I felt a light wind blowing on my skin. I moved and I could feel that the blankets were not covering me. I ran my hands to pull them up making sure to keep my eyes closed I pulled them up but in that moment someone pulled them off again.

Voice: ma'am Mr Khoza asked me to wake you up. Ma'am.

hearing the voice I turned and looked at her as I yawned and stretched my body straight. she stood there looking at me.

I sat up and reached for my phone. it was only 06:07. 

I looked up at the helper with shock.

Me: its only 06:00 why am I waking up so early?

Her: Good morning Ma'am my name is Ms Moisa I will be your personal helper from today.

Me: nice to meet you so early in the morning Ms Moisa but I still don't  understand why I am being woken up so early.

Ms Moisa: Mr Khoza has to eat his breakfast early so that he can have his pills at 08:00

Me: huh? so I should have breakfast with him?

Ms Moisa: you have to prepare his breakfast ma'am.

Me: me?? (looking at her shocked.

Ms Moisa: yes ma'am he requested that.

Me: well ok but then you could have woken me up at 07:30 then.

Ms Moisa: but ma'am you still have to take a shower and all that before making breakfast.

Me: huh?

Ms Moisa: I have already prepared your bath soaps and towel I wasn't sure which brand to get for you so if there is anything you don't  use please let me know.

Me: oh.. ok.. did you get undergarments as well?

Ms Moisa: yes ma'am everything is prepared for you your schedule is also set for today.

Me: Schedule? was I hired somewhere without knowing?

Ms Moisa: (soft laugh) no Ma'am Mr Khoza has things to do today and as his wife you are supposed to be with him.

Me: ahhhhhh I think I just got a migraine.

Ms Moisa: you don't  have to stress Ma'am that's why I am here as your personal helper to guide you and remind you of things that you have to do.

Me: (sigh) ok. is it possible to kind of cheat the schedule?

Ms Moisa: Ma'am?

Me: like instead of me showering and all that I can just sleep wake up at 07:15 wash my face wash my hands and underarms then change and go make Mr Khoza breakfast.

she looked at me with a strange look and I could tell she was about to say no.

Me: (fake laugh) I am kidding I am joking. 

she let out a soft laugh.

Me: ok I will get going now can you wait outside?

Ms Moisa: outside? I have to clean your room ma'am.

Me: don't  worry about it I don't  like people touching my things so can you wait outside or you can go rest for so long until I am done.

Ms Moisa: (smiles) Mr Khoza also doesn't like people touching his things.

Me: (fake smile) great you seem to know more about him.

Ms Moisa: I have been working here for a while.

Me: even before the accident?

Ms Moisa: yes ma'am.

Me: can I gossip a little?

She just looked at me smiling giving me the "I don't  think so" look.

Me: hai nvm if I gossip I wont finish in time to make breakfast.

she smiled and nodded.

Me: ok you can go now I will go and take a shower.

Ms Moisa: yes ma'am.

she walked out as I intentionally got out of the blankets slowly.

just after she went out I walked to the door and locked it. 

"why didn't I lock it when I went to sleep?" I hit my head and headed to make my bed.

My bedroom has its TV. I would literally stay in this room my whole life. 

if it was up to me I would also put a fridge in here then this would be a full house my own hideout.

I walked in the bathroom and just looking at it I just got lazy to take a shower. Its really early.

I played music with my phone and instead of getting undressed to shower I started dancing and using things as mics. after some singing I started looking at myself in the mirror and started talking to myself.

yah I do that a lot. sometimes my mom would catch me talking to myself then I would pretend to sing just so I don't  get mistaken as crazy.

I guess I had my share of singing and talking along for way too much because just when I told myself that I should start showering someone knocked on the door. that made me check my phone for the time and it was 06:53

I widened my eyes and ran to the bathroom door looking at my bedroom door.

Me: yes??

Ms Moisa: ma'am are you almost done?

Me: yes I just got out the shower.

Ms Moisa: I will wait here ma'am.

Me: ok.

I ran in and took out the t-shirt that I was sleeping with. I took out my undergarments and threw them in the laundry basket.

here I am turning around naked looking for a cloth.

I saw a stack of face cloths. well one of them will be an emergency cloth.

I used one to wash my face quickly and my underarms then I used the other one to wash my coochy. I was washing at the basin. 

after washing I used roll on I never used this brand but whatever I am not sensitive to anything my skin is hard.

after applying roll on I wore one of the undergarments placed on the drawer I then put lotion on my face only. 

I didn't have clothing but men's tracksuits were packed near my undergarments

I take it it looked like his.

I wore them and they fit but they were a bit tight instead of being loose like how a tracksuit should be. that's because I am a bit chubby and my love handles (sbejeje) is not making any justice to the jacket. this guy is small bodied.

but its not bad. its like getting a M oversized t-shirt but you wear L.

