Written by RoyalVelz



"You're looking very disturbed.What's up?" I turned my gaze to meet Sydney's.Wearing dark jeans and a t-shirt he had ditched a classic suit because dinner had ended at exactly 9pm.

"Was just talking to Meredith.She got a job as a receptionist." I informed him grimly.

He raised his eyebrow. "Sowhy are you looking so worried?Isn't that something to be happy about?"

I stiffened. "Well that's not the bad part.She got a job at Jalal's."

Frowning slightly Sydney looked at me with confusion. "Still I don't understand why you are worried."

"She will find out about what I did to Juan-Carlos.She will run for the hillsman." Despite my determination to make things right with my uncleI knew what I did would always paint me as the bad guywhich I was during that time.But now I was trying to make amends and that one mistake was coming back to bite me in the ass.

He sighed and shook his head. "I think you're worried for no reason.I don't think she is the type to believe what's on the tabloids and that is if she looks you up in the first place.Didn't you say that she doesn't even know who you are and she only knows what you told her?And its not like she is close to Juan-Carlos or anything.If she doesn't look you up then she will not know anything unless you tell her.I think its a good idea to tell her what happened so that she will have to make a choice to stay or leave despite knowing about your unpleasant past."

"I just thought it was too early to talk about our pasts.We just went on one date."

Sydney slowly raised his right eyebrow. "You're the one who is worried.Plus you're serious about this girl.It is indeed too early to tell her but then again you're always on the spotlight and your life is out there for everyone to see.Soif there is any time to come cleanthen its now.Or else she might see an article about you before you get to her and come to conclusions.Don't dig deep into the details but at least reveal what doesn't scare her away.She has the right to know what she is getting herself into.Slowly reveal everything as you progressthat way whatever you're starting will not be based on lies and secrets."

I nodded. "I hear you."

He turned to walk away but stopped and looked at me. "And why is Kelly here again?"

I groaned in frustration.My mother's friendship with Kelly was starting to annoy me.Not that I didn't want them to be close but I could read between the lines.I could see what my mother was trying to do.

"Mother invited her.Probably trying to get us back together.Its not gonna work."

He chuckled. "You're serious about the curvy babe."

I nodded. "Damn serious and her name is Meredith not curvy babe."I shot him a glare and added. "Man she gets me.I haven't enjoyed a woman's company in a long time.But with her its different.We understand each other and we connect at some whole new level.I like her.I really really like her.She is self driven and a hard worker.I like that about a lady.In fact there is so much to like about Meredith.She is easy to talk tounderstanding and she has carefully crafted responses when promted.She is as smart as she is beautifulbut she is expectionally humble.You know after the date we had I started having dreamsnot in the traditional sense of the word but sometimes I just zone out.I daydream about real lovegetting marriedstarting a family the classic dream.And Meredith is featuring in all those daydreams.Its crazy.Most of the time I'm trapped in my headthinking about her." I said with a chuckle.

He chuckled and raised his handsas if in surrender.

"You my guyhas it bad.But be careful.You don't know this chick that much.I just hate to see you get hurt again.I know it don't matter nowespecially when she is driving you crazy like this but please be careful.We don't want a repeat of history."

I nodded. "Trust me this time I'm more than carefuland also smart enough not to give a woman my shares because I'm pussy-whipped."

He gave me a pat. "Now you're smart.I will see you tomorrow pal.I need some booze."Sydney didn't have much of a personal life.It was all fucking and drinking.

I nodded. "Goodnight."

After my conversation with Sydney I went to my bedroom.The one I used whenever we came to Italy.My old bedroom was exactly as it wasthe black comforter blending in with the dark wood of the headboard.I had a private living room along with a private bathroom.I stepped inside and looked around.I had spent most of my time in this room when I was growing up.Memories of my father weighed on me.Maybe if he was alive I would have made some better decisions in life.I hate to admit this but I missed the old man.After a brief run-down-the-memory laneI went straight to take a steam in my custom sauna before showering.While I steamedmy mind kept conjuring all kind of sexual scenesall of them featuring Meredith.FuckI needed to get some.Ever since I started seeing Meredith no other women excited me anymore.I leaned my head back against the wall as I replayed the way she walked in that black dress that hugged her curvy figure.When we hugged I couldn't get past how close her neck was to my lips.I inhaled her peachy scent and had to restrain myself from pinning her against the wall and kissing the living daylights out of her.Damnnow I needed a cold shower.The moment the cold drops hit my skinmy excitement died away.After showering I dried off and pulled on my pyjama bottoms.I decided to have a nightcap before bed.A glass of scotch would do.Before I opened my door to go to the kitchenthere was a soft knock.ConfusedI opened the door and came face to face with Kelly.She was wearing the shortest shorts known to man.In factthey were not shorts at all.On top she was wearing a tank top.The material was so thin that I could see her hard nipplesand I was sure I could break the material by simply touching it.

I let out a deep breath. "Kellyhow can I help you?"

She bit her lower lip and looked down.It happened so fast that I didn't even realise it was happening until it was too late.But not too late to stop it.Kelly closed the space between uspressing her lips to mine.All too quicklyI pushed her away. "What are you doing?"

