"Kate is definitely gonna make this divorce a nightmare because she knows she can't do anything without me.But I'm determined to cut ties with her forever.At least she signed the papers.Now we will wait for the court to finalise it." I tossed the newspaper I was holding on the coffee table as I met my mother's intense gaze.She raised her eyebrow and pinned me with that look.My motherCharmaine Miller was pushing fifty-nine years oldbut she was still beautiful.Her blonde hair had gone silver rather gracefully and her hazel eyes that were identical to mine still held the same fire as years ago.Her wrinkles were hidden under all the products she used to fight the detrimental effects of aging.

"When am I going to see my grandson?" I had gotten her out of the country four years ago as soon as Kate took my affair to the court.Mom had a heart problem and I didn't want to mess up with her health.She didn't tolerate the tabloidsupper-class crowd better.She was once a victim of the gossipy crowds and she didn't handle it well years back.

"I still don't understand why you didn't tell me that I had a grandchild out there.I could have helped."A cup of coffee was on the table next to her handjust black even though she preferred cream and sugar.

"Everything was on the line momI couldn't risk it.I know..."

"I don't care!!!" Her voice was firmand I could recognize the underlying anger.

"You turned out to be exactly like your father.Abandoning your own because of money?Is that all you care about?You chose to leave your son out there for the sake of the company and where did that get you?I know I begged you to marry Kate.It wasn't only because I wanted you to save your inheritance but I honestly thought she was the right woman for you.I wanted you to be happy and you gave me the impression that you were.Now I cannot in good consciencesmile with you when you chose the company over your child.Had you been honest about what was really going onand about the involvement of an innocent soulI would have ended that sham of a marriage.You know I would have.But you took me to the countryside so I wouldn't get to know anything.I'm so disappointed in you Sebastian.I raised you better than this." I looked down in shame.I could handle my mother's anger betterbut her disappointment was something I couldn't handle.I looked at my stepfather and I could also notice the disappointment in his eyes.John had married my mother when I was twenty.He was a widower.He had lost his wife in a terrible accident.He had one sonwho lived out of the house and leading his life the way he wanted to.John was kindaffectionate and he raised me like his own son.

I rubbed my hands together knowing this conversation was going to turn to a war on a battlefield.I had crossed my mother's personal boundary. "I can't believe you made another woman go throughexactly what I went through.I can't believe you turned out to be exactly like Scott Salvatore.I just can't believe it!" 

She threw her hands in the air and shook her head. "Do you have any idea what that girl probably went through?Do you know how it feels to have your name to be dragged in the mud for something that wasn't your fault?Do you know how it feels to have your life dissected in front of the worldfor everyone to look at you like a person without hopewithout a futureintent on hanging around rich people to get something in life?Do you know how that feels?! I'm disappointed and hurt that you made another woman go through what I went through.You saw how that killed me.And what about your son?Did you think for a second about what he was eating and wearing while you were sitting in that Director's chair?You said you did this for the company right?What about your son?You know whatSebastian?Go and apologize to Meredith.I want to see my grandson and make it happen.I'm done with you.I just want to see my grandson.Apologize to that girl ASAP."

She stood up. "And while you're at it bring back my son.I don't know who this man sitting in front of me is.I want my son backso bring him back.And don't justify what you did to me because its of no use.You aren't some teenage party boy getting himself into little trouble.You're a twenty-nine year old manand well on a path to self-destruction.Not giving a damn about anyone or anything.I can't believe I'm looking right into a younger version of Scott Salvatore right now.So what if something had happened to me?I was going to die without knowing about my grandchild.You're selfish Sebastian just like your father."She stood up.

"And you thought paying her rent money is gonna cut it.What are you smoking boy?Are you on drugs?"She shook her head and angrily stormed out of the living room.

I looked downshamefully. "I messed up."I rubbed a frustrated hand over the tension in my neckvery well aware that the migraine that was starting to plague me was going to get worse.

"We all did."I looked at John and remained silentwaiting for him to continue. "Lookeveryone is throwing stones at you right now and I'm not going to add on that.I understand you were a misguided young man who did something bad unaware of the consequences but you have to clean up your act.Even though I'm disappointedI'm relived that you want to make it up for this girl and your son.It's not too late to apologize and be there for your sonbut understand that its not gonna be easy.She is not going to make it easy for you.Be very patient and give her time.If you need me to accompany youI'm more than willing to help."

I shook my head. "Thank you but this is something that I have to do on my own.I should man up and go to her.When I messed things upI did it on my ownand I will clean my mess on my own."

He nodded. "That's more like it.Don't punish yourself too much.You did what you thought was right at that timewhich was a terrible mistake.But you know the good thing about making terrible mistakes that can't be undone is that you learn from them.Now you know that come what mayyou don't turn your back on your flesh and blood.You don't choose money over your child.Even when faced with a situation whereby you have to choose between anything and your child.Your flesh and blood comes first period.You take responsibility like a man.Somake it right.I know you're a good man and you will do the right thing."

I nodded. "Thank you.By the way I wanted to talk to mom about merging Miller Energy Co with Salvatore Tech Inc.I doubt she will agree to that idea at this point."

"I will talk to her.But do you really think it's a good idea merging companies with Benedict?You know Janelle's sentiments towards your mother.You know the rivalry between the two families.It will cause a havoc."

"I know but this is business.Personal feelings aren't relevant really.This is the right thing to do because having two tech companies in the same city without a partnership is a disaster.We both are doing good in our own rights but if we join handswe can make something great.Besideswe are brothersand we will reach greater heights if we work together."

"I totally understand where you're coming from.Your mother too will understand eventually.But it is Janelle I'm worried about.That woman is difficult.Benedict's mother will come after Charmaine againand with her health I don't want anything to upset her." We were silent for a moment as we remembered how Janelle dragged my mother's name in the mudcalling tabloids on hertitling her a gold digger.

"I hope Benedict will talk to his mother so that she will understand where we are coming from."

He shook his head. "I doubt she will understand.That woman is bitter and venomous."

I checked my wrist watch. "Anyway I have to go.Its almost time for her to knock off."

He nodded. "And when you talk to Meredith don't try to justify yourself too much.She will not believe you.I wouldn't too.She will be very angry because it will look like you're making excuse.Own up to everythingadmit that you made an unforgivable mistake and apologize for it.When she is less angry with you that's when you tell her what exactly happened.But still admit to your wrongdoings because what you did really can't be justified.You could have made a better decision.You could have told us about this and we were going to take care of our grandchild.You had plenty of choices but you picked the wrong one."

