???: how could you be so careless?? 
??: sorry boss we didn't know that it wasn't Shaun in that car.
???: didn't you keep your eyes on that car? I told you not to make a mistake with this one.
??: sorry boss.
???: how will your sorry help me right now?? 
??: .............
???: you better make sure he concludes this as a failed hijacking. because if not. you will pay for this mistake.

the guy scared as ever nodded.

???: get out of my sight before I do something to do.

the guy walked out with some of the men he was working with in this mission.

the boss leaned back annoyed at the failed attempt. now his plans are ruined before they even begin.


Shaun and Ntando were sitting in the living room watching TV as they waited for a guest.

Ntando: won't your parents find out?
Shaun: so what if they find out? I just want to know who this girl is and how she knew about this.
Ntando: can't you let this go? take it as if she is just a girl who happened to be sent by God.
Shaun: it could be easy for you to believe that but as I was thinking I just can't believe it. that girl knows something. maybe she was part of the plan but decided to not go ahead with the plan. maybe that's why she ran away too maybe she didn't want to be seen talking to me because they would know. 

Ntando sighed and looked away.

Shaun: come on think about it. its the only way it makes sense.

Ntando shook his head and continued watching TV.

Minutes later the door bell rang and Shaun rushed to check the door

Shaun: Mr Mtolo. welcome.
Mr Mtolo: Shaun!! nice to see you again.
Shaun: same here please come in.

Mr Mtolo walked in and they walked to the living room.

Shaun went to get some juice and a glass to give to Mr Mtolo.

Mr Mtolo: I was so surprised to see your message. is this girl you are looking for your future wife?
Shaun: (softly laughs) no she is someone who has the information I have about the accident. 
Mr Mtolo: accident?
Shaun: you do know that Musa was recently attacked in my car right?
Mr Mtolo: yes your father told me. he asked me to try and investigate who were behind it since the police might take forever.
Shaun: I also believe police officers won't find out who they are. these people seem to be smart they wouldn't leave a trace that's why a private investigator is what we need for this case.
Mr Mtolo: so you want me to find the girl? are you sure she knows about this?
Shaun: yes.
Mr Mtolo: what makes you say that?
Shaun: she is the one that warned me not to use the car to drive home. its like she knew the attack would happen.
Mr Mtolo: so she saved your life?
Shaun: basically yes. and I put Musa's life in danger when I thought all this was rubbish and asked him to get the car for me.
Mr Mtolo: I see... so that means she could have been part of the plan but decided to pull out and save you.
Shaun: exactly what I thought.
Mr Mtolo: but why?
Shaun: I don't know.. maybe her conscious spoke to her.
Mr Mtolo: okay. do you know this girl? have you seen her before? 

Shaun started thinking hard.

Mr Mtolo: could be at the club or anywhere. try to remember.
Shaun: (thinking)... mhm mhm.. I don't think I have seen her anywhere. it was the first time I saw her.
Mr Mtolo: okay for me to find this girl I need to know who I am looking for what she looks like and what she was wearing the day you saw her. 
Shaun: well I never really paid attention to her but I do remember a few things.
Mr Mtolo: okay I will call someone I know to come with me next time. he has worked with the police to draw suspects out of victims head and most of the time it gives leads so I will talk to him but he doesn't come cheap. expecially because we are not the police
but he doesn't come cheap. expecially because we are not the police this is a private investigation.
Shaun: its okay. he can name his price. I must find that girl.
Mr Mtolo: okay then. I will come back again with him. I will call you to arrange the next meeting.
Shaun: it would also be great if you kept this from my parents I don't want them to exaggerate things.
Mr Mtolo: okay. so that means we won't be meeting here right?
Shaun: yes. we will look for a better location to meet at.
Mr Mtolo: okay. well gentlemen I should not take long as I also have work to do. thank you for the juice I will call you.

Shaun smiled and walked him out.

as he came back he saw Ntando looking at him with the "I hope you know what you are doing" look.

Shaun: you look worried.
Ntando: wouldn't you be when your best friend is digging a hole that is full of mysteries?
Shaun: well I would be worried but its better to deal with what you know then the unknown.
Ntando: (sigh) I don't know why but this feels like you will be opening a can of warms. 
Shaun: well I am BOOGIE MAN or is it BOOGIE T? yah whichever.

Ntando looked at Shaun as Shaun reached for the juice jar to pour himself juice. 


I was walking towards what seemed to be a main road. it was a relief but I was also scared.

2 days walking around sleeping on the streets and scrapping from rubbish dumps. I am even lucky to still be alive.

as I was walking 3 guys appeared walking towards me. I looked at them then down trying to keep my cool.

they looked suspicious. their walk the way they looked. but I hoped that it would not be what I think.

as they approached me they crossed over to my side.

I breathed and tried remaining calm.

as they got closer to me I saw one of them raise his shirt and what seemed to be a knife appeared. I swallowed hard and said a prayer in my heart.

at that moment 2 cars appeared and slowed down when it got near me.

the car window lowered and the lady looked at me.

Lady: hai young lady can I speak to you?

she said with a smile.

I smiled back and nodded.

the guy who was about to take out his knife pulled his shirt down and they continue to walk. 

I looked at her.

Lady: where are you headed to? 

I looked down then looked at her. I don't know if she understands sign language.

Me (sign language): I can't speak?
Lady: you are speaking now. (smiles)

my eyes widened as I figured that she understood me. 

I smiled as hope hit me on my face.

Me (sign language): you understand sign language?
Lady: yes. I studied some because my daughter can't speak.
Me (sign language): how old is she?
Lady: she is only 7 years old.

I nodded.

Lady: do you... have a home?

I looked at her and looked down.

Lady: I am sorry for asking so straight like that. its just that you don't look like you have a home. your clothes face and you look very tired. have you eaten?

I didn't say anything I just looked down.

The lady walked out of the car and walked to me.

Lady: my name is Nomalanga I run a orphanage. I take children like you who don't have a home and give them a home and a chance to have a better life.
Me (sign language): I ran away from home.
Lady: why?
Me (sign language): my father and sister didn't treat me well. so I ran away.

she looked around so I did as well. the guys were now standing at the corner. which made me even more scared.

Lady: come we will talk in the car. 

I wasn't sure if I should go with her or if this was another trick to a more hell of a life. 

it was a decision between facing the 3 guys who had a knife and probably waiting for me or the kind lady who could be more dangerous.

If only I was able to control my ability to look into the future that way I would know what would happen if I choose to not enter the car. but I can't. I only see the future when I have to.

I sighed and nodded.

she walked me to the other side and opened the car door for me. I walked in and she also walked in.

The car behind hers was still standing there waiting for her to drive because as soon as the lady started the car The car behind also moved.

I looked at the guys that were at the corner they were making a move too. seems like they were really waiting for the lady to walk away for them to attack me.

I looked ahead and just let life lead me.


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