"Shh...don't ruin it." She whispered digging her nails into my stomach as she slid her hand down to the front of my pyjama bottoms.Her touch was like burning fire on my skin.A cuss left my lips as she stroked me.And as she continued moving her hand up and down on my length every muscle in my body was begging me to pick her up and carry her to my bedbut something held me back...or someone. Meredith's face flashed at the back of my head and I quickly snapped out of it.I didn't owe Meredith anything since we were just friends.I was allowed to fuck who I wantbut it just didn't seem right.It felt like a betrayal.Sleeping with Kelly just didn't feel right.

"Kelly stop!" I took off her wrists and pulled them off of me. "What are you doing?What's wrong with you?"

"I know you want me.You want this Ben." She breathed heavily and tried to close the gap between us but I stepped back.

"And how did you come to that conclusion?"

She offered up a seductive smile."For startersyou're hard and for me."

"Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm human and I react but that doesn't mean I want you." We had a normal relationship as parents to our son.Years back we used to screw here and there but then we stopped when Chrissie happened.After Chrissie I never wanted to be with either of them.

"Well it just seemed like you were still into me.We had a great day today.We had fun.You were nice to meand I thought you were giving me hints that you wanted us to be back together.Please stop denying this Benedict. A single lifetime just isn't long enough to spend with the one you love.I know you're scared of feeling anything you're scared of losing the one you love but you will regret this if you drag your feet.We are meant to be.We owe it to our son."

I nodded. "You're right Kelly.A single lifetime isn't enough to spend with the one you love.SoI'm not going to waste my time on someone I don't love.We were young Kelly.It happened when it happened and now its over.We fell into what we believed was love.I think we both realised it was only lust.What we had together was wonderful for an intense and passionate affair but not for anything serious like a fruitful relationship.Its a pity we had to involve an innocent soul.Our son got trapped into this but we are doing good at raising himdon't ruin it.You and I cannot be together.Learn to accept that its over.Its been ten years Kelly.We don't owe Guy anything because we are both doing a good job in raising him while being separated.There is no need for us to be together for the sake of Guy because we will not be happy.I will not be happy."

"Please Ben.Don't do this to me.You were my first in everything.You and I are meant to be." She sighed and glared at me.

"Is it because of her?"

I looked at herconfused. "Herwho?"

"The woman I saw you at the restaurant with." Her eyebrows shot up and she folded her arms.There we go with the attitude.

"What are you talking about?"

"I saw you at the Mexican bistro.I saw you with a woman."

Then I remembered my date with Meredith.I didn't even see Kelly there.That's how much I enjoyed Meredith's company.

"You were following me?"

"No I wasn't.I just happened to be there.Soshe is the woman in your life now?Seriously Ben.You think you can do better than me with that fat bitch?At least with Chrissie there was competition but that."

Now I was aggravated.I couldn't believe I actually had a hard on when she touched me.One minute I thought we were having a decent conversation and finally being on the same pagebut then her nasty attitude resurfaced.

"Don't you everI mean thiseversay that shit about her again.If you even try to push thisit will not end well for you."

I stepped into my bedroom and locked the door.I looked at my erection and thought of Kelly's attitude and Chrissieit died away immediately.

The following morning I found my mother sitting with a champagne flute in handin the lounge area.

"Good morning mom." I bent down and gave her a kissbefore taking a seat and opening a paper which was on the table. 

"Good morning my boy."She continued sipping on whatever she was drinking.Despite the early hourher hair was elegantly styled.She was dressed in a royal blue silk suit paired with sky-high heels.A life of luxury suited herand she kept up classy appearances constantly even when it wasn't necessary.

"I'm flying back today.In the afternoon.The company's jet is ready." I saidgoing through the paper.

"I thought you were going to stay for a little longer." She looked up at meher grey eyes identical to mine.

"I can't.I have a lot of things to do.Which reminds meSeb and I are planning to merge our companies."I stiffened because I knew she didn't want to hear Seb's name.Anything related to the affair that my father hadbrought out the bitterness in my mother.As a result she never liked Seb and even went as far as forbidding him to attend our father's funeral.

"Excuse me?!"

"I know you don't like the idea at all but its the right thing to do.Having two technology based companies in the same place without merging them is a disaster.This is business mom and personal feelings aren't relevant."

She tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and looked at me like I was crazy. "Are you kidding me?!I don't want anything related to the bastard here or near you.Soforget merging your companies.You're not doing it because those parasites will end up stealing from you and what not.You're my only son.The Salvatore legitimate heir.You can do well without merging your companies.I'm sure he is the one who came up with the idea because Millers Energy Co is struggling and he wants to be a parasite.No such thing will happen!Not on my watch."

I chose not to say anything else because it would infuriate her more.I knew it wasn't a good idea telling her that I was going to work with my stepbrother because it was a wound she would never heal frombut it was going to be worse if she was to see it in the papers.I was still going ahead with my plan anywaythis was business.

"Breakfast is served ma'am." The house manager announced.I folded my paper and placed it on the couch.