"I know."

"And just so you knowthis divorce is going to shake the shareholders faith in you.The board like the idea of a Director being a happily married man.It makes them feel secure and it reinforces their instinct believes that a married man is the better Director than an unmarried one.Are you sure you wanna go through this divorce?"

 "At this point John I really don't care about anything else.My happiness and my son comes first.Kate and I are donethere is no going back."

He nodded with a smile. "That's more like it."


I pulled my Nissan Maxima in front of Meredith's apartment building.I checked my wristwatch againit was a few minutes past seven.The nerves kicked in and my palms got sweaty.I was finally here to face the woman I betrayed four years ago.I had no idea how she was going to react and that made me even more nervous.I was the one who had everything to apologize for.I was the one who had hurt herhumiliated her and then stomped off without so much as explaining anything to her.So I had to pay the price.I looked at my son's picture which was my wallpaper.I needed the courage.After gathering enough courage I walked up to her apartment.I wiped my palms again before knocking on the door.When the doorknob turnedmy pulse slowed down.When the door openedmy heart stopped beating altogether. Incredible brown eyes that could seem so sexily smoky as I remembered and smoulderingand at other times could look so hot that they could turn your heart to asheslooked right back into mine.She wore a baby blue T-shirt and silky pink pjyama bottoms.Her smallsize three narrow feet were bare but for the white nail polish.Her brown curls were messy that they looked cute.The moment she opened the door her scent hovered in the air for the sole purpose of tormenting me.My gaze picked out the details and my brain reminded me why I was here.She was still as beautiful as I remembered.Even more beautiful.Great eyes.Great body.I realised a heavy breath that I didn't know I was holding in.This was going to be difficult.I had come here for a reason and I had to keep my focus.She looked back at me with a cute frownprobably not being able to believe her eyes and frozen in place.She didn't even blink.Time felt like it had slowed down.Her shocked pose evaporated and she plopped both hands on her curvy hips and the movement tightened the fabric of her shirt against her full breasts.She glared at meigniting that fire I always saw in her eyes when she was pissed with me.

"Meredith."I said softly.My heart drummed that I could even hear it in my own ears.She shook her head as if in disbelief.Her eyes glittered and her lower lip trembled.

"Meredith." I repeatedtaking a single step towards her.I knew my touch wouldn't be welcomed but it didn't hurt to try.She shook her head and took a step back before slamming the door on my face.

I was expecting something like that and I wasn't the one to give upnot when I finally met her after a long time.Ever since I met her four years agothis woman had the ability to tangle me up in knots.And the effect was still very much strongly there.I raised my knuckles and tapped on the wood again.As expected there was no answer.I stood there for nearly ten minutesknocking and being ignored.And I wasn't about to give up yet.

"Meredith please.I'm begging youjust listen to what I have to say." I knocked again.

The doorknob turned again.She opened and glared at me.

"Meredith I..."

"Well I guess this isn't a nightmare like I thought.Shit is real." She bent overtaking something and before I even blinkedshe splashed a bucket of ice cold water all over me.Winter was near and I was caught off guardso I jumped in surprise.But it was already too lateI was drenched.And the water actually had ice blocks in it.Before I recovered from the shock of being drenched in cold watershe slapped me across the facepunched me hard tookneed me in the dick and kicked one of my knees.Hit after hit happening within seconds.And I moved with all her hitsfalling down because she had struck me so quickly in all my vulnerable places.

"You have got two seconds to disappear back to the hellhole you came from.Or I'm going to knock out those front teeth and pour hot oil all over your body.Then I will pluck your balls from your body like peaches off a tree.Asshole."She flipped her hairpicked her bucket and slammed the door.I stayed on the concrete for minutestrying to actually digest what had just happened.When I met Meredithher calm demeanour was what drew me to her like a magnet.She was always gentleand girl couldn't even hurt a fly.Of course I  was aware of her sassy and feisty side but it never surfaced often.Even when she showed me that sideshe was still gentle and calm.But the woman I saw there was indeed different from the woman I used to know.Who knew she could throw a jaw breaking punch like that?Damn it hurt.I looked at my drenched self.I was no different to a wet cat on a rainy day.My teeth started to chatter so much that I felt like I was in a _Scooby-Doo_ episode.It was hilarious that I actually laughed at myself in disbelief.I stood up and nursed my sacall the way to my car.I switched on the aircon and sighed.Now the guilt and pain settled in.What have I done to my sweet and gentle Meredith?

My phone rang.

"And how did it go?" That was the first thing Benedict asked because he was aware that I finally had the balls to meet the mother of my child.

I chuckled and shook my head like he could see me. "I knew she would be angry and I would be unwelcomed but what I encountered was on some whole new level.She threw ice water on me.She also slapped mepunched mekneed me in the balls and kicked one of my knees.She didn't wait to listen to anything that I had to say.She straight up told me that she will pour hot oil on my face and pluck off my balls.I'm still shocked right now."

He bursted into laughter. "Wait what?!She did all that?!" He continued laughing.

"I know I deserved itbut manshe got me good."

He continued laughing. "So what now?"

"I'm sleeping in my car.I'm not ready to give up just yet.I will go to her in the morning.If I dieI die."

He roared again that he ended up hiccuping. "I don't wish to be you right now."

I chuckled. "Anyway enough about me.How is it going with the lady you're interested in?"

"We are getting closer by the day.Going on dates and all."

"Ohh.Did you shag her yet?"

He chuckled to the question. "Not yet.Its too early.She just got out of a miserable relationship.And I don't want to be a rebound."

"Please tell me you at least kissed her." When he didn't say anything I laughed. 

"Are you kidding me Benedict? You went on dates and dinners but you didn't kiss this girl.Even teenagers can do better than that."

He sighed. "You don't understand.She isn't the type that you can come hard on.She will reject me and I will be humiliated.BesidesI'm avoiding things that will get me attached to her.I'm dreading telling her about my past.I know that if I tell her she will leave without turning back.And it will hurt me more if I get physical with her."

"We all have a past.And if she can't handle your past then she doesn't deserve your future.But kiss the damn girl or get a head.If she leaves youat least you would have tasted something.If she doesn't leave you then she will friendzone you.If you keep up this gentleman act you will be stuck in the friend zone and you will never get out.And I honestly prefer the asshole Benedict than this gentleman.I can't relate to him.How did you handle a woman like Chrissie if you can't handle this one?"

