Nkululeko was sitting in the living room typing on his laptop getting business things done as he is the current acting CEO since Zithulele took a leave to heal due to the accident and with the wedding as well he was given more time to be with his family.

as Nkululeko was busy on his laptop his Grandfather walked in walking with a stick in his hand for balance. 

Grandpa: hao Nkululeko kanti ula.

Nkululeko looked up to grandpa and smiled.

Nkululeko: yes Grandpa I am busy with some work.

Grandpa: that's  good. business is important.

he said that taking a seat on the couch in front of the TV.

Grandpa: ahhhhh! ohh I even forgot to tell you this weekend I will be visiting Zithulele.

Nkululeko: Zithulele? shouldn't  you be giving him and his wife some space grandpa?

Grandpa: what space? I need to check if that woman is taking care of my grandson. he is all I have.

Nkululeko: haaaa grandpa I am here and your other granddaughters and grandsons are here.

Grandpa: all of you are always busy with your own things. Zithulele always checked up on me even when he was the CEO he always made sure to visit me and come sleep over. do you other grandkids do that?

Nkululeko: but grandpa you always tell us to not visit and focus on the family's empire.

Grandpa: don't  you think I tell Zithulele the same thing? yet he doesn't  listen to me that punk.

Nkululeko had some jealousy boiling in him but didn't  show it as he just looked at his laptop and typed.

Grandpa: anyway make yourself useful and go make me some tea.

Nkululeko: ok grandpa I will get one of my helpers to assist.

Grandpa: no I said you go do it. these helpers of yours can't  make tea go. go and make it for me.

Nkululeko: (smiles) ok grandpa.

he walked out to make Grandpa some tea.

after a while as Grandpa was watching TV his phone rang and he answered.

Grandpa: halo.

???: Mr Khoza this is Luba.

Grandpa: haaaaa Luba did you find what I was looking for?

???: yes sir. we got some report on the accident.

Nkululeko walked in holding a tray with a cup of tea on it.

Grandpa: good. is there anything you can tell me before bringing the report?

???: not much sir but there are some footages we got hold of we are not sure if they might reveal the accident clearly or not. the building owners say the camera doesn't  really capture that far but we can only know when we see it.

Grandpa: good.

Nkululeko put the tray on the table.

Grandpa: these people must learn that no one messes with my grandkids and gets away with it. they must face the law. 

???: yes sir.

Grandpa: ok I will send someone to get the report for me or I will get it by myself. don't  let anyone lay a hand on it unless sent by me.

???: yes sir.

Grandpa: no one knows about the investigation right?

???: no sir.

Grandpa: not even Zithulele?

???: no sir.

Grandpa: good. he deserves to rest instead of stressing about this. keep me updated.

???: yes sir.

grandpa hung up 

Nkululeko: what investigation grandpa?

Grandpa: Zithulele's accident.

Nkululeko: what? I thought Zithulele gave up on the investigation months ago because there was no lead.

Grandpa: everyone makes mistakes there is no way this could be a clean job there must be something something that might lead to another and reveal the truth. and the report will direct me.

Nkululeko: but this will only hurt Zithulele you know that night is his worst nightmare he doesn't  like going back to talk about it or anything.

Grandpa: which is why you will not say a word to him. understood.

Nkululeko swallowed and slowly nodded.

Grandpa reached for his tea.

Nkululeko: let me go clean the mess I made in the kitchen.

Grandpa: you only made tea and you made a mess? we have to quickly get you married.

Nkululeko let out a nervous laugh and walked out to the kitchen.

he quickly took out his phone while checking the coast.

he called his mother and his mother answered.

Mom: Nkule.

Nkululeko: ma grandpa is investigating Zithulele's accident.

Mom: WHAT??


Tiana wheeled Mr Khoza in the bathroom. he was wearing a shorts and a vest and still had his bandage on his face.

Zithu: you can put me in the bathtub.

Tiana: while you are dressed?

Zithu: what are you trying to see?

Tiana: w......n.... what I am asking is you are going to bath with your clothes on?

Zithu: of cause not but once you get me in the bathtub I can do the rest by myself. I can't  be fully dependent.

Tiana: ...... right.. right..

she helped him up and gently got him in the bathtub with a little struggle of cause.

there was no water in the tub.

his back was facing the taps and the shower head pipe (if that's  what you call it)

Tiana: will you be ok?

Zithu: mhm

Tiana: what about the bandage on your face?

Zithu: its ok.

Tiana: and the one on the leg?

Zithu: don't  worry my doctor trained me well on this.

Tiana shrug her shoulders and let him be and nodded.

Tiana: ok call me when you need help. ok?