My mother and I followed the house manager to the outside patio.The backyard was amazing.It was also my father's favourite place to have breakfast.The garden was always perfectly manicured and beautifuleven when he we were not around anymore.My mother took her seat on the heads of the table and I sat on her side.Everyone else joined.My aunt AliciaMr Morena her husband KellySidney and Guy.If things weren't so messed upJuan-Carlos was going to be here for a day or two.When he found out about my affair with Chrissie his relationship with my mother took a strain because mom was forced to take sidesand she took mine.

In the center of the long patio table was a beautiful bouquet of flowers surrounded by platters of foodenough for more than eight grown men.

"I'm leaving today." I announced as I took the napkin off my place and flung it out.

Guy giggled. "You can't wait to see your girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend?" My mother asked and I shot Guy a mean look.Like that would stop him from blabbering.

"Ohh yea.He went on a date and we might hear some wedding bells.Haven't you noticed him checking his phone here and thereor smiling alone?Its been long since he went on a date and he seemed to have enjoyed that one.He is always zoned out most of the time.A clear sign of a man falling in love." Guy's eyes glided to me and he smirked but wiped it away.Sometimes my son could drive me to the edge.

"Are you serious Guy?Is this true Benedict?What does this girl do?Do I know her parents?" My mother looked at me.Before I responded and tell her that it was a misunderstanding Meredith was just a friend for nowKelly joined the conversation.

"I know the girl.She is the one who works at this café in Queens.The waitressright?"Kelly looked at me with a smirk.In my head I murdered her with a coffee spoon.

My mother let out a laugh. "Ohbe serious.You got me there.My son dating a waitressthat's ludicrous."She put her hands on her chest and continued laughing.

Aunt Alicia joined in and looked at Kelly. "Ain't you the funny one?Be serious.That was a good joke though."

My family still lived back in time where the nobility and the lower class didn't coexist.They judged the unprivileged so harshly.To themhigh society wasn't a joke.It still existed.

"Actually this is not a joke.The woman I'm interested in is indeed a waitress.Now she is a receptionist too and I'm still interested in her." I glared at Kelly. "And do you know why?People you think are below you are just the same as youbut they didn't have a  headstart in life.She is starting from the bottomnot already on top.She does not rely on her trust fund because I'm sure she doesn't even have anyand she is not where she is in life because of her parents' connections.She works hard for what she wants in life and she doesn't need the backup of a cushy bank account to get started.She is a hard workerindependentmature and self driven.Qualities that are rare to find in people these days."

"Are you crazy Benedict?!" My mother yelled causing everyone to flinch.I looked at Sydney and signalled him to take Guy inside the house because clearly this conversation was going to get nasty.

"Buddy let's go have our breakfast inside." Guy didn't argue and they went inside.

She looked at me pissed off and annoyed. "What is wrong with you Benedict?Another gold digger?!"

"And how did you come to that conclusion?You have never met her."

"I don't need to.Poverty-stricken people are the same.They are parasites! A waitressreally?You can do better than that Benedict.You're a Salvatore you can get any woman you want.You think I'm going to let my only son be with a fucking waitressa gold digger?That's all she is son.She obviously has debts and wants to have an easy way outand you're the target.You will lose everything this time.Mine and your father's hard work isn't getting stolen once I'm dead."

I pushed my chair awaypissed off too. "First of all you don't even know her.She is not living off of me.I respect you mother but please this is none of your business.My relationships are none of your business.I know I made some serious mistakes in the past but I learnt from them and I'm smarter.Besidesyou have no right to judge her so harshly because you don't know the kind of person she is.If you have a conversation with her for at least ten minutes you will see what I see."

"AlrightBenedict.Can we please just have a nice meal together?For peace's sake?"Mr Morena looked at me.

My mother scoffed. "Knock some sense into this boy.Instead of working things out with the mother of his childhe is busy chasing after some waitress who has his eyes on his money." She looked back at memouth open and ready to continuebut I cut her off.

"I'm done with this." I walked out.


"We can't afford to take any risks of the chairman being accused of favouritism."

I nodded. "Strictly speaking Mr Cardello shouldn't be in a position to favour anyone.The issue is to be resolved by sticking to the law.New trading rights will be written which will supersede the oldnationalistic rights and the responsibility of those trading rights lies in our hands.This is a very serious political issue.Even more so in many ways than it is for us.But if we stick to the rules of the bookthere shouldn't be any problems."

After our meeting was called to orderwe argued for quite some time before it was over.One of the phalanx of legal advisers attached to the Mexican embassy raised some pretty good points.

"Thanks Chicago.I appreciate the way you handled everything.We were faced with some tricky questions but you aced them as always.They were quiet definitely caught off guard by the answers you were able to come up with."Gareth said as we walked out of the boardroom.

"I wouldn't be too optimistic though.This is a very serious political casewe are dabbling in murky waters but I will do my best."

Claude nodded. "Murky yesbut hopefully legally within our territory.You got this."

Ashley chipped in. "You will nail it.You're one of the best we got here." She gave me a hug when I least expected it.She sniffed. "What do you spray it smells good?"