He laughed. "The same way you handled Kate while you can't handle your baby mama."

I didn't have a counterargument to that so we both laughed.He had made his point.

"Women like Chrissie or Kate are predictable.You know that if she is upseta shopping spree will solve everything.This one is different.She doesn't let me on on everything.She doesn't even care about my money or giftsAnother funny thing isshe wears her heart on the sleeves but she is difficult to read.It doesn't even make any sense.It drives me crazy sometimes and it gives me the edge I never got from other women."

I nodded.I understood where he was coming from because I was there once upon a time. "YaahI can relate." We continued chattingpassing time.


I froze on Juan-Carlos' office door when I came face to face with Chicago and three other guys.His legal team.Chicago shot me a knowing look before winking at me.I smiled nervously and stormed to the bathroom.What was it with that man that I lost all my ability to think?Did I really had to behave like a hormonal teenager and blew my cover like that?I was doing a good job in ignoring the attraction and chemistry between us.Now I was out in the open.With the way I reacted to himthere was no denying it.Just a simple touch and I was lost.I sat on the toilet sit and removed my thong.It felt uncomfortable and I knew why.It was so drenched with my arousal that I was so ashamed of myself.I have never been that wet in my life.I started to wipe myselffeeling the heat rising to my cheeks. _Dammit Juan-Carlos!_

While I was at itthree women walked into the restroom.They didn't know I was in there and I didn't bother revealing myselfespecially after I heard the mention of my name.

"What's with the new receptionist?"

"Ohyou mean Meredith?" I immediately picked Cassie's voice.

"What is she playing at?I heard she is pretty close with the boss."Another one said.

Cassie snorted. "If there is somethinghe is probably using her.But I highly doubt there is anything going on because she is not his type."

"But I heard Dracula gave Danica an earful when she messed with Meredith.He even shouted at Mike when he was flirting with her.There is something there.BesidesI'm not surprisedshe is beautiful."

Cassie and the other one laughed. "Beautiful my foot.She is fat.The only thing cute about her is the hair and the complexion.The rest is garbage.And I think we are misinterpreting the whole thing.The boss can't be interested in trash like that."

"UmmIet's be real girls.That girl is beautiful.She maybe a little thick but she is super curvy.If she wasn't beautiful then how the hell does she score hunks.Remember the lecturer she dated back at CalUnow she is onto the hunk of the hunks."The first one again."

"And maybe you're forgetting that he actually didn't love her.He used her.Mr Miller loved his wife.He didn't even do anything when his wife pressed charges.If anythinghe supported his wife.While your dear Meredith thought she could trap him with a child that wasn't his.It was sad." Cassie laughed.

"I don't know hey but I think the boss has some hots for her.There is also the rumour that he gave her the job and dismissed all the other candidates before the second screening.Also you mentioned it yourself Cassie that he is assigning most of the tasks that you're supposed to handle to her.Plusthey work around the clock togetherfrom the first day."

"You watch too many romcoms friend.If there is something going on then he is only using her for entertainment.She is fresh meat after all.But I doubt it though.Mr Jalal doesn't get down and dirty with the staff.Unless of course you're me." Cassie said with a giggle.

I stood up and lowered my skirt.I didn't bother putting my thong back on because it wouldn't feel comfortable.I placed it in the pockets of my suit jacket and opened the doorstepping out.They all gaspedeyes wide.I walked up to the sink and washed my handsglaring at them through the mirror.I wiped them with a towel and turned to them.

"Boom!" I started my voice calm

"Its stupid to gossip in toilets especially before checking under the stalls.What if I was having a quickie with the boss?" I smirked and took a step forwardthey took a step back.I looked at Cassie.

"I see some things never change.Still badmouthing me I see.But I'm not bothered about your opinion at all.After all opinions are like assholeseveryone is entitled to one.You're entitled to your own opinion Cassiebut geeits a shame that you're such a bitter and envious person.Anyway girlsif badmouthing and gossiping about me brings food on your tableswho am I to stop your hustle?Continue talking girls."

I threw the restroom door open but stopped on my tracks.I looked at Cassie. "You wanna know how I land them hunks?Come to my desk and I will give you some pointers.You need to hear it from the horse's mouth.You never knowmaybe I do cartwheels in bed."

I rolled my eyes before walking out and shutting the door behind me.

The moment I walked outI didn't feel as confident.Their words got to me.Though they were mean and rude in the way they said themthere was some truth in those words.Juan-Carlos was coming hard on me so he could get into my pants.After he was done with me he would throw me away like a tasteless chewing gum.Honestly what did he want from someone like me?He only had the thrill of wanting something he could never have.I had to tread carefully.I had to set my eyes on the price.My job and salary was way more important than my attraction with Juan-Carlos.I couldn't believe I was actually falling at the mercy of my hormones instead of doing what I came here to do.Despite how hot he wasJuan-Carlos wasn't worth me losing my job.And you never knowthis 'thing' was possibly one-sided.Obviously this Arabian hot hunk has been in the game for too long.He knew where to press the buttons.He knew how to set a trap.Man can pretend.I knew that better than anyone.

I sighed as Sebastian and Herman's memories weighed heavily on me.I gulped for air.I needed to leave.I needed to get out or I would end up hyperventilating.

I didn't bother logging off.I just took my handbag and car keys and stormed outleaving Melissa calling my name.I would probably receive a warning for that but at this point I didn't care.I drove to my mother's place.I needed to see my son.The only man that would never break my heart.


"Look at this mommy.I painted a picture of a family.And Miss Marshall said I was the best." Gabriel waved a paint-wetted paper at me.

I lifted him up. "This is nice my boy.Indeed you're the best." I smiled proudly looking at the poorly painted picture of a womanchild and man.My heart sunk.

"So can you get me a turtle?"

"But you have a puppy.You have Chase."

He shrugged. "What about a fish then?"

"Gabriel."Fishgerbilcatmonkey and even a baby alligator were among of the few of his request.

"Alrightalright.What about a daddy?Can you get me one?"

My stomach twisted. "I'm your mom and dadremember.I'm your supermommywho can be anything for you."

He got off my laps. "Get me a daddy.Pleaseplease mommy.Go buy one.I want one."That explained his sour mood earlier.

"But you have uncle Merlin."

"He is MJ's daddy not mine.I need my own daddy.Mommy please get me one." He looked back at me with those puppy eyes.Those hazels.

"Okay.I will get you a daddy." I forced a smile.


