I just finished getting ready and I was now sitting on the corner of the bed looking down as I held my dress tight.

This was a new dress it is the same as Melissa's dress since its all part of the plan.

I don't usually get new clothing so having to wear this was great yet not comfortable.

as I was sitting down the door opened. I looked up already moving back with my heart racing thinking its my father or Melissa (my sister).

but I breathed out of relief when I saw Ms Gloria walk in.

Her: Bonita your father is waiting for you downstairs. he said to tell you that you should hurry down.

I looked down. 

I wanted to get up and walk out but I remembered the dream the dream I had about me in the hospital bed about to die and Melissa decided to save the child and let me die. I know I agreed to do this in order to keep my mom on ICU but I can't I can't get myself to do this. what if that is a warning?

ever since I was a child I used to get dreams dreams that were warnings. I didn't know I had this dream until one of my dreams came through. I was so afraid I thought I was not human or something. I tried telling my mom but she didn't believe me. so I stopped telling her and just dealt with it myself. But when Ms Gloria arrived she became my second mother at least she would listen to me. I always thought she was pretending to believe me but it turns out she actually believes me because sometimes it also happens to her.

They don't come very often but when I have one of those dreams I go into fear mode and try by all means to avoid it from happening. that's how I survived many things. but some actually came through. now you understand why I am scared right now why I am having second thoughts about this plan. I can't sacrifice my life for a child that will only suffer. I know Melissa very well. she won't love the child as her own and that scares me even more.

I looked at Ms Gloria she is the only one that understands me and always looks after me in this house. she secretly gives me food when my father refuses to give me food she secretly helps me have a better life despite how my father and sister treat me.

Me (sign language): Ms Gloria can you please help me run away?

she looked at me in shock??

Ms Gloria: run away where?
Me (sign language): just escape please I can't go ahead with what my sister wants me to do. if I do I will die. 
Ms Gloria: what do you mean?? 
Me (Sign Language): I had a dream like the ones I always have. if I go ahead with this plan I will die giving birth and you know Melissa won't take care of that child like her own. 
Ms Gloria: ......... Bonita??

she said looking at me with worry.

Me (sign language): you believe me right?

Ms Gloria didn't know what to do she looked at me who was putting my hands together begging and looked around trying to figure out what to do..

I showed my hands that were put together and looked at her as I bit my lips deeply wishing that she could agree.

Ms Gloria: Bonita you know I see you as my own child and I know how bad you have been treated in this house but running away doesn't solve anything I told you to study hard and be able to be independent then you won't need anyone.

I looked at her as tears filled my eyes and then blinked looking down.

Ms Gloria: fine. I will go unlock the backdoor and leave it unlocked but tell me first are you running away forever?
Me (sign language): for as long as I can.
Ms Gloria: what about your mother?
Me (sign language): (looks down) its been months now and mom hasn't woken up. maybe me keeping her in machines is causing her more pain so I want to set her free without having to say goodbye I hate goodbyes.
Ms Gloria: I still don't agree with this.
Me (sign language): please I don't want to die. please.

Ms Gloria looked at me for a while then went to peek outside my room door to see if there was anyone. she then came to me and looked at me.

Ms Gloria: I don't like what I am about to do but I know that you will be more happy away from here. so I will go unlock the door now. come out after 5 minutes ok?
Me: *Nodded*

she kissed my forehead 

Gloria: be careful!
Me: *Nodded*

she smiled and walked out.

I breathed out walking up and down waiting for the 5 minutes to go by. 

Minutes later I took one of my coats walked out making sure Melissa or my dad don't see me. I know they are outside but still I have to make sure.

as I got down stairs I ran to the backdoor and indeed it was unlocked. I ran out and had to slightly round my way out the small gate without being seen. My dad was in the car  with Melissa as Ms Gloria stood at the car window talking to them.

that was my que
I ran to the backdoor and indeed it was unlocked. I ran out and had to slightly round my way out the small gate without being seen. My dad was in the car  with Melissa as Ms Gloria stood at the car window talking to them.

that was my que I ran out and kept on running without looking back. 

bye mom!

tears came out as I kept running into the quiet streets.


Mr Collins: WHAT!!
???: sorry sir.
Mr Collins: that child is like a pain in my ass. how could he leave after I told him that we will be having breakfast with the Ndamase's? AGGGG! some fathers have obedient sons while I have a disobedient one. how unlucky. worst because he is my only son. Stupid boy..

he grabbed his glass of water and finished it up.

Mr Collins: where is my phone?

he looked around and found it on the couch. 

he took it and called his son Shaun.

Shaun answered.