I didn't even brush my teeth because time was against me I just rushed out finding Ms Moisa still standing outside.

Me: all done.

she gave me an awkward smile and lead me to the kitchen.

I felt as if she could tell that I didn't shower I was also not feeing refreshed my face was even feeling kinda dry and my eyes felt as if there were still "dithoko" on them. so I kept running my fingers through to take them out.

we got to the kitchen.

Ms Moisa: Mr Khoza is in his study he just asked if you had started.

me: well I will be done in a few don't  worry. 

Ms Moisa: yes ma'am if you need help please let me know.

Me: ok. what does he usually eat for breakfast?

Ms Moisa: he loves toasted bread scrambled eggs and Vienna but he also loves an oatmeal mixed with strawberries or a Sandwich but don't  add ham he hates it.

Me: ohhhh it looks like I am the helper and you are the wife.

she smiled.

Me: I think toasted bread set is easy to make.

I saw the breadbin I went to open and there was bread so I started making breakfast.

you must be expecting me to make the best breakfast ever well lets just say I wasn't concentrating and things became bad.

I burned the toast too much the eggs were better they were very brown according to Ms Moisa Mr Khoza likes his eggs scrambled but still yellow. also he cant stomach chilly food and I almost added that in the eggs. another thing he liked liquid milk in his tea and powder milk in his coffee. mina I put liquid milk in his coffee. but he cant know right? milk is milk.

what's with these rules. hai.

well I used to steal Vienna from my grandmother's fridge when I was growing up and I know they are very delicious raw. so I didn't fry them I just warmed them up and put them on the plate.

but then the food was ruined I was scared to take the plate to him.

Ms Moisa: I think we should just put untoasted bread and butter it with Vienna and eggs. its better then nothing.

I nodded and did that.

I then walked to the study with Ms Moisa leading me.

I knocked and the guy who drove him in the house when we arrived opened the door.

when he saw me he just gave me a small bow and opened the door. already walking in I was met with his intimidating eyes. it looks like already he was pissed.

I held the tray and walked to him to put it on the table.

Mr Khoza: its 7 minutes to 08:00 now I only have 7 minutes to eat in order to have my pills.

Me: if you start eating now you will have more time to finish then when you start eating later.

I said that looking away I was biting on my tongue. my aim was to get him to eat and not talk a lot.

I could hear some "ting ting" sound that means he was eating.

just when I was about to step out he spat the food moving back with his wheelchair.

Mr Khoza: are you crazy? are you trying to kill me?

Me: wh... no Mr Khoza I would never do that.

Mr Khoza: eat this.

I swallowed and took the fork and tasted.

it had a lot of salt but it was eatable.

Mr Khoza: how is it?

Me: it has too much salt but its still eatable.

he looked at me as if he just couldn't  believe what I just said right now. I looked down.

Mr Khoza: Josh what do I do now? not only am I useless in this world but seems like my so called wife is also useless she cant take care of me.

The josh guy didn't say anything.

Me: its almost 08:00 you have the bread and Vienna then have your pills. your health is important.

Mr Khoza: Leave!

I looked at him and looked down.

I gave a slight knee bow and walked out. 

Ms Moisa was already looking at me worried.

Ms Moisa: what happened? I heard Mr Khoza shout.

Me: was my eggs that bad?

Ms Moisa: you didn't taste them before serving them?

Me: no I am not used to cooking so I don't  know that rule.

Ms Moisa: (sigh) I think we will have to start from scratch with you.

I scratched my head then I remembered the Coffee. he wouldn't  know would he?

I looked at Ms Moisa

Me: Ms Moisa would Mr Khoza know the difference between powder milk and liquid milk in his coffee?

Ms Moisa: yes.

I bit my finger nail and looked at him as if I was already in trouble.

Ms Moisa: you didn't get it wrong now did you?

I didn't say anything I just looked back then started walking faster to the kitchen Ms Moisa just came after me also trying to catch up with me.

we got to the kitchen and I breathed leaning on the table.

Ms Moisa: what is wrong Ma'am.

Me: nothing just saving my life.

Ms Moisa: just as I thought you got it wrong.

Me: is he always this scary?

Ms Moisa: well....

Me: anyway why does he always wear a mask?

Ms Moisa: I... 

Me: I am his wife...

Ms Moisa: (sigh) they say he might have a terrible scar under the mask. its very terrible that he cant even look at himself in the mirror without the mask.

Me: you sure know a lot.

Ms Moisa: I have been working here for long now and Mr Khoza is like my own brother even if he only see's us as his helpers.

Me: I am sure he also values you. 

she smiled and I looked at the mess in the kitchen that I made trying to make Mr Khoza breakfast that he surely didn't even eat.

Me: (sigh) washing dishes time. but first breakfast time.

Miss Moisa: its almost like you weren't just scolded by Mr Khoza.

me: life is too short to hold on to small things I am hungry.

she smiled as I ran to the fridge.


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