I put on my wedding dress and looked at myself in the mirror.

I tried forcing a smile but it didn't work my painful heart couldn't allow me. I blinked for sometime to avoid the tears from ruining my make up.

"ohhh you look so beautiful" a voice said behind me. I looked through the window to see who it was a smile was formed on my face when I saw my very own best friend Thami.

Me: Thank you.

Thami: ohh you don't look happy though.

Me: aren't I smiling?

Thami: I am your best friend.

she was right she is my best friend and she knows me best.

I turned and looked at her.

Me: lets just pretend that I am happy. ok?

she looked at me. I could tell what she wanted to say.

Me: (sigh) how is Jamal?

Thami: he is....... also pretending to be happy.

Me: (smile in sadness) I am jerk right?

Thami: yep you are. I cant believe you chose your family yet again. if I was Jamal I would at least leave you with a hot slap. that boy has been patient with you for long.

I smiled as I looked down and played with my fingers.

Me: I know right?

I said still looking down at my fingers.

Thami: Tiana do you really want to sacrifice your true love with Jamal just for family?

Tiana: ........................... I wish I had another choice. I wish I knew how to choose both. but..

Thami: what's so hard about choosing Jamal? are you afraid that your family might disown you? we are here. or is it about money? is that why you agreed to marry him because he is from a rich family?

Tiana: its not that.

Thami: then what Tiana? I still don't understand.

Tiana: I.... I...

"it is time" that Bree coming in the room to get me to the hall.

I looked at Thami and just looked down. I then smiled and stood up.

Me: its time Thami I have to go and meet my husband to be.

Thami looked at me. it was clear that she needed answers. I just smiled and she walked out clearly looking back in doubt.

after she left I sighed and blinked again to remove the tears from my eyes.


I walked in with my dad holding my hand the hall was full reporters flashing lights on me and me keeping a straight smile to brighten on the pictures and clearly not embarrass anyone especially my family.

I hope my acne was covered well I should at least look good in those pictures for such a sacrifice I am making.

I walked towards my husband to be with a smile on my face and also holding my breath in this tight dress.

The people who got this dress thought if I don't have the face for it I should at least such my stomach in and force a tight dress in I felt as if I was suffocating.

My Husband to be was the pushed towards me in his wheelchair. my dad handed me to him with a smile.

I held his hand and as I walked towards the priest he was pushed towards the priests as well.

I couldn't see his face it was covered with a mask not a mouth mask that covers your mouth and nose but a mask you wear when you go to a masquerade.

he never came public about why he wears a mask in public but rumour has it that he is covering his scars that he got when he was involved in an accident.

he isn't seen outside a lot his brothers are the ones taking care of the business and it is said that he is always at home healing.


Pastor: I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride.

I walked closer to him

bent my knees a little and leaned in to kiss him.

our lips met. the audience cheered and clapped for us. not forgetting the media getting a good view with their cameras.

after letting my lips sit on his for a while I then pulled out of the kiss and stood up straight looking at him.

I then smiled and looked around.


It was time for us to get in the car and head to our home as a married couple.

I walked out the hall while pushing my husband. the media was flashing us with their camera lights and people where cheering and clapping. I had to keep my smile for the media. I didn't want mistakes.

as I was walking to the car I saw Jamal.

he had a hoodie and wore a cap but I could tell it was him.

he looked at me as I also looked at him but I quickly remembered that I am in front of the camera so I kept my smile and looked around waving goodbye while pushing my husband.

when we got to the car one of his brothers helped him get in the car.

I also got in.

after a while the car started driving away.

I bowed my head as I realised that there was no going back but I never let my tears get the better of me.

I was expecting him to say something anything like ask for my name or just break the ice but he never said anything he kept quiet.

I kept side looking at him to see if maybe he was nervous like me or something but he seemed calm and just still.

I then swallowed my pride and took a deep breath.

Me: hi my name is Tiana Kekana I mean Khoza and you?

Him: don't you already know me?

Me: huh... n... no..

Him: is it because of the mask? I bet you didn't want to marry a cripple? did I mess up your life?

I didn't know how to answer that question so I stayed silent and looked at my fingers.

he didn't say anything I also didn't know what to ask him so we had a silent ride.


we arrived at our house and it was preddy big.

I was amazed.

the car parked in the yard then we got out. his security men ran to the car to help him out.

they also pushed him towards the door. he wasn't even concerned about me. I was like just somehow who had to follow him around I guess.

I sighed as the driver came to me.

Him: this way ma'am.

Me: thank you sir.

he walked with me as he also helped me hold my dress.

we walked in and I couldn't help but look around at the beautiful surroundings.

Me: he stays here?

that was a rhetorical question but the driver answered me anyway.

Him: yes he does. he actually spends all his time in these walls. he has been like that since the accident.

Me: ohhh!

he continued leading me.

I couldn't see where my husband went but he was in this house.

maybe he is already in our bedroom.

I was taken upstairs to our bedroom.

when we arrived the room was big very big. the bed was big too but I guess its normal since I will be sleeping with someone.

it fits for 2.

I walked around still in my gown.

me: its so spacious.

Him: this will be your room ma'am.

Me: my room? I am not sharing a room with my husband?

Him: no ma'am. you will be here and Mr Khoza will be sleeping in his room.

Me: oh...

I didn't have words but I guess its normal right? maybe he was also forced in this so he might be trying to make me feel comfortable by making me sleeping alone. taking one step at a time. maybe that's what he wants.

Him: I shall leave you to change ma'am.

Me: ok thank you sir.

he walked out and I sat down as my smile faded and I twisted my ring that was on my finger.

"was this a wise decision?" I asked myself. "of cause it was. for the family but not for you" I answered myself.

I pushed myself back laying on my bed.

here is to my newly found life.


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