I finished getting dressed took my purse and walked down in a hurry. I was already late Mr Khoza told me to be ready by 10:00 but its already 10:22 and I wasn't  out of my room.

I walk out and close my door then hurried down the stairs.

I get to the living room and found Mr Khoza on his wheelchair watching TV. he looked ready and smart his hair was also neat. and ofcause he had his mask on. 

whoever bathes him must feel very lucky to see Mr Khoza's bare face when I "his wife" can't  even see it. 

Me: I am ready.

I said walking to him.

Mr Khoza: is it 10:00?

Me: (sigh) I am sorry I am late the time was just too fast.

Mr Khoza: or maybe you were too slow.

Me: yah... maybe that's the case.

Mr Khoza: you really have to learn to keep time imagine if we had to go somewhere important. (sigh) as a wife you are supposed to be making things easier for me not make it worse.

I looked down biting my tongue and running my tongue around my mouth. Mr Khoza is telling the truth besides this marriage being arranged we have to make it work because divorce is not on the list as that will separate the family. 

Me: I am sorry.

Mr Khoza: that's all you know. lets go.

Me: wait!

he looked at me.

Me: how do I look?

he looked at me from top to bottom.

Mr Khoza: you failed to look good on your wedding day how can you ever look good in any clothing?

I looked at myself a bit down.

Me: huh... ok I will go change.

Mr Khoza: forget it you already wasted time we can't  afford to waste more. lest go.

he wheeled himself out as I followed with my down face. but then I still feel like I look good so whatever.

I hurried to open the door for him after he walked out I followed and closed the door. I then hurried to hold his wheelchair and push him he looked at me.

Me: I am trying to make things easier for you as a wife should do.

Mr Khoza: I can wheel myself.

Me: I don't  want my husbands hands to get hurt.

Mr Khoza: there is a reason I have gloves.

Me: those gloves must be expensive using them like this might tear them quicker so I will help.

I smiled and he just looked forward shaking his head. he does that a lot.

we got to the car. 

The driver and another security walked to the car. I leaned towards Mr Khoza's ear.

Me: do we need to go with 2 securities?

Mr Khoza: who do you think will drive?

Me: will they be sharing the steering wheel?

Mr Khoza: (sigh) no the other one is my driver the other one is my security. do you think going to a public mall as a public figure is that easy? anything might happen so we need security for that.

Me: its not like you are a president.

Mr Khoza: can you get me in the car.

Me: yes I can.

he looked forward yet I didn't  move. I just kept tapping my feet as I moved my head to the song that played in my head.

he looked up and I looked at him.

he gave me a "and then" look.

Me: am I missing something?

Him: I asked you if you can get me in the car.

Me: and I said I can. 

Him: so why are you standing there. hurry!! I don't  have all day.

Me: you asked me if I CAN do it you didn't  ask me to DO it.

Him: huh?

Me: (sigh) "can you please get me in the car." that's what you were supposed to say.

he chuckled as he places his hand on his forehead.

Him: can you please get me in to the damn car.

Me: of cause my husband

I said with a smile.

I opened the car and offered my shoulders for him to hold on to it. it was the first time being so close to him. I was nervous because I didn't  want to drop him or hurt him so I was extra careful.

I moved the wheelchair away and moved carefully towards the car he held the car with one hand and another still holding on to me.

first I made him sit on the chair then helped him move his legs in.

after he was in I sighed in relief that I didn't  hurt him then walked to my side and got in.

Driver: where are we going sir?

Mr Khoza: Mrs Khoza where would you like to go?

I was still processing the fact that he called me Mrs Khoza I looked at him then at the Driver who was stealing glances from the window then at Mr Khoza again.

Me: huh... we don't  have groceries right? lets go grocery shopping.

Mr Khoza: what?

Me: mhm. then we can get lunch later on.

Mr Khoza: you are not serious

grocery shopping is done by my helpers.

Me: then its time you experience it yourself its actually fun.

he sighed and looked out the window.

Me: Driver we will go to #########

Mr Khoza: I only buy from ###########

Me: too expensive.

Mr Khoza: so? its not like I don't  have money.

Me: spend wisely. I don't  mind you buying some things at ####### but saying you "only" buy there? that's stupid. ##### is not the cheapest but its good price for good quality.

Mr Khoza: (sigh) whatever. 

I smiled at him.

The Driver smiled and drove out.


we were in the mall inside this shop buying groceries. I didn't  even make a grocery list but that's ok I will buy things that I know we will need.

The security was walking behind us while the driver was pushing the trolley.

Me: ohhh and this.

I took it and put it in the trolley then we continued going shelve by shelve.

Me: ohhh I like this spice.

Mr Khoza: I can't  stomach chili things.

Me: well for you not for me.

Mr Khoza: what if you make a mistake and put it in my food as well?

Me: I won't .

Mr Khoza: you are capable of doing that.

Me: I won't I promise. please!!

he looked down as he sighed.

he turned his wheelchair to move away but I hurried to block his way.

Me: please!!

Mr Khoza: (sigh) fine but if I dare find it in my food you are dead.

I raised my right hand crossing my fingers.

I then put it in the trolley.

even though I was trying so hard to ignore the staring and people taking pictures it was too much. 

it was like the right to privacy and personal space was taken from us. I mean don't  people know that its rude to stare and take pictures without our knowledge? I mean I know Mr Khoza is from a very well known family but he is not a celebrity.

but again I think the people were mostly staring at Mr Khoza because of his mask. its not something normal or usual to see someone with a mask on you have questions like "is he trying to look cool or is he hiding something?" 

anyway he didn't  seem to mind them he just focused on his own phone.

we got to the till and our Driver (Palo) brought the trolley and put the items on the counter to be scanned I helped him.

After paying and packing the groceries in the trolley to be taken to the car we headed out.

Mr Khoza: Palo you can take the groceries to the car Mrs Khoza and I will go and have lunch at #######

Driver: yes sir.



Slindile and Jay were playing video games in the living room.

Slindile: oh boy oh boy...

Jay: yah you think you can beat me.

Slindile: watch me.

as they were playing there was a knock on the door.

Slindile: jay get the door.

Jay: you get the door.

Slindile: hai nguban' omdala la?

Jay: ahhhhhh Slindile. you like pulling that card on me.

Mrs Kekana came in the living room from the kitchen.

Mrs Kekana: hai nina can't  you hear someone is knocking.

Jay: ohh we didn't  hear mama.

Slindile: (whisper) liar

Jay: rather that then being beaten up.

Mrs Kekana opened the door and saw Keisha at the door holding her suitcase.

Mrs Kekana: Keisha?? ubuyaphi?

anger was visible from her voice and face.

Slindile and Jay looked at each other then looked at the door.

Slindile: ayeye!

Jay: ufuna amapopcorn?

Slindile: ungakhohwe I juice.

Mrs Kekana: Keisha I am talking to you.

Keisha: sorry ma I...

Mrs Kekana: sorry? sorry? go back to where you come from.

Keisha: but ma?

Mrs Kekana closed the door and looked at Slindile and Jay who had stopped playing to listen.

Mrs Kekana: dare let her in you will join her.

they didn't  say anything.

Mrs Kekana walked away.

Slindile: I was expecting more.

Jay: stopped the game for nothing.

Slindile: eash lets start again.


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