"AHMMMMMM" that was forcing the sh** out of my ass. 

after it was out I took a moment checking my phone as I waited for my system to finish offloading dirt.

after a while I put my phone aside took the toilet paper and wiped my ass clean. I then flushed the toilet purified the air and went to wash my hands.

I walked to the bedroom and closed the door of the bathroom. I threw myself on the bed and laid preparing myself to scan for something to watch on TV.

at that moment my phone rang. 

I checked the caller ID and it was Thami I answered.

Me: Thami.

Thami: Tiana how are you?

Me: mhm... ok I guess. what about you?

Thami: you don't  have to pretend to be ok with me. 

Me: I know. and I am not pretending I am really just ok.

Thami: and what does "ok" really mean?

Me: between fine and not fine.

Thami: mhm... I am sorry I haven't  been in contact I wasn't  sure whether contacting you was ok or not since you know you are married now.

Me: (sigh) yah neh. I myself haven't  gotten used to seeing the ring on my finger.

Thami: is he treating you well?

Me: yah he is minding his own business and so am I.

Thami: you are not answering my question.

Me: what I am saying is everything is fine.

Thami: mhm... I am glad.

I wanted to ask her about Jamal I wanted to ask her what was going on but that woudnt look good right? I mean I am married so why would I ask about another man? so I just decided to hold myself back.

Thami: is there anything you want to get out of your chest?

Me: me?... oh no... I am fine.

Thami: you want to ask about Jamal right?


Thami: right. well he is fine. I saw him yesterday and asked me about you.

Me:.... what did he ask?

Thami: he asked whether you were ok or not.

Me: and what did you say?

Thami: I told him that I haven't  spoken to you since the wedding because I don't  know if its appropriate and you also didn't  call so he just said ok.

Me:.... oh..

Thami: are you thinking of finally chasing what's  yours? its not too late.

Me: I am already married. 

Thami: file a divorce tell them you were forced.


Thami: I see.. your family is still priority.

Me: ( sigh) can we not talk about this? please.

Thami:............. (sigh) ok I am sorry.

"knocking sound on the door"

me: oh Thami please hold on there is someone at the door.

Thami: ok

I got up still carrying my phone and went to open the door. it was Ms Moisa.

Me: Ms Moisa?

Ms Moisa: yes Mrs Khoza its time.

Me: time?

Ms Moisa: didn't  you read the notebook I gave you of your schedule for today? its 15:00 Mr Khoza is supposed to have his stroll around the block then take her to the garden at the back.

Me: oh I totally forgot.

placed the phone on my ear.

Me: Thami I will call you...............

Thami: I heard I heard go attend your husband Mrs Khoza.

I smiled.

Me: bye!

Thami: bye.

I hung up and hurried to wear my shoes then walked out heading downstairs with Ms Moisa.

as we got down Mr Khoza wasn't  here he usually waits in the living room for me.

I looked at Ms Moisa.

Ms Moisa: he must have left with his personal helper already. go!

I walked out and as I peeked he was already towards the gate.

I hurried to them

I caught up with them just as they got out the gate.

Me: shouldn't you be waiting for me in the living room?

Mr Khoza: why should I delay myself for someone who is late?

Me: ................. (looks at his personal helper) Thank you sir I shall take it from here.

he nodded and let me hold the wheelchair.

The suburb is not that dangerous I see white people walking their dogs here most of the time and other taking their morning run its a preddy safe and quiet place and many houses have outside cameras so its really safe as far as I can say.

Me: why is it a must for you to wheeled around the block 3 times a week?

Mr Khoza: I used to jog every morning.

Me: ohhh so you want to relive the experience?

Mr Khoza: and to see the beauty of Nature. 

Me: ohhh so you are a type of person that loves nature? I was about to ask why you love the garden.

Mr Khoza: well I love it because they are the most realest beautiful things on earth.

Me: nonsense I am the most beautiful woman on earth.

Mr Khoza: (coughs) 

Me: I don't  care what you say I know I am.

Mr Khoza: I didn't  say anything I mean I never argue with frogs when they claim to be the most beautiful creatures in the world. I just blame Disney. 

I stopped the wheelchair and he looked at me.

Me: and what does that mean?

Mr Khoza: nothing.

Me: are you comparing me to a frog?

Mr Khoza: are you a frog? 

I looked at him without saying anything.

Mr Khoza: lets go its getting late.

I let him be and wheeled him.

after a while a man holding a dog passed by smiling at us.

???: good afternoon.

we also greeted back.

Me: ohhh people here are friendly.

Mr Khoza: of cause they are. actually there is always friendly and kind people everywhere

they are just overshadowed by the majority who are rude.

Me: yah like you.

I smiled and he didn't  respond.

after a long silence he spoke.