Zithu: mhm now go.

Tiana: ok.

Zithu: and don't  dare come in until I tell you to.

Tiana: I wont.

Zithu pulled the shower pipe towards himself as Tiana walked out.

he pushed the little water switch for the water to come out of the shower pipe instead of coming out of the tap hole.

he then opened the tap and water came out of the shower pipe.



Voice: Tiana!!

that was Mr Khoza calling me. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom door.

I opened it a little

Me: can I come in??

Mr Khoza: yah.

I walked in and he didn't  have a shirt on. but its not the first time I saw him without a shirt on I saw him yesterday when I was changing him into his pyjamas.

Me: are you done?

Mr Khoza: mhm.

I went to help him up. he had wrapped his lower body with a towel.

I held him up and he held me tight as he got up with my help.

after a lot of struggle I managed to get him seated on his wheelchair again.

Me: I will take these to the washing machine.

I was reaching for his wet shorts vest and undergarment.

of cause I had to swallow my liver to touch his undergarment but I am his wife and if I don't touch his

but I am his wife and if I don't touch his then whose undergarment will I touch?

Mr Khoza: no leave it I will do it myself.

Me: no....

I wheeled him to the bedroom.

Me: lotion yourself get dressed here are your clothing I will go shower then clean up the bathroom ok?

he didn't  say anything.

Me: I didn't  even bring clothing from my room please call your helper to tell Ms Moisa to bring me something.

he nodded and I went to shower.


I walked out of the shower wrapped in a long towel.

I looked at him laying on the bed watching TV. 

just to embarrass Mr Khoza a little. he loves Anime and watches a lot of it.

and more interesting fact he doesn't  watch the dubbed version he watches the original version where they speak Japanese and have English subtitles.

ok maybe I am not embarrassing him but its just funny to know that this tough guy loves Anime. wow!!

my clothes were that side of him.

and most embarrassing thing is that my undergarments were on top of my clothes very visible. that made me so shy and embarrassed.

instead of asking him to hand them over I went round to the other side and as I climbed to get them he took them and brought them to his side.

I looked at him.

he pretended to look at the TV.

Me: Mr Khoza its not funny. can I have my clothing.

Mr Khoza: oh you are this side I thought I was handing them to you.

as I moved to his side again to get them he put them back to where they were.

Me: Mr Khoza!!

Mr Khoza: oh you are here I thought you were still that side so I was putting them back.

I walked to the other side but he reached for them.

I held his leg to indicate that I will press on it.

Mr Khoza: hai that leg is hurt.

Me: bring my clothes and I wont press on it.

Mr Khoza: all you had to do is ask why you being violent.

Me: hurry!

Mr Khoza: did the teacher forget the magic words?

Me: (sigh) Mr Khoza prince of the annoying land please may I have my clothing.

I said smiling. he handed it to me and I walked back in the bathroom.

the towel wasn't  short to the extend that I would be afraid that Mr Khoza would see what he isn't  supposed to see. it was long enough.

I got dressed and when I was done I walked back in the bedroom and jumped on the bed on the other side of him.

Me: is Anime nice?

Mr Khoza: haven't  you watched it?

Me: I only used to watch it when I was young but it was dubbed in English.

Mr Khoza: oh the ones that used to play on SABC 3? or is it 2?

Me: yah somewhere there.

Mr Khoza: well its much more nicer when its not dubbed.

Me: but you don't  hear what they are saying

Mr Khoza: I see the subtitles.

Me: can you even see the subtitles?

Mr Khoza: yes.

Me: with one eye?

Mr Khoza: yes...

I looked at him and sat up.

Me: vele vele why are you hiding your face? especially from me? am I not your wife?

Mr Khoza: still as long as I am not comfortable with you seeing my face you wont see it.

Me: why?

Mr Khoza: ........ The doctor is coming today to check my leg.

Me: you want to play it like that? ok.

I sat on him..

Mr Khoza: hai what are you doing?

Me: we made a vow that said for better and for worse 2 you agreed that we can be friends no best friends and you also said your grandfather is coming this weekend wouldn't  it be weird to him that I haven't  seen your face? 

Mr Khoza: so? I will tell him that I didn't  let you see it.

Me: still. I would like to see it. it will suffocate you to always wrap a bandage before you sleep.

Mr Khoza: no.

Me: that or I will be moving back to my room.

he didn't  say anything he looked at me.

Me: well?

he sighed and reached for the bandage to unwrap it.

Me: let me do it.

he looked at me and placed his hands down.

I unwrapped the bandage very carefully.

finally after removing the bandage my eyes popped as I saw his full face even his left eyes.

my heart ached as he looked straight in my eye with his right eye.


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