"On Christmas." That would be months away and he would have forgotten about it.

"But I want him now now."


"I want him now!" He stomped his feet on the wood floor.

"I said you will get one on Christmas.Don't argue with your mother unless you want a week without TV."

He pouted "Fine.Christmas it is." Like a dream the threat worked.So far it was the only thing I had found effective.Gabriel was hopelessly addicted to the Animal Planet channel.

"Don't be sad.I will get you one.For now maybe we can do a fish."

"Really mommy."

I nodded. "Yes."

"You're amazing you know that." He let out a peal of delighted laughter that would have made anyone smile.

"Now let's get you to bed."

"Okay."We walked to his bedroom.

After putting Gabriel to bedI sat on my overstuffed couch munching on the potato chip snacks.I poured myself a glass of nonalcoholic white wine and ordered myself to not think too much.But I didn't take orders too wellnot even from myself.I did the exact opposite.I thought about Sebastian.The betrayal.The heartbreak.The humiliation.I hated to sit on my couch and feel sorry for myselfbut after the conversation I just had with my sonI couldn't help it.As a childmy son wasn't aware that the very utterance of certain words could send me straight into depression. _I want a daddy._ Those four words weighed heavily on me that I felt like I was suffocating.I took another sip of my wine.Relaxation still eluded mebut with everything I had on my mind that really wasn't a surprise.I frowned into my glass and tried to ignore the regret and pain that clutched my heart.I hated feeling like this.Why did I fall in love with Sebastian of all the people?Why did his betrayal still hurt me?It had started out so well.It was a fairy tale.Sebastian was a Prince Charming but he turned into an ogre and my glass slippers turned into flip-flops.

A knock interrupted my thoughtsdragging me from my own head that I was trapped in.I thought it was Merlin.

I opened the dooronly to stare up straight into Sebastian Miller's hazel eyes.Seeing him on my doorstep four years later was a shock that I wasn't expecting.I felt all the emotions rushing through my veins at once.I thought I was dreaming.I thought it was my mind playing cruel ticks on me since I was thinking about him.

"Meredith." That deep baritone voice was still the same.He still looked handsome with those broad shoulders.But if it was my imaginationwasn't it too real?When he took a step forward I knew I wasn't hallucinating.My first instinct was to slam the door and I did.Of all the emotions I was feelinganger was the strongest of them all.And it only fueled even more when he continued knocking on my door.I thought of boiling oil and pour it on himbut I remembered that I didn't look good in prison overalls.Ice cold water was the solutionhence I poured it on him.I really wanted to walk away but seeing him only made me relive all the moments together.The good and the bad.The bad outweighed the goodand my anger got the best of me.I wanted him to feel my pain.But of course it wouldn't be enough.

After I dealt with himI dialled my girls but both their phones weren't going through.I needed someone to talk to but I had no one at the moment.I wailedsuppressing my sobs with my hand.After crying my heart outI went and joined my son in bed.Maybe tomorrowall that happened would turn out to be a nightmare.

My alarm went off at 6am on the dot.I hated this particular morning and I wasn't looking forward to the day.The thought of going to work made me want to cry and hide under my blankets till forever.I forced to get my ass out of the bed anyway.I couldn't risk getting to work late and butting heads with my bossthe one I was trying to avoid.I showeredletting the hot flow of water rain down over my head.After I was done I made breakfast for my son and went to wake him up.He loathed mornings so it was a struggle to get him to wake up.After I bathed himI transformed him into something warm and comfy.While I was feeding him his buttermilk pancakes and juicehe was dozing.My cute baby.

I carried him out of my apartment and headed to the parking lotonly to stop dead on my tracks when I saw Sebastian.It wasn't a nightmare at all.His eyes landed on the sleeping Gabriel who was in my armshe ran over to me with his hands together.

"Please just hear me outplease Meredith I'm begging you."

I continued walking ignoring his pleas. "I'm begging you Meredith I just want three minutes of your time."

I opened the car and carefully placed Gabriel on his car seat before securing his seat belt.

"Please I just want three minutes."

I looked at him.Not even blinking. "Interesting.WellI want you to disappear and never come back in my life and I want to be three inches taller.But we can't get what we want all the timeright?Looks like we are both doomed to disappointment."

I climbed into my car and drove off.Obviously he followed me.I dropped Gabriel at the day care and strictly ordered the nanny not to allow anyone who is not Merlin or me near my child without calling me first.


Over the next few daysI almost convinced myself that nothing had happened between Juan-Carlos and I.I avoided him like a deadly plague.He also didn't bother me which was a relief.One whole week of relief at work and a nightmare back at home.Life would have been much easier if I hadn't meet Sebastian at all.The devil's second born son who was sent to torture me.I continued typing on my computer hoping that Juan-Carlos wasn't watching me through the glass walls.I had done a lot of thinking in the past few days.I tried to keep my mind busy and off Juan-Carlos.I had indulged myself with helping out Mike with his interior designs.After a long time I had started sketching againand I still got it.

"You have been in a sour mood lately." Melissa's voice broke my thoughts. Of course I was in a sour mood and I had Sebastian to thank for that.He just wouldn't leave me alone.

"You're reading too much into things sweety.By the way Mr Jalal has a meeting with Mr Zulu in ten minutes.Go and remind himlest he forgot about it." I forced a smile.

"Why me?"

My fake smile immediately turned into a catty look. "Why not you?Ain't you a receptionist too?"

She threw her hands in the airlaughing. "Alright.Somebody has been waking up at the wrong side of the bed these days."

She stood up and went to his office.

I focused all my attention on the task at hand:checking my email for my boss's daily tasks and appointments.

"Morning ma'am."

I lifted my head and looked at the man in a grey overall. "Hello good morning.How can I help you?" I smiled good morning.How can I help you?" I smiledeven though it wasn't genuine.I had to do my job and be friendly all the time.

"I have a delivery for Miss Meredith Burnett.Can you kindly show me where her office is.I need her to sign these for me."

"OhI'm Meredith Burnett."

He smiled. "OhI have a delivery for you.Please sign here." I signed the papers.He gave me roses and placed a hamper on my desk.It was filled with chocolatesa piece of cake that was wrapped in aluminium foilsweets and whatnot.I read the note.

 _"Have a good day Meredith._ 

_#Signed B"_

I smiled.Only Benedict could make me smile like a retard.Such a sweet soul.My intercom immediately buzzed.