I smiled. "Ohh its EMA from Paris."

She nodded and gave me a quizzical look. "I like it.A combination of roses and spices.Its a unique scent.Where did you buy it from?I want a set myself."

"Right now its off the market.Its really hard to find but if the order comes inI will tell you.In factI will send you the details of the site I order it from."

She looked at meand for a second remained silent.She nodded and sighed."Ohh I see."

She turned and walked awayleaving me confused.

Claude gave me a pat. "I will come by your office later.Remember that case about the farmers."

I nodded. "Yea I have some notes for you."

"Thanks." He nodded and walked away.

Gareth cleared his throat."You haven't forgotten we have got this dinner tonighthave you?"

DammitI had a date with Merlin.I completely forgot about it. "Ohh I have some family commitments tonight.Can I take a raincheck?"I said walking to my office.

He shook his head and looked at me. "Wow again?And you don't have to lie to me Chicago I know you will be with him." He closed the gap between us as soon as we walked into my office. "He is going to hurt you Chicago.He is going to go back to his baby mama and it will destroy you.I love you Chicago and I don't wanna seeing you getting hurt.You won't survive it."

I hated the knowledge he had about methe fact that I could never take back the power I had given him over methe fact that I could neverever or wipe out what had happened between us.Gareth's feelings for me were getting stronger by the daywhile Merlin and I were getting more closer.I was in murky waters now.I shouldn't have messed around with Gareth of all the people.This was going to jeopardize my job.Office affairs never really end well.

"Can we not do this right now and right here?In factI'm ending whatever that is between us.It was never supposed to happen Gareth and we both know it."

He chuckled in disbelief and paced around. "Soyou think this is okay?You had what you want and just whatwhen you're done its goodbye.Chicagoyou dragged me into this mess.You made a move on me and now that I'm in too deepyou're bailing out on me.Chicago you made me fall in love with you.What am I supposed to do with myself and these feelings nowhuh?!You can't do this to me Chicago.No you can't!"


He interrupted. "I'm in love with you alright.And I'm going crazy!I can't stomach the fact that you're choosing Merlin over me.That is not fair.He already got someone you deserve better.This is not over.We are not over.We can't be over." He exited the officeguns blazing.

I sat down and tried to focus all my attention on the task at hand:logging into my computerturning in my phoneand checking my emails for the daily list of my appointments and other tasks.A few minutes later Claude walked in.

I closed my laptop and looked at him. "Hey."

"What are you doing?" 

I sighed. "I was just checking some.."

He interrupted. "I don't mean thatsilly.I mean what are you doing?What is this mess you're in?I overheard your conversation with the boss.And before you bite my head off for eavesdropping first explain why the hell you're screwing your boss and Merlin."

My heart skipped. "I don't know what you're talking about."

He chuckled. "Its funny that you're a lawyer but you're a terrible liar.GirlI'm not stupid.I have been noticing.I know that you and Merlin are a screwing behind Ashley's backand I'm not gonna judge but I just wanna ask if the girl code doesn't apply to you.Ashley is your friend."

"She is my workmate." I corrected.

"One and the same thing.She sees you as her friend and comes crying to you with her burdens.You might not see her as your friendbut the girl code between you two existits just unspoken.You pretend to sympathise with her while you go behind her and shag her man.How do you feel about that?"

I sighed and looked down. "I know this doesn't put me in the best light here but I can't control how I feel.To be honest I tried distancing myself from him but something sucks me back in.I just can't stop.I really really feel bad about what's happening but maybe I'm starting to be selfish.I know its wrong in all angles but I can't stop loving him.And please don't tell Ashley."

He shrugged. "Its none of my business anyway.But this is not going to end well.And where do Gareth fit in all this Chicago?Do you realise the mess you're trapped in?"

I nodded. "Trust me I know that very well.I'm in love with the other and the other one is in love with me.I don't know what's right.To be with the one I lovewho has someone else or the one who loves me.It's complicated."

"Ditch them both and be with me."We both laughed. "But on a serious note thoughsort out your mess girl.We don't want unnecessary drama here.I like Ashley and you.You're both good people which is why I'm gonna take a backseat and watch how this all unfolds.I don't want either of you to be hurt but somebody is gonna get seriously hurt.I wonder if Merlin is worth it.What if your one is Gareth but you're pushing him away to be with someone who isn't supposed to be yours in the first place?Won't it be too late when you realise it.Think about it.If Merlin is the one for you then seriously think about the drama you're involving yourself inboth at work and at home.Ashley will always be in your lives because they have a child together.Are you ready for her bitterness because she is not going to take any of this lying down once she finds out.Anywaylet me get back to work." He stood up and picked the folder. "Thanks for this."

He walked out and my intercom buzzed.I answered it. "Ma'am there is a Mr Miller here to see you but he doesn't have an appointment.He says its important.Should I let him in?"

"Its okay.I have nothing to do right nowanyway."

A few minutes latera person I never dreamed stepping into my officewalked in.I stood up. "Sebastian?!"

