and found a box on the chair.

Shaun: sorry I had a lot of stuff and no time to organise. I am usually not organised.
Melissa: (disappointed) oh..
Shaun: you can get in the back.

Melissa nodded.

she opened the back door and got in.

Shaun drove.


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