I was in my room looking at my phone. I was looking at pictures of myself and Jamal (my first love). I kept sliding through the pictures refreshing the moments we had together it was surely the great time.

I was really selfish to think about my family more then my own life. how can I choose my family's happiness over my own happiness?

I was startled by the sudden knock on my bedroom door. I quickly pressed home screen and put my phone away as I walked to the door. it was Ms Moisa.

Me: Schedule time? 

Ms Moisa: yes ma'am. its time for Mr Khoza to get his leg bandaged changed.

Me: Bandage? I will see wound? 

Ms Moisa: huh... yes ma'am.

Me: I cant stand blood I cant.... I cant...

Ms Moisa: ma'am only you have to care of him if you don't who will? isn't that why you are here?

right not many people know that we are arranged to marry they think we got married because we were already dating secretly. this wedding was not only for business purposes but to also help Mr Khoza's image.

Me: r...right.. I guess that's correct.

Ms Moisa: Mr Khoza is waiting.

I swallowed and followed Ms Moisa.

really I cant stand blood and when I see open wounds my blood runs and my skin tightens. I don't  know if I would be able to put up with the wound but I will try my best.

we walked to Mr Khoza's room.

Ms Moisa stood outside the door.

Ms Moisa: I can not go any further cheer up Mrs Khoza.

her calling me that kind of hit me in my head that I was married. it just didn't  feel like it until she called me that.

I nodded and looked at the door. 

I did a "4 dot" prayer or is it the "Mary" prayer?. you know the ( fingers on forehead chest left chest the  right chest) yah that one. then I kissed the finger.

I knocked on the door and already my heart was starting its marathon.

the door opened and it was a man who looked like a doctor.

Me: good afternoon sir.

???: Good afternoon you must be Ms Khoza?

Me: huh..... yah..

???: please come in.

I walked in the room and wow his room was way bigger then mine. it was in dark colours though mostly black grey and brown. but it was neat and smelled really great.

he was laying on the bed with his gown on.

I walked with the man towards Mr Khoza.

???: I am his personal doc. Doc Moloi.

Me: ohh nice to meet you Doc Moloi.

Doc: same here. the reason I asked you here to remove Mr Khoza's bandage is because as his wife his helper his healer its more suitable for you to do it. 

I didn't  say anything I was just looking at the wrapped bandage around his leg it looked really wrapped up like the scar was big.

Doc: I took care of him when he had no one now he has you trust me no matter how much he says he doesn't need anyone he actually needs someone and no one is more suitable then you since you are his partner.

I nodded as I looked at Mr Khoza who was looking the other side still keeping his mask on.

how I wish to just see his face.

I walked closer to his leg taking some chances to breath.

Doc: since its your first time I will be here to guide you and once you get the hang of it my job will start being a part time job rather then a full time job.

Mr Khoza: leave me in her hands and I wont take 1 day before I die.

I looked at him and somehow he is right. I mean will I even go though with the bandage thing? ohhhh my goodness.

Doc: don't  mind him mood swings.

he smiled and I just gave a fake smile still scared of what I am about to see.

Doc: ok lets get the warm water first.

Me: warm water?

Doc: yes after removing the bandage we have to dress the wound with medicine we dilute this bottle of medicine in warm water then dress it using a clean disinfected cloth. 

Me: huh.... doctor can you do it and I watch for today I really don't  want to make him worse with my mistakes.

Doc: of cause we always have to make sure its done well.

the doc walked with me to get warm water from the bathroom basin tap then showed me how to dilute the medicine.

then he brought the bowl to where Mr Khoza was laying. 

Doc: ok please remove the bandage.

Me: bandage?... huh.. yah.. bandage..

I could see Mr Khoza shaking his head.

I held the bandage and already my small hair on my arms and legs is starting to stand up. 

my face is faced to the side but my eyes are carefully looking at the bandage to make sure I don't  hurt him.

Mr Khoza kept raising his head to look at me then look to the side.

Mr Khoza: how can a person who is afraid of a wound be able to clean my wound? I told you doc I got myself a very useless wife.

Me: hai

who... who said I am afraid of a wound.

Mr Khoza: look at you. you haven't even unwrapped 1 bandage but already you look like you are ready to run.

Me: how many bandages are here?

Doc: just 2.

Me: oh... oh..

I continued unwrapping the bandage.

the 1st bandage was now out I was on the second one I could blood stains and the bandage was starting to be visible.

my chicken skin became visible as if it was cold and my blood ran away I shut my eyes for a bit.

Doc: are you ok Mrs Khoza?

Mr Khoza: I told you she wouldn't do it.