He was still the same as he was four years ago.Good looking and with hazel eyes that was identical to Gabriel's.There was no doubt that he was Garbiel's father.The only thing that set them apart was the complexion.Anyone with eyes could pick that they were father and son if they were to stand side by side.

"HeyChicago.I'm sorry for just showing up."

I folded my arms. "Yes you should be sorry for so many things but what the hell are you doing here?How did you even find out that I work here?"I hated this man because of what he made my best friend go through.I despised him with every fibre in me.I know it was hypocritical of me to say that while I was the reason for another woman's tearsbut this wasn't about me right now.

I sat down and folded my armswaiting for him to say whatever his pathetic excuse was. " I know you're livid with me and I don't blame you.All I need is a chance to explain.You can pass your judgment after that."

As a lawyer I have always learnt that no matter how thin you slice the story there are always two sides.Soit was important for me to hear both sides. "Let's hear what you have to say.Take a seat."

He sighed in relief. "Thank you."

He started explaining his side while I listened to himattentively.I could pick if anyone was lying and right now I was sure he was telling me the truth.But that doesn't mean what he did was acceptable.Meredith went through hell because of what he did.

"I really want to be in Gabriel's life.I understand no amount of apologies can make up for what I did.I can't justify myself because I should have handled things differently.I shouldn't have dragged Meredith in my mess.I made a horrible mistakeone that can never be undone.I know Meredith hates me and I deserve that.If there is no chance for the two of us thenall I  want is to be involved in Gabriel's life.Don't get me wrong I'm not here for a custody battle or anything of that sort.I just want an opportunity to get to know my son and play my role as a responsible father.Please plead my case to Meredith on my behalf.Please."

I sighed. "I really want to believe you and everything that you're saying Sebastianbut I can't.As a lawyer I believe you're telling the truth but as Meredith's best friendI just don't know.I don't know who you're anymore.I even doubt that you truly loved my friend because you did nothing when she was dragged in the mud by your wife.I understand your hands were tied but even I could have made a plan.Was it that complicated to find someone to use as a messenger if everything for you was monitored?Couldn't you really find a way to take care of your child financially?And on top of that you gave up your parental rights.Your wife blacklisted Meredith from so many companies that she had to end up working as waitressnanny and what not."

He looked shocked. "What?!"

"Yes.Leigh-Anne and I found out about that.We didn't tell Meredith because it would kill her.She went through so much.Her reputation was tarnished.She went through the whole pregnancy alone.She struggled to take care of Gabriel on her own.The pain of being betrayedthe heartbreak.She went through all that and I watched her struggling to pick up the scattered pieces of her life.I'm sorry but I can't help you.I'm not going to be the mediator because it will put me in an awkward position.You will have to do this on your own Sebastian.For once be a man and stop being a coward.Go and face Meredith.You deserve her wrathher cussesher punches.Go and take it like a man.You owe her that much.And if she kills youLeigh-Anne and I are going to help her hide your body." We both chuckledand I continued. "I'm only being nice to you right now because I never had a father figure in my life.I don't know who my father isand maybe I will never know.Its a hole that consumes you alive.No matter whatthat void cannot be filled.I don't want Gabriel to go through the same.I know once he grows uphe will start asking.If you have pure intentions then you really have to work hard and put extra effort to be in your son's life.But if you're here to take him away from Meredithyou won't win.And that I promise you.I will tear you apart with the law."

He sighed and nodded. "There is really no need to threaten me.I promise you I'm not back with ill intentions.Gabriel is my heirmy first born son and Meredith is mother of my child.I would never do anything that put them in harms way.I made a mistake four years ago and I'm not gonna repeat it again."

I could see the sincerity in his eyesthe painfear and guilt.It was written all over his face."I hope so.Go and face Meredith.Its about time.But don't expect to be welcomed with open arms.The Meredith she is now is not the one you used to know.You're going to face the woman you betrayed when all she did was to love you.She loved you and you hurt her so bad that it almost ruined her.If she wasn't strong enoughsomething worse could have happened.So brace yourself."

"I have to prepared then."

"Exactly.Take your time.And good luck.You need it."

He smiled and stood upfixing the front of his suit jacket.I stood up and walked him to the door. "Thank you.I wasn't expecting to even have a decent conversation like this.I was expecting a punch or worse."

"Hey." I said and he looked at me.I gave him a mean punch on the face that I felt the impact of it drumming through my fingers. "Of course I was going to punch you.What do you take me for?And thatwas for breaking my best friend's heart."

"Shit." He took out a handkerchief to wipe out the blood that was already oozing out of his nose.He held it to his nose and looked at mechuckling. "I wasn't expecting that but you got me.I deserved it.And thank you once again."

"You're welcome.And don't go to Leigh-Anne's officeshe will murder you."

"I wouldn't dare."


At the hospital there was nothing newjust the same mundane routine I did every day.I spent my time in the labour wardsjust the same mundane routine I did every day.I spent my time in the labour wardshelping patients deliver and cussing a few so that they would be pissed off and make my job easy.I had a few consultations with my clients.I also did several checkups.I gave an earful to women who came to my office with warts and what not.Didn't they hear about something called a condom?