"Meredith bring me that client's file.Now!" Here we go again.Juan-Carlos' voice sounded hostile.This hot arrogant son of a... 

I pulled up the appointment book to see which file I hadn't emailed to him yet but everything was in order.

"What file?I emailed you all the clients' files.Which one are you referring to?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"WellI want the paper files not the e-files."

I rolled my eyes and rushed to the filling cabinet behind me and pulled out the file before taking it to his office.I felt like stapling the damn files to his forehead.Melissa winked at mewalking out.Juan-Carlos was with his partner Jordan.

"Good morning sir."

"Morning Meredith."He too walked outleaving me with my boss from hell.

"Here you go."I placed all the files for the clients of the day.

"Thank you." I turned to walk awaybut he wasn't done yet. "OhI want some coffee." He ran his hand across his smooth angular jaw as his pink full lips turned into a smirk.My morning sucked already and he wasn't going to make the rest of my day easy.

I dragged my feet to the kitchenette and made his coffeejust the way he liked it.

"I want some cream and sugar too." He said.

I frowned and took the car back to the kitchenette.I took another trip going back to his office again.

"Umm its too sweet.I can't take it.Can you make me another cup." He didn't pull his attention from his laptop.He just held up the cup.I grabbed it from himalmost spilling it on him.I went back to the kitchen again.

"This is blunt.There is not enough coffee." He complained again.I glared at himready to pour it in his face.

"But I will just take a sip." He gave me that arrogant lazy grin I hated so muchwhile at the same time it made my insides hot.

"Ummthis is not good at all." He tossed the cup in the trashcan.

My blood boiled.I counted to fiveand managed to calm down. "How can you be so arrogant and rudeafter what you have just done?"

He looked at me up and downclearly eye-fucking me. "And how can you be so stupid and braveto call your boss arrogant and rude?"

"If you wanted to fire meyou would have fired me."

"Yes I would." I saidhis voice sounding huskier than usual.

"But you haven't."

He shrugged. "Yet."

"What's your problem?" Now my tolerance was on a zero.


"What have I done now?!" I almost shouted.

He stood up and sat on his desk. "You have zero experience with men do you?"

"Excuse me?!"

"How can you walk around with a skirt like that?Don't you know you're attract unnecessary attention?Wearing a skirt like that is asking for it."

I looked down at my pencil skirt.It reached just above my knees and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. "Seriously you wanna go down that road?"

He bit his lower lipgiving me an intense gaze. "Hmm no.I just saw where the conversation is gonna lead us.So if we continue talkingit will end up with me sounding like a dick."

He clapped his hands once. "Sogo back to workMiss I'm-on-a-mission."

"Please don't test me today.I'm not in the mood."I bit my tongue just so I wouldn't say anything else that would cost me my job.Something about his air of arrogance just made me want to defy him.He got under my skin and all I wanted was to annoy him too.I knew how I was going to achieve that.Without saying another word I walked out of his office.

A few minutes later a tall and bulky man walked towards the desk.A brown skinned girl with tattooed sleeves flanked his side.Growing up in the ghetto made me develop a spine made of steel.It was very difficult to intimidate me.Very difficult.But at this moment I was intimidated.There was something dangerous and dark about their aura that made the hair at the back of my neck stand.I knew a thug when I saw one.And these two definitely were thugs.Good looking thugs.The man was muscled up and chocolate skinnedwith two scars on his face.They stretched from his forehead to the opposite jaw.They were definitely stab scars.Someone stabbed him like an animal and dragged the blade across his face.Despite the scarshe was handsome as hell.The woman he was with had the same pair of hazel eyes.I figured they were probably related.She was beautifulminus the tattoos.One glance and I knew she wasn't straight.The tattoos and the dressing sold her out.

"That's Mr Zulu and that's Miss Zuluhis sister.Damn he is the type that fucks you till you can't feel your pussy anymore.I just want one night with that man." Melissa whispered.

"Melissa are you crazy?" I maintained a stoic expression on my facerefusing to let anything out.Though I was intimidatedI was never going to show it.Before they made it to my desk I had already stood up to welcome them.

"Hello Mr Zulu and Miss Zulu.I will let Mr Jalal know that you have arrived." We exchanged handshakes.

"Okaythank you." Mr Zulu noddedstill maintaining his serious expression.It was clear he wasn't the type that smiled.And he was not going to.But Miss Zulu actually checked me out with a naughty grin on her face.I knew she wasn't straight.

I knocked on Juan-Carlos's office and walked in. "Mr Zulu is here."

He nodded. "I'm ready for him.Show him in please."

I walked back to them. "He is ready to see you." I said before going back to my desk.

They walked past the reception but Miss Zulu halted on her tracks and walked back to our desk.She looked at Melissa. "Stop drooling at my brother.My sister in-law is crazy."She looked at me. "My name is Lisa.What's your name?"


She nodded. "Nice.You're beautiful by the way." She took out her business card. "Call me when your boyfriend breaks your heart." She winked and placed it on my desk before walking into Mr Jalal's office.

"Did she just hit on you?" Melissa asked and we both laughed.

I examined the business card.It was rather unusual.It was black and nothing else was on it except her phone number.Weird.I dropped it my purse.I couldn't really throw it awayshe was probably seeing me through the glass.

"I know a bad guy when I see one." I said with a half shrug.

Melissa chuckled. "And you know what they say about bad guys.They bring heaven to you.Mr Jalal is probably a gangster in a suit.They say birds of the same feathers flock together."

I raised a brow. "You think so?"

She shrugged. "Yea.If he isn'twhy is he close to Mr Zulu.One glance and you can tell that man is a dangerous thug.He doesn't even wear a damn suitbut manhe could walk buck naked and we will still know who he is.Did you check out that rock hard ass?"

I laughed shaking my head.My intercom buzzed. "Meredithplease bring us some snacks."

"What would you like to have?"

"Your choice."

I nodded. "Alright." 

I went to the kitchen and served them a lemon cakesandwichesfresh French bread and fruits.I set everything nicely and walked back to his office.When I walked init turned dead silent.Jesus Christ.I have never been in a room this tense.I was in a room with powerful peopleeven I could feel it.Their presence infected every inch of the roomfilling the air with their potent authority.I felt it with every breath I took.I placed everything down carefully making sure that I don't drop anything and embarrass myself.

Lisa whistled. "I like." She looked at me and exchanged a glare with Juan-Carlos that I couldn't quite make out.As if she understood the silent conversationshe threw her hands in the airsmiling. "Alright man I get youalright." That was directed to Juan-Carlos.

