finally after removing the bandage Tiana's eyes popped as she saw Zithu's full face even his left eyes. her heart ached as he looked straight in Tiana's eyes with his right eye.

Tiana: c... can I touch it?

she asked as she looked at Zithu's right eye.

Zithu wasn't  sure but he nodded anyway.

Tiana slowly placed her fingers on his scar and slowly traced it feeling it with her fingers.

she traced it up and when she got to his eye she traced around it. Zithu's right eye remained fixed at Tiana's eyes taking note of the tears that were forming in her eyes. the emotion was visible.

yet he didn't  say anything he let her be.

Tiana continued tracing the scar over and over again feeling it carefully and also examining his white blind eye.

Zithu broke the long silence.

Zithu: until when will you sit on me and feel my scar? don't  you know you are heavy?

Tiana removed her hand and looked at Zithu then she quickly got off him.

Tiana: ohh sorry I just got carried away.

Zithu: is that why you are crying?

Tiana: crying? me? 

Zithu: yes you. why? feeling pity for me? 

Tiana: pity? no.. why would I feel pity for an old man like you? mxm.

Zithu: old man?

Tiana: yes don't  you see yourself? you even remind me of my grandfather. 

Zithu: really? your grandfather must have been a looker.

Tiana: mxm.

Zithu reached for his phone and already it was 07:24

Zithu: you already late for breakfast. 

Tiana: ohhh I even forgot. and its you.

Zithu: me?

Tiana: yes you made me forget.

Zithu: hai don't  blame it on me you the one who was delaying.

Tiana: say no more I better hurry so that you can have your pills on time. 

Zithu: and please don't  burn my bread till this day you haven't  gotten it right

Tiana: its not me its the toaster one look away it burns but when I watch over it it takes time to make the bread brown.

Zithu: I am sure that's  not the case.

Tiana: I am telling. I am a great chief. ok maybe almost great. ok whatever I will go ask Ms Moisa to help me.

Zithu: hai don't  over work my helper.

Tiana: I promised her that you would pay her for the extra work.

Zithu: hai no one discussed that with me.

Tiana: well I am now.

Zithu: more like telling me.

Tiana: just agree with this one please she is really helping me.

Zithu: you need to be learning not using her to get the job done.

Tiana: I am trying ok its not easy.

Zithu: just admit that you are stupid.

Tiana: me? stupid? just so you know I used to have the confidence of sitting in front seat in a taxi and count money. 

Zithu: what does that proof?

Tiana: go to a taxi rank sit in the front seat and experience it you will know what it proofs.

she said that walking to the door.

Zithu: its just counting money even a child can do that.

Tiana: my husband even the top learner at school loose their confidence when it comes to the front seat. its not for the faint hearted.

with that she walked out.

Zithu smiled and shook his head.

he slowly touched his face and felt his scar. 

______________________ FLASHBACK _________________________

just like everyday Zithu was on his way to work. 

Zithu is the kind of person who is careful on the road. he respects road signs and always keeps to the rules. 

The robots were clearly open clearly giving Zithu permission to cross along with other cars. but as Zithu was about to cross another car rushing in hitting Zithu's car strongly on the side causing Zithu's car to flip over.

the same car was also damaged glass broke and the car squashed in front. yet that car rushed off as if nothing happened.

the scene happened so quick that there was no time for anyone to take videos. the only videos that were trending where of Zithu's car flipped over and the scene of broken glasses and all that.

some people called the ambulance while others called the police. there were people who witnessed the black car hitting Zithu's car and it was said that it was intentional as the car fled the scene almost immediately.

Zithu suffered a lot  in the car as his legs were stuck under something and glasses pierced in his skin. he couldn't  open his left eye as he was hurt as well. he kept asking for help but all he could do was wait for the ambulance.

surely the accident was meant to kill Zithu but it only left him with a traumatic experience and the permanent scars. 

______________________ END OF FLASHBACK ____________________

He sighed and looked up. 

he always wanted to know who it was. he had a lot  of questions to ask that person.

Zithu was always misunderstood as rude ignorant cold and strict because of his personality.

yes he can sometimes be a bit harsh

because of his personality.

yes he can sometimes be a bit harsh but if you get to know him you get to understand him he is actually more like a bear.

and since the accident his grandfather told him to never trust anyone because at this moment the enemy can be anyone even family.

although his grandfather said this he only placed his trust on Nkululeko who helped him with the investigation when he was still in hospital and encouraged him to not give up but little did he know.



Tiana: you can do it Mr Khoza!! go! go! go!

Zithu was seated on the bed as his doctor was stretching his legs and bending them in order to train them.

Zithu kept groaning in pain as his doctor kept treating him but Tiana kept cheering for him as if he was playing soccer and she was a cheerleader.

the doctor put the leg down and went to the other one.

Zithu: Tiana would you stop it you scaring my legs that why they are more painful.

Tiana: just thank me that I am here cheering for you or else you would be crying from the pain.

Zithu: why would I need your cheering? can't  you hear that you sound like a horse.

Tiana: well this horse worn world horse singing competition while it was in primary so be honoured.

Zithu: true you the only horse that can sing and talk I guess I should be honoured.

Tiana: Doc how about I treat him? I think I am ready.

Zithu: don't  you dare come near me.

The doc laughed and looked at Tiana.

Doc: (smiles) I think you should I mean you are his wife the faster you learn the better.

Tiana smiled walking to him.

Zithu: Doc Doc don't  betray me you want me dead? this girl will kill me for sure.

Tiana: its just a treatment I only have to bend and straighten your leg that wont kill.

Zithu: Doc please. (shakes head) 

Doc laughs.

Tiana: come here sick puppy let me treat that leg.

Zithu: if you touch my leg.... huh.... I wont let you choose our next outdoor activity.

Tiana looked at Zithu confused.

Tiana: outdoor activity?

Zithu: (swallows) mhm.. 

Tiana: so.. if I let you off the hook I choose where to go?

Zithu nodded.

Tiana: when?

Zithu: the weekend after this one.

Tiana: promise.

Zithu: I give you my word.

Tiana: can it include going out for the whole weekend?

Zithu: now you pushing it

Tiana: treatment it is.

Zithu: ok ok yes it includes sleeping out.

Tiana: ok!!!!

she said jumping up smiling at Zithu. 

Zithu was avoiding the treatment from Tiana because he knew that Tiana was going to use it as revenge for him calling her a horse. 

What a couple. will it always be like this? bickering like an old couple.

at that moment there was a knock on the door.

Tiana: I will get it.

Tiana went to open the door and David was at the door.

Tiana: oh David get in.

David: thank you ma'am.

David walked in.

David: Morning once again gentlemen.

Zithu: oh David anything wrong?

David: no sir I just came to inform you that Miss Zikalala has arrived.

Zithu: Miss Zikalala is here? I don't  have an appointment with her.

David: I told her to get an appointment she said its about the press conference that is to be done this week.

Zithu: ohhhh yes how can I forget. ok take her to my study I will be there after my treatment.

David: ok sir.

he walked out.

Tiana: Miss Zikalala? who is that?

Zithu: my PA.

Tiana: should I go keep her company?

Zithu: what would a stupid person like you keep her company with? Taxi rank subjects?

Tiana: mxm. I know demand and supply as well.

Tiana pouted as she took her phone and kept herself busy.


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