Mr Collins: where is that boy? he is still not picking up my calls.
Mrs Collins: I have a bad feeling. Ohhhh Shaun were are you?

Mrs Collins buried her head in her hands worried.

Mr Collins phone rang it was Shaun.

he answered it already preparing a mouthful of comments to throw at Shaun.

Mr Collins: hai you punk do you think ......................
Shaun: we are at the hospital..
Mr Collins: what?
Shaun: I thought I should let you know.. I know mom might be worried because of how we took off without a word... 
Mr Collins: but what are you doing at the hospital?
Shaun: Musa was attacked.

Mrs Collins hearing the word hospital just brought her shock as she thought Shaun was hurt.

Mrs Collins: hospital? what happened? is he okay?

Mr Collins continued to talk to Shaun.

Mr Collins: Musa? Attacked?? by who?
Shaun: we don't know.. but its all my fault.
Mr Collins: what?
Shaun: I can't speak long we are in ######### Hospital.
Mr Collins: okay we will be there soon.
Shaun: mhm... No please get some rest for today you may come tomorrow. I am already worried about Musa don't let me worry about mom and dad too.

Mr Collins looked down and breathed out.

Shaun: I didn't tell you this to panic. you can come tomorrow plus Musa should rest. he just took some painkillers.
Mr Collins: (sigh) okay okay. I will take care of your mother and we will visit tomorrow.
Shaun: thank you pops. also I won't be coming home I will stay here with Musa please bring something nice for Musa to eat for breakfast I heard hospital food is dull.
Mr Collins: look at you. acting like a mature grown up.
Shaun: am I not mature?
Mr Collins: you? please I am sure Ntando told you what to say. you are just a childish immature brat who doesn't listen.
Shaun: ohhhhh only you manage to make me smile in a time like this.
Mr Collins: that's my aim. (smiles) take care of Musa.
Shaun: thanks pops.
Mr Collins: Sleep well.
Shaun: you are making me scared. why do you care so much?
Mr Collins: do you think I care? I only want you to be healthy so that you can help me grow my empire.

Shaun smiled and Mr Collins hung up.

Mrs Collins: what is this about Musa being attacked?
Mr Collins: Shaun didn't really say what is going on but we will find out tomorrow.
Mrs Collins: why tomorrow? we should go now.
Mr Collins: we should rest plus Shaun said Musa is resting he just had his painkillers.
Mrs Collins: what about Shaun?
Mr Collins: he is okay he will be staying with Musa the night he also asked that you bring Musa some food for breakfast. 
Mrs Collins: idiot son. how could he tell us what to do??

they chuckled.

Mr Collins: you must be hungry let me go dish up. 

Mrs Collins nodded.


It was getting dark. The sun was setting I couldn't see it set because of the tall houses around me.

My feet were killing me they were aching so bad.

I stopped for a while and looked around me. I was at a foreign place I think I have finally succeeded in running far away from home but now I don't know where I am nor where I am headed. 

I saw a nice rock on the grass near the corner of a beautiful house.

I walked to it and sat down on it.

as my feet rested they started pumping so hard.

ahhhhhh my feet were very sore.

I laid on the rock
it was big but very big. not too big but big. big enough for me to lay but not comfortable. 

it was like a cliff.

I laid on my stomach and watched the small ants on the sand in between the grass walk and worry about their business.

I couldn't stop but wonder how they live? do they have family? friends? what language do they speak? do they speak or are they mute like me? maybe they also speak in sign language? maybe this maybe that.

its all I did while I listened to my feet pumping.

as the sun disappeared to its night blanket I looked up to see the stars.

I never got to enjoy the full view of the starry night sky... its beautiful. very beautiful.

even if I die now at least I know I will die happy since I am looking at the starry night sky.

I was so tired that I started falling asleep. but I held myself and sat up. I can't sleep in a place like this its not safe. so I have to stay up all night and enjoy the starry night or maybe just keep walking.

well after my feet heal.


_____________________ DREAM_______________________

There were Voices shouting for Shaun.

"Shaun Shaun!!"

as they were shouting someone walked towards another person sitting on the chair full of blood tied.

the person with the axe raised the axe aiming at someone who looked like Shaun it could be him

as the axe was raised I tried saving him I tried moving him away but I couldn't I was far so far that even he couldn't see me.

as the axe approached his body I woke up.

____________________END OF DREAM_____________________

I breathed as I tried to make sense of what that meant. I normally don't have such dreams by one person. this person is Mr Collins. 

I don't have any direct contact with Mr Collins nor am I close to him so why would I get such dreams about him? is it because I saved him from the car attack? 

why now after so many years. I don't want to be anyone's saver anymore. I can't. not after what happened with my dad.

I can't I will not..



Musa woke up and saw Shaun laying his head on the bed near his feet.

he looked at him and sat up.

he smiled and gently woke him up.

Musa: Shaun! Shaun!

Shaun slowly got up and took a moment before processing where he was.

he looked at Musa and immediately stood up to him.

Shaun: Musa! are you okay?? 
Musa: (smiles) well after seeing you? I got even more better.

Shaun smiled and pulled his chair closer to him.

Shaun: I.... I am sorry.
Musa: for what? you not the one that attacked me.
Shaun: I know... I know but.... I was.....
Musa: hai!!. its not your fault... I should say sorry for your car.
Shaun: that doesn't matter its just a car as long as you are okay.
Musa: where is Ntando? 
Shaun: I told him to go home. but he said he would be here today.
Musa: mhm... did you tell your parents?
Shaun: of cause I had to.
Musa: I told you it wasn't serious. 
Shaun: are you the doctor?

Musa didn't say anything.

Shaun: who would attack my car? I am sure they thought it was me.
Musa: I thought the same thing.

Shaun looked into space as he remembered Bontle's words.

Shaun: and how did she know? was she really a prophet? an angel?
Musa: who? what are you talking about?
Shaun: Musa? you go to church right?
Musa: mhm... why? will you ask me why God didn't protect me? 
Shaun: no no no... I want to know.. is it possible for someone to know the future? like know what will happen in the future?
Musa: well I haven't experienced that directly nor indirectly. so I can't really agree. but then I can't disagree also because I am not aware of every being in this world. why?
Shaun: mhm... just asking..

Musa looked at Shaun and smiled..

Musa: I don't like that look.

Shaun looked at Musa.

Shaun: what look?
Musa: the one you just made. whenever you make that look you always decide to do something and you always stick to it. I hope you decide on something positive.
Shaun: hai no..

Shaun thought again.

"that girl should know what happened I have to find her" he thought


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