"Do you need anything else?" I asked looking at them.

"No Ki..Meredith that will be all.You can go back to your desk." Was he about to call me Kitty in front of his business acquaintances?I shot him a look before walking out.

I sat on my desk tapping on the keyboard.I pulled up the documents that were needed for the next meeting and printed them off using the printer on the other end of my desk.Melissa gave me a tap.

"What is it Mel?"

"The she devil is here.Chrissie." I looked up and saw a petite woman walking elegantly towards our desk.Her hair was in a sleek up do.Her lips were painted ruby red.And she was wearing a skin tight black dressthe perfect match for her olive skin.The slender straps sat on her shoulderskeeping her tits pushed together with a noticeable cleavage.Red sky-high heels completed the look.She was beautiful but she looked like she was dressed for a night at a club.

"She is..."When I saw her walking past our deskapproaching Juan-Carlos' office I immediately stood up and went to stop her.I valued my job and Penny emphasized that Mr Jalal didn't want to be interrupted by someone who didn't have an appointment.As far as I knewher name wasn't on the list of the people Mr Jalal had to see.

"How can I help you ma'am?"I smiled.

She gave me catty look. "Do you know who I am? How dare you block my way?"

"I'm sorry I can't let you in Mr Jalal's office right now.He is in the middle of an important meeting and he doesn't wanna be disturbed.You should make an appointment just like the rest.Or you can go sit on the waiting area while I try to squeeze you in.There are magazines there and I will bring your some snacks."

She stomped her feet and flipped her hair. "Excuse me?You want me to sit on the waiting area.Do you know who the hell I am huh?"She half shoutedattracting unnecessary attention from my coworkers.

"I'm sorry ma'am but I'm only doing my job.Please come this way." I gently held her arm.

She stared at meher eyes full of hostility."Get your filthy hand off of me."She yanked my hand offpushing me in the process.Unfortunately I had just happened to wear my sky-high heels that day so I lost balance and fell downspraining my ankle in the process.Now it was a commotion at the reception.

"What the hell is going on?!" Only his voice silenced everyone.I tried to stand up but the pain on my sprained ankle was unbearable."What the hell did you do to her Chrissie?!"

"She was touching me with her filthy hands and..."

"Shut the hell up!What the hell is wrong with you?I don't want to see you unless you make an appointment just like everybody else.Am I clear?!" He said firmly that it also made me flinch.

"Hey are you okay.Let me help you up."

"No its okay I will manage."

He clenched his jaws in irritation. "Stop being so stubborn womanthis is not the time.Your ankle is sprained and you probably hurt your knee too." He looked at the people that were watching.

"What are you looking at?I don't pay you to congregate like its a yoga class.Get back to work!"

I tried to stand up but my leg wouldn't cooperate.Juan-Carlos looked at me with an annoyed expression.Probably pissed that I didn't want his help.He knelt down and strong hands scooped me from underneath and lifted me in the air.Jesusthis was embarrassing and attracting unnecessary attention.Juan-Carlos carried me to the company's medical centre.

"Check if she didn't break anything.Her leg is already swollen."

"You need to calm down it's only a sprain."He ignored me and looked at the doctor as she examined me.According to her name tag she was Dr Simmonds.

She wrote something on her notebook. "She only sprained her ankle.I will prescribe some ointment to ease the swells and some painkillers.You shouldn't put pressure on your foot for at least three days.You will be fine afterwards."

"I will drive you back home.The security will bring your car."

"What about your clients?"

"The meeting was over by the time I got to you.I'm sure they already left.SoI'm taking you home."

"Okay." There was no point in arguing with him because I already knew he was telling menot asking.

"But I have to pick my son from the day care first."



"That's a big car." Gabriel saidhopping restlessly from foot to foot.He looked at Juan-Carlos up and down. "And you're big too."

Juan-Carlos chuckled. "Okaycome on let's get inside."

He opened the door and secured Gabriel on the backseat.

"Mommy is this the daddy you got me." Jesus if the ground could just swallow me.

"Gabriel." I said in a reprimanding tone.

He shrugged. "I like him.He has a nice car.What's your name?"He looked at Juan-Carlos.

"Juan-Carlos cute boy."

Gabriel laughed. "Juan-Carlos cute boy.Mommy don't you think that's a funny name?What were you named aftera monkey?"

Juan-Carlos' rumbling laughter vibrated through mestirring emotions I had rather have kept a lid on. "You can just call me JC."

"Okay.Soyou're my daddy?"

"No!" I was quick to answer that one.

"So what is he?You're my friend now Mr JC?"

Juan-Carlos nodded. "Yes I am."

"Can you pick me up in your big car everyday?"Now I was beginning to wonder if coming to pick Gabriel with Juan-Carlos was a good idea at all.

"Yea I can do that.Or I can arrange someone to do it if I'm tied up with work." I shot him a glare.

They conversed till we got to my apartment.It was downright spooky watching them getting along.Gabriel was closed off.Even with Merlin he didn't chitchat much.He was only jolly with MJso this was quite a surprise. It was even more surprising that Juan-Carlos was good with kids and could actually hold a decent conversation with a child without being arrogant.It was another side to him that surprised me.The daddy side.

"I don't know how to surf dessert.Stay for dinner JC."

"Gabriel he has a lot of things to doalright."

He frowned looking at Juan-Carlos. "We will have chocolate cake for dessert.Don't you want to stay?All you have to do is cut it.Mommy won't let me use a knife."

He rubbed his brown curls. "I would love..."

"He is busy today Gabriel.Maybe some other timealright." I looked at Juan-Carlos with a narrowed gaze.

"Alright big guy.We will have dinner some other time."Juan-Carlos said.

"Okay.Mommy you have his number right?"I nodded.He looked at Juan-Carlos. "Bye."

Gabriel squealed and ran to his bedroom.I looked at Juan-Carlos. "Stay away from my son."

"You might as well know that I actually like him.He is cute."

"This isn't a joke Juan-Carlos.I don't like where all of this is going.Its getting too personal."

He sighed. "There we go again with your so many rules."

"What rules?"

"You tell me Meredith.You have set up so many rules for yourself.Why are you trying to push me away?You have been avoiding me like I'm a deadly plague.If I make you half as crazy as you make mewhy are you hellbent on setting these rules?"

"I explained it to you beforeJuan-Carlos." I whispered moistening lips. "I don't think its a good idea to complicate an already complicated situation."