I tried to push Lwandile out of my mindbut that was almost impossible when I could still feel him.I hadn't slept with anyone since I met himand I somehow felt like I was breaking my own rules.I was giving this man power over mesomething I vowed not to ever do.I didn't appreciate giving a man power to control me so that I would end up like my mother.Ain't happening.Things were happening differently this time.I had to make it pretty clear to Lwandile so that we would be on the same page.

Cheyenne walked into my office without knocking. "Sorry to disturb you.I booked a last minute appointment for you since I figured out you have nothing to with yourself until your boyfriend comes.Which is like two hours later."

I rolled my eyes. "He is not my boyfriend."

She chuckled. "I don't care what he is to you.What is important is that he can put up with youso he is your boyfriend."

Now this is exactly what I was avoiding.Lwandile took me out for lunch every chance he got.It was sending the wrong message.

"And I think he is the good guy for you.He brings the best out of you.Whenever he is aroundyou will be quiet and all."

I almost laughed. "You have known him for two minutes Cheyenne."

"And I felt the chemistry between you two in just two minutes.I have never been in the same room with two people who have so much chemistry as you two.AnywayI will take the whole day if you give me the floor.The client you're going to see in forty-five minutesemailed me her medical report and I printed it."

I leaned in my chair. "So what are we looking at?"

She opened the folder. "Its two cases actually.She has two medical conditions.And you have come across suchwhich is why she was referred to you.You came across these cases that made your breakthrough."

"Its a shame."I looked at herwaiting for her to elaborate.

"Its hypothalamic dysfunction which is not a big deal.The bad part is the endometriosis.She once had a surgery to remove the extra tissues but it wasn't done well.It caused scarring.Plus the extra tissue wasn't entirely removed.Soits the scarringthe extra tissues and the hormonal imbalance."

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. "My gosh its a complicated case.But I will meet her first and take it from there."

She nodded. "You got this.You once did it before and you will do it again.Everyone here trust you.They know you can pull this off."

"Its complicated though.Its obvious we will have to perform another surgery to remove the extra tissues.There is a scarring from a previous surgery plus the hormonal imbalance.I wouldn't be so optimistic.I will see the patient firstand then we will get the board together afterwards."

She slammed the folder on the table. "Okay.Go through the report will you?And stop daydreaming about that caramel hunk."

I chuckled. "Get out Cheyenne."

I placed the folder on my desk and got back to workcombing through piles and piles of medical reports.I got completely lost in it and forgot to go through the special case.

My intercom buzzed.I hit the button. "She is here." Cheyenne spoke.

I leaned forward and started tapping on the keyboard. "I'm ready to see her."

I went back to the screen and that was until I heard my door opening and heels clicking.I lifted my gaze and examined the woman walking into my officefinding it hard to believe my eyes.She was in a champagne pink dress and hot pink sky-high heels.Her hair was elegantly styled in a sleek updo.Diamonds decorated her ears and some were on her fingers.Honestly she looked like a million bucks.I couldn't believe that trump had the audacity to come to my office.Cheyenne escorted her and walked outgiving us some privacy.I opened the folder and chuckled in disbelief.I glared at her and a hint of recognition flashed through her eyes.

"You may take a seat Mrs Miller."

She swallowed hard and looked around. "I'm looking for Dr Gold."

I stood up and went to lock the door. "So who do you think I amDr Diamond?DuhI'm the Dr Gold.Leigh-Anne Gold.Girldown."

"They know I'm in here."

"I'm not gonna kill you.Sit down." She sat down with unease and I sat on my desk. "SoKate Millerwhat brings you here?"

She looked everywhere but me. "I got your information from my doctor in UK.She said you could help me."

I looked at her shaking my head. "If you didn't believe in karma girltoday you're looking right at the bitch."

I took her folder and opened itwalking around. "Your case is quiet complicatedespecially because you had a surgery before and seeing your scan results hereit wasn't done right.The tissues that were supposed to be removed weren'tand as a result you scarred.On top of that you have some hormonal imbalancethat is the hypothalamic dysfunction.Its not a big deal because its caused by excess physical or emotional stress.Looking at you its also probably because of a very low body weight.All those factors disrupt production of the hormones and affect ovulation.The bigger problem here is the surgery gone wrong.But I have encountered a similar situation when I was a rookie.I successfully operated the patient and now she has a two year old baby boy.Lovely isn't it?"

She sighed. "Soare you going to help me?"

I smiled and rested my palms on the deskleaning on her face. "They say revenge is best when served cold.Sono I'm not going to help you.After everything you have done you think I'm going to help you Kate.You're so funny."

She brought her hands togetherher eyes glistening with tears. "Please I'm begging you.I know you hate me for what I did four years ago.I don't blame you and I deserve your wrath but please.Don't be like me.You're better than that."