Shaun: daddy!!
Mr Collins: Daddy my left foot. where are you?
Shaun: ohh I forgot to inform you I am meeting my friend Ntando.
Mr Collins: friend?? is that friend important then your own damn family.
Shaun: blood pressure daddy you know that I love you and no one is more important then you. 
Mr Collins: SHAUN!!!
Shaun: daaaad... you think I don't know about your match making schemes with the Ndamase daughter?
Mr Collins: the Ndamase's are a good family rich and have a good reputation plus we have been good friends since way back. 
Shaun: I am glad you still have a best friend at this age. its a rare gold but still dad can you just trust me in finding my own wife?
Mr Collins: I would if you would get one already you are 27 Shaun you not getting any younger?
Shaun: did you have to slap that in my face?
Mr Collins: for you to realize how slow you have pushing this process? you are gambling with my empire.
Shaun: soon to be mine remember? and dad I will get you the most beautiful girl on earth ok? a princess. happy?
Mr Collins: ohh you punk. you always take everything I say as a joke.
Shaun: because its funny. anyway I have to go now. bye!!
Mr Collins: Shaun Shaun!!! hai you idiot!!

he looked at his phone and the call was cut.

he sighed and put it on the table.

Mr Collins: this idiot will really kill me one day.

he said leaning back.


Melissa: WHAT!! HOW!!
???: I don't know ma'am but she isn't in the house and Ms Gloria also didn't see her go out.
Mr Ndamase: did she just run away? but how? we were here the whole time.
Melissa: this is not looking good dad she just ruined the plan. 

Mr Ndamase looked defeated.

Melissa: what now dad? the Collins can't know that I can't give birth or else they will not allow me to marry Shaun.
Mr Ndamase: I know my daughter I know. Mr Collins wants an heir its the most important to him. we will find Bonita and she will do as we say don't worry. 

Melissa looked away not assured.

Mr Ndamase: lets go for our breakfast meeting and enjoy it there will be many more meetings and opportunities. don't worry. daddy is here for you. 

Melissa looked out the window as Mr Ndamase started the car and drove off.


Mr Ndamase and Melissa arrived at the big house.

They drove in the gate after pressing the gate bell and speaking to one of the helpers in the house. After they parked their car they got out making their way in the house.

Melissa: I still can't believe that one day I will be living here as Mrs Collins.
Mr Ndamase: well you better believe it because you will be. (smiles)

Melissa smiled looking at the house from outside and the beautiful garden.

Mr Collins walked out the house as they were walking towards the door.

Mr Collins: hay Joseph we finally meet again.
Mr Ndamase: Mike. looking good and young. 
Mr Collins: Good and young you say? ohhh please my wife keeps on telling me that I am getting old.
Mr Ndamase: ohhh she is just saying.
Mr Collins: I will take your word for it.

they laughed.

Mr Collins: oh please come on in. 

They walked in the house.

Mr Collins: please excuse us for today my son couldn't join us he had to do something at the company but I am sure next time he will be here.

Melissa was so disappointed because she really wanted to see Shaun today. seems like her plans was really ruined.

but she couldn't just leave because Shaun is not here she would have to put a smile and listen to old man talk.

Mr Ndamase: no problem there is always a next time. 


Bonita kept running and running. crossing roads and taking turns. she didn't know where she was heading too but surely she wanted to go far from her father and sister far from the abuse.

she ran across the busy main road and stood on the other side taking a moment to catch her breath. she looked around then started walking to wherever her mind lead her.

as she was walking she bumped into a young man who was walking with his friend.

she looked up to apologise and realized it was Mr Collins (Shaun). she got a bit nervous as she only saw this man on TV yet here he was in front of her.

Bonita (sign language): I am sorry.

immediately after that a vision came to her mind.


Mr Collins was in the car with someone. he was driving his black car while having his favourite black glasses on.

at that moment as Shaun was driving gun shots were fired from outside. he tried driving off but a truck came in speed and bumped him causing his car to roll and that was the end of Mr Collins.

_________ END OF VISION____________

The Vision was played in her mind like a flashback.

when she got back to her senses she realized Shaun was not in front of her anymore. she looked back and saw them walking to the car the same car that she just saw in her vision.

"this must be a warning" she thought.

" but how will I tell him because I can't speak?" she thought again.

well she didn't have time because they were heading there.

she ran to him and pulled his jacket from behind Shaun looked back and this time had his glasses on.

Shaun: can I help you?
Bonita (sign language): do you understand sign language?

she asked wishing that he would say yes.

Shaun: yes... is there something wrong?
Bonita (sign language): great I know you don't know me and you don't have any reason to believe me but I have come to warn you.
Shaun: warn me?
Bonita (sign language): yes. today you will be attacked if you use this car. do not use the car to go back home please.. do not.
Shaun: what do you mean?? who are you?
Bonita (sign language): I mean no harm but please take me serious. do not use your car to travel. use a taxi or something but do not use the car. I have to go.

Shaun looked at Bonita as she ran in between the people.

Ntando: and?
Shaun: I don't know mahn.. I think she is crazy.

They looked at her traces and looked at each other.

Shaun: hai!! I would be crazy to believe this. hai lets go.

They walked to the car.


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