"Fine.I will leave it entirely up to you to go further than kissing.Ohh by the wayyou're off work for three days.You heard what the doctor said." He turned and walked out before I responded.

Just a few minutes after Juan-Carlos had left there was a knock on the door.My first thought was Sebastian but I was wrong.

"Meredithits Ashley please let me in." Her voice sounded like she was crying.

I opened the door MJ ran to Gabriel's room.After he had disappearedshe threw herself in my armscrying.We were not that close but we got along well.As far as I knewshe was a good woman.I let her cry in my arms. "I'm sorry.I didn't know anyway else to go."

I led her to the couch. "What's going on?"

She sniffed. "Merlin broke things off with me.He was cheating on me and I thought he was going to come back to his senses but he fell out of love with me.Today he said it was over." She clenched her jaws. "I'm set out on finding out who he was cheating with.I will never let that woman have peace.Merlin is mine.I stood by him through thick and thin and now he does this.I did everything I could to make him happy.He can't just drop me like this.I did everything.I spiced up things in our bedroom.I changed to be exactly the woman he wanted.I did everything but..." She sobbed.

I brushed her back. "Don't cry over something you can't change sweety.Right now I may sound insensitive but you will soon see that I was right.I have seen a lot of threads and whole lot of stuff on " how to keep a man".Listen you can't keep someone who isn't into you anymore.If he loves you he will stay.If he doesn't nothing can change that.What my brother did to you was terrible and I will talk to him about it.But you aren't going to let that define you.You aren't going to let it push you down.You're stronger than that." 

"I love him Meredith really.I love him so much.Maybe I need to hold on a little more."

I sighed. "You can't really hold on to someone who doesn't appreciate you.The more you want to hold onthe more they will free from your grasp.I know you're feeling a lot of things right now.Betrayal.Anger.Sadness.But mostly fear.I have been there.I know the fear of being alone.I know you're terrifiedso terrified that you may actually be willing to settle for something that you don't deserve.Don't give anyone that powereven my brother.Don't stay in a bad relationship because you think being disrespected is better than being alone.You're your own person.You will rediscover yourself."


"Please don't test me todayI'm not in the mood." Everytime she called me out on my shitI wanted to fuck her into submission.Something about her fire seriously turned me on.If anyone talked to me like thatI was quick to lay down the law.I needed control and power all the time and when I didn't get itI was livid.But with her I was just aroused.She refused to give me that power.While she was annoyed by meI thought about how I wanted to take her.I wanted to spank her then fuck her hard and fast.Seeing her sitting in that chairlooking sexy as hell made want to bend her to the nearest surface and and have my way with her.Whenever she was aroundmy mind immediately went to dirty placesreally dirty places.

"Are you even listening to me?" Lindani snapped his fingers on my face.Lisa chuckledshaking her head.

"Sorry you were saying?Wait give me a minute." I picked the phone.

"Meredithplease bring us some snacks."

"What would you like to have?" That soft voice did crazy things to me.I loved the quiet moans she made when her lips parted while I kissed and touched her.She shivered in my arms because she wanted meand I felt her thighs pressing together with longing.But she hated me.

"Your choice." I watched her as she walked to the kitchenette.How could she wear that fuck-me pencil skirt and not expect to turn heads?Heckshe even got a hamper and flowers.Who the hell gave them to her?A jealous monster rooted in my chest when I looked at the roses.I didn't like the image of a faceless man fucking her.

I looked back at Lindani who was staring at me with a funny expression on his face. "So you want to hire my company's jet so that you can transport your merchandise to SA?LindaniI thought you were done with that life.You're a father of eight."

"I'm done with that life but you do know you can't entirely be done with itright?Lisa and my other two brothers took over the rest but sometimes I have to interfere.Once in a while they need my help." I knew about that other lifeand years back I was once involved in some shady deals.At some point we have to get our hands dirty.I chose to lead a clean life but once in a while these kind of deals popped out.

"Why do I have a feeling that there is more?"

Lisa nodded. "Of course there is more.We want another wine orderand empty bottles of wine too."

"Let me guessyou gonna stash your merchandise in the bottles."

He nodded. "That's the plan.And you will get your cut as usual.If something happenswhich is unlikely nothing will come back to bite you in the ass.Also when you need a favour you know I'm your man."

"I know.But its gonna cost you.You also have to know that you can't rent the company's jet under your name.It will raise eyebrows.You have to use another company's name to avoid suspicion.Plus you will use Jalal pilots.They don't ask questions."

He nodded. "I have that figured out.Majesty Innovations will be hiring the jet.And using your pilots is better.It will be easy when it gets back."

I chuckled shaking my head. "Your wife will kill you if she finds out."

He smirked. "She won't find out.We have a newborn baby so its only ideal for us to fly using the private jet.AnywayI will tell my guys to get in touch with yours.They have a black suitcase with money and its all in there.Just send me the coordinates and they will meet at the place of your choice.If you want me to be thereI will be there.Besideswe need to discuss this further.Now I will have to run the paper work."

While Lindani was a criminal he wasn't a cheat.If he said the money was in thereI knew he was good for it.

"Alright.You have yourself a deal.Glass of scotch?"

They both nodded. "Sure."

"So the receptionist huh?" Lisa said with a smirk.Before I responded Meredith walked in.They both looked at hertaking in all her movements.Like a queen that she wasshe hid her nervousness pretty well.

After she walked out Lindani whistled looking at me. "I have seen that look before.I know that look very well."

"You want her don't you?" Lisa fist bumped with her brother. "And that glare clearly was a back the fuck off message."

I remained silent because what she said was true. "And I bet with all my money that she hates you."Lindani chuckled.

"Of course she does.Didn't you see that look she shot him."

He nodded. "And she is the only one you can't havethe only one who stands up to you calls you out on your shit and tell you exactly what she wants whether you like it or notand that drives you crazy.Am I wrong?"

I opened my mouth to argue but shut it since I didn't have a counterargument.He chuckled. "Marry her.She is the one."

I laughed. "Are you crazy?I just want to scratch the itch that's all."

He shook his head. "It will be more than thatI'm telling you.I saw that look.I know that look."

"No no no.You misinterpreted it.I only want her.I just need to get her out of my system."

"So can I claim her once you're done?She has my business card."Lisa saidjokingly.

I clenched my jaws. "She is straight." I said firmly.

Lisa laughed. "Yea see that.I was tripping with you.But I want to be her friend.She looks like an interesting characterplus I love them thick."