I swallowed and looked at him as he looked away.

Doc: its ok if you cant we can take it one step at a time.

Mr Khoza: a girl who doesn't know the deference between powder milk and liquid milk will take time to learn. by the time she gets used to it I would be healed and running.

Doc: Zithulele!!

Mr Khoza looked away. 

ohh so that's his name. Zithulele Zithu mathuzathuza. Thuzement. aight.

I smiled as I run the name thoughts in my mind then came back to reality when the doc cleared his throat.

Me: ohh sorry Doc.

I then tried removing the bandage again I tried ignoring my blood and intestines turning but then I couldn't .

I stood up and looked at the doc.

Me: I am sorry doc. I have always been scared of wounds I really cant.

Doc: its ok we will take it one step at the time.

I nodded.

Doc: to train yourself you can watch me unwrap it. its easier that way.

Me: yes doc.

The doctor unwrapped the bandage as if it was nothing but still being careful.

Zithu started to grab the sheets when the doc was now removing the bandage from the skin. he started grabbing tighter and also groaning as he raised his head.

I quickly got on his bed and went to hold his hand.

Mr Khoza: just because I let you in my room doesn't mean.................. ahhhhhh!!

Me: if I were you I would hold on tight and stop talking.

I looked at the Doc as I also frowned narrowing my eyes trying to not see but also see. (you know) he kept holding me tight grabbing me tight and it was painful.

it was hard to tell if he was just reacting to the pain or just hurting me for getting on his bed.

after a while she was done the doc was cleaning his wound now.

Zithulele: what are you still doing here? 

I looked at him and just got off with shame all over my face.

I got off and watched the doc clean his wound.


(sigh) what a moment.

I headed down making my way to the kitchen but found someone I wasn't familiar with.

Me: sorry can I help you?

???: ohhh you must be Mrs Khoza.

Me: and you are??

???: Nkululeko Khoza. I am his brother.

Me: oh sorry I didn't  know.

Nkululeko: its ok.

he looked as I went to get water. 

Nkululeko: you must be burdened right?

Me: sorry?

Nkululeko: as a woman you have needs and those needs have to be met but with my brother those needs will never be met doesnt that bother you?

I didn't  know how to answer that. I knew what he meant but now the only way to pass this is to act dumb.

Me: needs? well I don't  lack anything so far. I am fully fed.

Nkululeko: you know what I mean.

Me: I don't  think I follow. you mean going out and being a normal couple? well even if we don't  love each other it is part of our routine to go out in order to get the media to have a peak of our relationship or else they might find out that it was arranged.

Nkululeko: so you are ok with playing along? with a cripple masked man?

Me: isn't he a man before the other descriptions?

Nkululeko: or maybe you are in for the money? the nice life maybe?

I felt insulted when he said that. does he mean I am a gold digger? well I didn't  choose to be his wife ok and I had someone I was in love with before him. how dare he call me a gold digger.

Me: sorry sir I need to head somewhere.

I left the cup of water there and walked out the kitchen to my room.


Mrs Kekana: Tiana hasn't called ever since she got married? I am starting to worry if she is ok.

Slindile: how can she be ok when her parents made her breakup with her first love to marry that crippled man?

Mrs Kekana: I will slap you Thema.

Slindile just kept quiet.

Jay: I get that this all was for business purposes but I still don't  understand why you chose Tiana instead of Keisha. isn't Keisha supposed to be the one arranged to marry one of the Khoza's brother.

Mrs Kekana: but where is Keisha now? 

Jay: but why all of a sudden? 

Slindile: let me enlighten you. since we were young mom and dad promised Keisha as the daughter to merge the family Slindile didn't  have a problem since the Khoza brothers were known as handsome and rich you know how Slindile values looks and money. so she was happy she would annoy me everyday saying she is Mrs Khoza but after the accident no one saw Zithulele. until one day when he was giving a statement about his position in the company the country was going crazy with questions after seeing Zithulele in a mask and on a wheelchair. he was asked about a mask and he said its fashion but rumour spread that he burned his face so he looks like a monster on half his face but no one knows the truth yet because Zithulele never said anything about that. Slindile knew about it and hoped that she would be marrying another brother and not Zithulele when it was revealed that it was him days before lobola she disappeared leaving a note that said "don't  look for me I am not lost". 

Jay: ohh little tramp. so she ran away from her responsibilities leaving us to clean after her.

Slindile: yep and now poor Tiana had to be taken in Slindile's place.

Jay: no wonder she doesn't call she believes she was sold. I would also get angry getting separated from my first love to marry someone I don't  love.

Mrs Kekana was there listening yet not saying anything.


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