it was only 09:30 and Shaun had already arrived with Ntando.

They took their seat after buying some nice Coffee and muffins to enjoy before the meeting began.

Ntando: boi the way this matter has been stressing you you have started loosing weight.
Shaun: don't start with me.
Ntando: facts.
Shaun: mxm.. anyway I just want to get over this. what if I get attacked again? or worst my parents get hurt? I have to find out who are these people and what they want.
Ntando: .......


Mr Mtolo and a young man walked in the café and as they saw Shaun and Ntando they headed to them.

Shaun stood up to greet them so did Ntando.

Mr Mtolo: this is Samson the guy I told you about.
Shaun: nice to meet you.
Samson: likewise.

they shook hands and smiled.

Mr Mtolo: okay lets get to it.

they sat down and Samson took out his drawing pad.

Mr Mtolo: ready?

he asked Samson

Samson nodded with his pencil in his hand.

Mtolo: so Shaun can you describe this girl. 
Shaun: okay.
Mtolo: make sure to be slow take your time and please give us even the most slightest detail like moles or maybe a pimple that you saw anything. 

Shaun nodded.

Mtolo: Ntando was there as well right?
Shaun: yes he was.
Mtolo: then he can also help with describing her. sometimes you may have missed a detail that he caught. 2 pair of eyes are better then one.

they nodded and started the process.


Bonita was in the living room watching TV.

her stay in the house has been okay since she started living here.

She ate the best she was even taken shopping to get some clothing. she was treated well. she was starting to like Noma even though she gave a cold energy. she didn't understand why but she didn't mind since she was being treated well.

for a while she could forget about her father and sister. 

As she was watching TV Noma walked in wearing a lingerie and a nice soft silk gown

she walked behind Bonita and stood behind her.

she looked at her and bit her lips.

she softly held her shoulders and Bonita jumped from the unexpected touch. she wasn't aware that Noma was behind her and that's why she got scared.

Noma: ohh I am so sorry did I scare you?

It was at this moment that she saw what was to happen.

________ VISION__________

Noma was on top of Bonita. Kissing and touching her inappropriately.

_______ END OF VISION________

Bonita widened her eyes and stepped back. Noma looked at her.

Noma: I am really sorry I just wanted to give you a massage.
Bonita (sign language): I am sorry I need to use the bathroom.
Noma: okay. (smiles)

Bonita hurried to the bathroom.

as Bonita disappeared into the bathroom
I need to use the bathroom.
Noma: okay. (smiles)

Bonita hurried to the bathroom.

as Bonita disappeared into the bathroom Noma pulled out a needle that already had a syringe inside.

she held it and looked at the direction of the bathroom.

she walked to the door and stood there with the needle behind her.

Bonita sat in the bathroom for a bit longer.

she didn't know what to do. her tears threatened to come out but she looked up blinking them away.

she didn't know how to escape.

Noma: are you okay in there?? you have been in there for a while now.

Bonita pulled herself together and stood up flushing what seemed to be nothing. 

she walked out and got startled when she saw Noma standing at the door.

Noma: you seem scared did I scare you that much?

Bonita swallowed and shook her head trying so hard to be calm.

Bonita (sign language): I have just been restless lately.
Noma: ohhh some sleep will do you well.

before Bonita could say anything. 

Noma grabbed Bonita tight and injected Bonita quickly with the needle. 

The syringe was a quick killer. it brings one to numbness and one can't move much. 


Shaun got into Musa's ward and found him already dressed.

Shaun: ohhh you just couldn't wait now could you?
Musa: hai no one likes being here.
Shaun: well... I feel you. 
Musa: and we both know if it was you in this hospital you would have left the same day.
Shaun: reason why I didn't visit very often.

they laughed.

we spoke about death being one of Shaun's fears. another is hospitals. okay he doesn't fear them but he doesn't like them either. he says they smell medicine which is another thing he doesn't like.

he can't take in medicine it would take some time to swallow a simple pill. 

they walked out.


I was in the bathtub filled with water. 

no matter how much I tried scrubbing myself I just couldn't get the dirt out of my body. the disgust the shame. 

I wanted to vomit I was sick. I mean very sick.

I still felt like her hands were still touching me her lips still kissing me her hands still discovering every part of my body. I regret opening my eyes seeing her on me. who did I wrong.

I ran away from one abuse and found myself trapped in another. 

I sank my body deeper into the bathtub and my head sank in the water too.

I laid in the water.

if I have to die then let it be.

but I can't live like this. 

at least I could handle being beaten and emotionally abused but sexually? I don't know how much strength I will need I don't even have any strength so what now?


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