"Back the fuck off Lisa."

They both laughed.There was some commotion at the reception area.Chrissie pushed Meredith and I saw red.

"Please excuse me."

Lindani noddedstanding up. "No problem JC.Go and play hero.We all have been there."He walked out with his sister while I went to attend to the matter at hand.Chrissie knew which buttons to pressand now she was pressing them one by one.It wasn't going to end well.


"You haven't forgotten that we are having dinner at my place have you?" Janelle asked as she tapped her leg.

"Oh yes I had." I admitted.It has been such a frantic time for me during the three days that Meredith wasn't around.I had given her extra time off because of her ankle.I also promised myself I wouldn't bother her.She was pushing me awaytrying to ignore the attraction we had.I was going to give her the space she wanted.Once she was at the mercy of her hormones she was going to beg me to take her. 

"This is important.You know Nana and Mabel will be there.They came all the way from UAE just to see us." Nana was our father's sister.The only sister that my father ever had.Mabel was my cousin sister.My uncle's daughter.It was important for me to be at this dinner because I had to respect Nana's wishes.She was the only mother I had left.She was also the glue that kept us together.We weren't getting along as a family because of my feud with Benedict.Everyone was taking sides.Nana was the disciplinarian that kept us in line probably because she resembled my father so well.I had considered blowing off this family dinner.I didn't need the aggravation piled on top of everything else going onbut I didn't want to upset Nana.

"I'm coming Janelle.You can get off my case now."

She sighed. "By the waymy son will be there.I hope you guys will get alongjust for one dinner."

I frowned. "See yourself out Janelle."

She flipped her hair. "Okay." She walked out.

 My brain raced through the familiar scenarios I knew I would be facing over this dinner.Mabel and Nana trying to read my palmsto check what's written in my stars.Strained conversations.Changing awkward glances with Benedict and pretending to be happy for Nana's sake.It wouldn't be pleasant.But I would play the game for Nana's sake.


I pulled into the driveway of Janelle's unbelievably large house.The place had brick walls around with an iron gatea fountain was in the center.The lawn and shrubs were perfectly manicured and the walkways were lined with complementary flowers.I pulled up to the front door and stopped the car.

"I can't wait to see Nana." Jasmine said with a delighted smile on her face.She immediately jumped out of the car holding her dog and ran inside the house.I took a moment to myself dreading to go inside.After a while I walked in and was welcomed by CamrynJanelle's butler.

"Hello Cam." I said shrugging out of my coat.

She took it with a smile.She was older and it didn't sit well with me that she was still working around this house.She worked for Janelle since I was a boy. "Long time no see Juan-Carlos.How have you been?"

"I have been okay Cam.How are you?"

She gave me a motherly smile. "I'm fine.They are all here."

"Okaythank you Cam."I entered the living room first and much to my dismay Benedict was sitting on the couch drinking some scotch.I decided to ignore him but of course he had something to say.

"Soyou are not even going to acknowledge my existence even today?"

I looked at himbored. "What language do you speak?It sounds like bullshit."

He sighed. "Juan come on.Can't you not be an asshole to me for one dinner?Can't you just let this go?I have apologized a thousand timesplease let it go."

"I will let it go."

"Huhfor real?" He looked shocked.

"Let me finish talking." I walked up to him so that we will be few inches apart. "I will let it go only when you find that one woman you love so much.And then I'm going to take her away from youand there will be nothing that you can do to stop me.I will make her fall in love with me.Noshe won't fall in love with me but with my pockets.After allthere is something about us we attract goldiggers.I will fuck her every night.And it will kill you knowing that I will be with her every single minute while you will be moping around trying to deal with a heartbreak.Unlike you I'm not going to hide it.I won't have an affair.It will be a fair take.And I won't stop there.I will dump my seed in her.She will carry my child and I will take my child from her.After I'm done with herI will bring her back to you.When all that happens I will look you in the eye and tell you to let it go.We will be evenright?So dear nephewwhen you find that one woman you lovekeep her in your pockets because I'm coming after her." I held his gaze with no remorse. "Now I'm being an ass."

He clenched his jaws in frustration.

"My two favourite people." Nana's voice echoed in the living room.She walked in while Mabel held her hand.Nana looked about 90 years old.She was so tiny that it looked like she won't be able to carry her own weightbut she could.Her gray hair was thinning on topso much that I could see her scalp but she had it pulled into a neat bun.A soft smile played on her thin lips.

"Come here my boys." We both gave her brief cheek kisses before helping her sit down.

"Hello Juan-Carlos.Benedict greetings." Mabel said looking at us bothintensely.As usual Mabel was covered in jewels.A purple pendant eye was one of the largest pendants that hung around her beck.Gold chains and jewels were braided into her brown dreadlocks.A blue shawl was tied around her chin.She looked like Princess Jasmine.Her and Nana were gypsies.The ability for certain female members of the Jalal clan to foretell future events was a well documented fact.But I never believed in any of those superstitions.

"Were you here before?I saw a gypsy tent this other day at this Fun day that I brought Jasmine with."

She nodded. "Yes I was there.It's my job to read fortunes."

The topic always made me uncomfortable. "OkayI will go check on the others."

"Yaah me too." Benedict said.

"Sit downboth of you." Nana commanded.She looked at us with her velvety dark gaze so intense and hypnotic that I couldn't drag my own gaze away.

"Benedictyour palm." He frowned and knelt in front of her.He too didn't like any of this.

Mabel looked at me. "Juan-Carlos yours."

"Ain't we picking cards today?" I askedsarcastically.

"This is serious Juan." OhGod why did I come here?

I rested my palm on the table.Mabel grabbed my wristand then studied my lines. "Would you like to know what's written in your starsboth of you?"

"You asked for our palms." Benedict shrugged.

Nana shook her head and exchanged glances with Mabel before looking back at Benedict. "You will love a womanand she will love you back but it will never be enough.You will do everything for herbut it will never be enough.With this womanyou're star-crossed.Howeveryour fate can be re-written depending on your determination.Its still unclear if your efforts are going to pay off.It still remains unforseen." 


Benedict kept his cool. "Well the last time you read my palm you said I will find the one.Nana your attempts to hypnotising me are failingagain" He said with a chuckle.

Nana shook her head. "This is seriousand you don't believe me.You will love her immensely.You will do anything for this womanbut you're star crossed.Butnot all star-crossed lovers end in tragedy.You can change it.Its all up to you."

He ro


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