Mr Khoza: you know.... ever since I started taking wheel strolls around the block I always felt like a dog being taken for a walk. because I always needed David with me and now I am with you.

Me: true you do look like a dog on a leash.

he turned his head to look at me.

Mr Khoza: hai!!

Me: what? you said it I just agreed.

Mr Khoza: I wasn't  expecting you to agree though you were supposed to encourage me.

Me: its not everyday where we agree on something don't  you think now was the great time.

he didn't  say anything he just buried his face into his hands and shook his head. I smiled and continued wheeling him.



last night Keisha was brought in the house her parents didn't  say anything to her though as they had already gone to bed. 

so now it was question time Keisha was seated with her parents in the living room and the 2 siblings were sent away but actually were at the kitchen trying to listen in.

Mr Kekana: Keisha do you have any idea how you almost ruined me my child? huh?

Keisha: I am sorry dad.

Mrs Keisha: you are sorry?? that's  all you have to say??

Mr Kekana: honey please calm down.

Mrs Kekana: calm down? calm d....... (sighs in disbelief)

Mrs Kekana then stood up and walked out the living room.

Mr Kekana: Keisha don't  mind your mother. tell me why did you run away? 

Keisha: .............

Mr Kekana: talk to me Keisha.

Keisha: dad its just that... dad he was a cripple and a monster I didn't  want to get married to such a man even if its for money. I wouldn't.

Mr Kekana: you ran away because you didn't  want to marry Zithulele because he is a cripple and a monster? really Keisha?

Keisha: dad the only reason I agreed to marry him years ago was because he was rich and handsome but now all that is gone.

Mr Kekana: but he is still rich isn't stability all you need?

Keisha: what about my image dad? my kids? no!

Mr Kekana: Keisha.

Keisha: dad he is already married to Tiana so that means the agreement wasn't  broken right?

Mr Kekana: that's  because they agreed to her taking your place imagine if they refused. this agreement would be broken then what?

Keisha looked down.

Mr Kekana: (sigh) it will take time for your mother to calm down I can understand why she is so irritated. well you are excused.

Keisha stood up going to her room but wasn't  aware that her mother was behind her.

as she walked in her mother followed and she got startled.

Keisha: ma??

Mrs Kekana: Keisha! how dumb can you be?

Keisha: ma?

she spoke already tearing up because she was scared her mother would hit her.

Mrs Kekana: Keisha why do you think I presented you to the Khoza family?

Keisha: ma?

Mrs Kekana: ungathi "ma". I made so many sacrifices to get you into that family. and what do you do?

Keisha: but ma I would marry a cripple.

she gave Keisha a slap but Keisha was fast enough to put her hand on her cheeks so the slap landed on her hand.

Mrs Kekana: what? you wont marry him because he is a cripple? Keisha you are dumb. all these years pretending to love that stupid child Tiana because of your father have gone to waste now. I tried giving you the better life but you threw it away and gave it to that hoe girl. stupid child.. you are really stupid.. I could...

she aimed a slap at her again and Keisha already raised her hands to block.

Mrs Kekana: you are really stupid child. you never see the future. nx.

she walked out Keisha was left crying.



we were now at the garden looking at the beautiful flowers. I was squatting next to his wheelchair resting my hands on my knees.

Mr Khoza: you are my wife yet I don't  know anything about you.

Me: is it my fault? you always shut me down when I try knowing more about you.

Mr Khoza: ok tell me about you then I will tell you about me.

Me: mhm.. what do you want to know?

Mr Khoza: how is your background?

Me: mhm my mother passed away when I was born. later my dad met my step mother who already had 2 kids. we got along very well. unlike other stepmothers she actually loved me she loved me like her own child she was like a mother I never had. 

Mr Khoza: that's  it?

Me: mhm... there is nothing special about my background its just as it is.

Mr Khoza: I thought you would mention the fact that I came in your life and messed up your life.

Me: ohh yah I kind of forgot that part.

he chuckled.

Me: and you? 

Mr Khoza: mhmm.. its getting cold we should go inside.

Me: don't  fool me you still have to answer me.

Mr Khoza: answer what? 

I looked at him in shock as he smiled wheeling himself away. 

he didn't  have his gloves on so it must be hurting his hands. 

I got up and held the wheelchair.

Me: you tell me now or I will spin you around.

Mr Khoza: haibo you wont do that.

I held the wheelchair steady.

Me: try me.

Mr Khoza: Tiana!

I span him once and almost made him fall. I giggled out of fear as I almost dropped him.

Mr Khoza: Tiana are you crazy.

Me: speak!

Mr Khoza: ok ok I will tell you lets get in the house first i will tell you during dinner.

from his eyes you could tell he was a bit startled. 

Me: you better. 

Mr Khoza: seems like I got myself a devil.

Me: thanks for the compliment.

I wheeled him in the house.


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