I placed my hands on my chest and laughed. "You don't know me.I'm worse than you.I'm revengeful and I hold grudges.Once your cross me I will never ever forget your face.I'm not afraid of hell girlso I'm far worse than you're.After everything you did to my best friend you walk in here expecting me to help you?Bitchwhat are you smoking because I need some of that.Even if you kiss my mixed assI'm not going to help you.Meredith is my ride or die.My best friend.My sister.You crossed heryou crossed me.Soyea this has become personal.You crossed me and I'm unforgiving.You have no idea what that girl went through because of you.And don't think I don't know you're the one who used your connections to blacklist her in every company that she applied forthat too after demanding a ten thousand for an assault that never happened.She had complications throughout her pregnancy because you attacked her.She almost lost her son.Soyou can go whine to the one who gives a fuck because I clearly don't."

I leaned closer. "And if you think you will use your connections to have me lose my license because I refused to help you then I will fuck you up.If you wanna take it legally you won't win because this is a complicated conditioneven the senior  surgeons doesn't want to do it.I also have the right to refuse.If you wanna take it illegally then just remember that I'm nastier than you're.I'm a fucking doctor.I know how to make death look natural.You messed with Meredithyou messed with me.Nowget out of my office or I will have the security kick you out."

I didn't feel bad at all for refusing to help Kate.And I wasn't bluffingshe indeed blacklisted Meredith from all the companies she applied.I found it very funny that Meredith had a first class honours degree but no company was interested in her CV.It was too suspicious and I asked Leighton my older brother to investigate it.I figured out that Kate was behind it.She had Meredith scratched in all the companies she had an influence in.I couldn't tell Meredith because I knew how it would break her.I only told Chicago and we agreed not to tell MD because she was going through hell already.

"You are a womanplease don't be like this.I'm begging you.I'm pleading with you."

"So what?Were you a man when you gave Meredith money to abort her baby?Were you a man when you had your husband give up his parental rights?Because I'm a woman I'm supposed to give a fuck?Girlbye.Your problem ain't mine at all.Get the fuck out."

I looked at Kate slowly walking out and continued. "Ohh and by the wayif you don't find a doctor who can help you then ask the judge and your legal team to help you.I'm sure they will be happy to.Chicago told you that em' fucking tables turn."


"I only have red wine.Want some?" I asked Ryan.He was a workmate and a fuckbuddy.We screwed here and there and since I was trying to get Lwandile out of my systemI invited him over to my house for a quick fix.He had ice blonde hair and light colored eyeslooking handsome but with a boyish charm.He wasn't as bulk as Lee wasnor did he have that thing.DammitI was comparing them again.

"NoI will just have water."

I rolled my eyes. "There is some water in the fridge.I'm craving chicken mayo sandwich and lots of bacon." I salivated.

He frowned. "You're a doctor you should cut out on the cabs.And the wine too.You're having too much of itits not healthy." I didn't appreciate being looked at like thatlike there was something wrong with me.The second I was alone in the living roommy face fell and my thoughts turned to the man I hadn't stop thinking about.I hated how Lwandile was always on my mindand even when I was asleephe was in my dreams.I have only known the guy for a very short period of time but now I was behaving like an addict who needed a fix.I never behaved like that with men.I was used to just having sex with the guys that I would never call again.

Ryan returned drinking water. "Sotoday during this surgery.." Ohh hell no.I was already bored.All the guys I have been withwere just the samepredictableeducated and principled.They lacked the 'thing' that Lwandile had.He was dark and dangerousbut in a good way.He never bored me.

"You know whatlet's just skip to fucking and get this over and done withshall we?"I stood up and pressed my lips against his.When things were getting heatedmy doorbell rang.

"Urghperfect timing." I groaned irately and went to the door.

I opened it and almost jumped in suprise when I saw him. "What are you doing here?"

Lwandile was in his usual dark jeans and a t-shirt that hugged his ripped arms tightly. "Came to see you.Got company?"He looked at Ryan's car that was parked on my front yard.

I folded my arms. "Well a phone call could have been more appropriate.You just don't show up at people's places like this." He has never been to my place before.When we screwedit was his place and that one time in my office.

His eyes darkened. "Drop that attitude and tell the dude inside to leave.Or I will do so myself."

The last thing I should be was angry.We only had a few nights togetherthe ones he ruined me for the next man.But I was angry because I found him sexy when he was this bossy.What was wrong with me?

"How would you feel if I crashed one of your dates?"

He smirked. "I would love that actually.Now get the dude out.You know you want me to fuck you tonight and not him." He invited himself inside and walked to the kitchen.My blood boiled.

I walked back inside and found Ryan looking at Lwandileconfused. "Who is this guy Leigh?"

I shook my head. "Don't even ask.I'm sorry but you have to go."

He clicked his tongue and took his blazer before walking out.Lwandile walked out of the kitchenholding Ally.

"She doesn't like me that much.She clawed me." He raised his elbow which had scratches.He rubbed her head. "But she loves it when I touch her.It reminds a lot of someone I know." He smirked.

"You don't get to do that."

"Do what?"

"Showing up here unannounced.You're not my boyfriend or anyone special.You're just a guy I'm fucking.You should know your boundaries." I half shouted.

He placed the cat down and walked towards me. "And you don't get to talk to me like that.You don't raise your voice at me.Today we are going to do something about that mouth diarrhea and that attitude."

He pulled me tight against him and kissed my stubborn mouth.I didn't fight him.I kissed him back with the same hunger.It was harsh and aggressive conveying all his animosity in a tight embrace.I pulled away and looked at those hazel eyes that had darkened with intense arousal.I cupped his face again and brought him in for another kisswhile my other hand worked on his belt.I breathed in his mouthunable to understand my own emotions.One moment I hated the power I was giving this manand then the nextI surrendered myself to him.This was not going to end well.I was going to get hurt and...

I was fighting with myself so I pulled away again.

"You need to leave."

He didn't say anything.He unfastened his jeans and pushed them down with his boxers.And then his big fucking fat cock came out.

"You still want me to leave?" His bottoms hit the floor and he kicked them away.There was no way I was going to argue with the sexiest man in the world while he looked like that.He got rid of his T-shirt while I got rid of mine.His hands went to my hips and he grabbed my red thong before he ripped the material like it was nothing.Then he placed his massive palms all over my bodyfeeling and touching everywhere.I had never been touched like that.

"I want you gone before I wake up in the morning." He chuckled in response.My palms flattened against his pecs and I slowly dragged my fingertips down feeling every muscle of his body.My attitude was gone.What was left was a horny woman who needed some good cock.Whenever I brought a man homethe sex was usually disappointing.And even when it wasn't it didn't match up to what I had with Lwandile.I looked at his thick shaft which showed a thick veinalong with the thickness of the crown.It was a work of art.

"What a man.This is some really really good dick.And I want a taste."

"Then you have a taste." He groaned and slowly guided me to my knees on the tiles.I opened my mouth wide and got to work.I flattened my tongue and kept my mouth as wide as I could as he pushed himself to the back of my throat.Instead of a quick round of foreplay so we could skip to the good part Lwandile had a grip on my hair and he slowed down my movements.I continued sucking and enjoying every inch of him.

"Now we are going to deal with that mouth diarrhoea." He pulled back his cockgiving me a few minutes to breath then shoved it back in my mouth with force.He started thrustinggroaning hitting the back of my throat and even then I couldn't take all of him in.I didn't gag easily but now I gagged.He was really punishing my stubborn mouth.Tears gathered at the corner of my eyes.He looked at me with a shit-eating grin stretched across his face.It hurt but I was also enjoying it.He groaned.The sexiest sound I had ever heard.He continued pumping and when he was close he pulled out.

"Up." He commanded.

My body wanted to speed things upbut his lips slowed me down.His lips moved slowly and gently.Our breathing filled the quiet room.He lifted me onto the dining table and dragged my ass over the edge.He wore the latex and gathered my legs in his arms then pressed his cock inside my entrancehis large crown pressing through the tightness of my swollen lips.He stilled inside of me and looked into my face.He held my gaze for a whileas if he wanted to look at me and enjoy the victory before he actually started to fuck me.He rocked his hips inside of meslowly at firsthis big cock sliding in and out of my small channel very easily because I was so drenched for him.I was an average woman with an average size but he was too big that it made me smaller.But I enjoyed being with a man big enough to even hurt me.

"Fuckthis is some good pussy."He groaned as he continued thrusting.

I bit my lip as continued thrusting slowly but deliciously.I grabbed on to his hips and pulled myself into himmeeting his thrust by dragging my body closer.

"Lee...I love your dick."

"I know." He smirkedshowing how egoistical he washow arrogant he was with fucking abilities.That smirk made things worse.

I was already starting to feel the small explosion begin at the bottom of my belly.My hands reached for his chest to hold on to him and I dug my nails on his back as the climax hit me.I moaned loudly and my hips bucked uncontrollably.It was a long climax nearly thirty seconds of goodness.

"As simple as that." He smirked again still fucking me through the explosion.

"Cocky asshole."

"What did we say about the attitude and mouth diarrhoea?" He yanked me to the edge of the table and one smooth moveflipped me that my ass was in the air while I was holding onto the table.He had my back arched in a deeper anglegiving me a nice view of my ass.He gave a violent thrust as he shoved himself back inside.His hand gripped my neckand he pulled me into him that waycontrolling me completely as he slammed his entire length in and out.He hit it over and over again.I screamed with pleasureunshamed.And he fucked me.Never stopped fucking me.A man had never screwed me like that in my entire life.

We ended up in my bed upstairs.


If scientists could figure out a way to manufacture sex in capsule formit would make the best sleeping pill in the world.I was deeply asleep when I heard the rattling of plates in my kitchen.It took forces to fight my way up through the thick fog of slumber to consciousness.When I finally didI was exhausted.My whole body felt like seaweed.I washed my facebrushed my teeth and finger-combed my hairbefore wearing his T-shirt and going to the kitchen.I found him cookingwearing only his jeans that hung lower showing his torso and a part of his rock hard ass.His back was strong and had scratchesI did that.I smiled to myself.

"Good morning." He continued flipping whatever he was flipping in that pan.

"Morning." I hugged him from behind. "I thought I told you that I want you gone when I wake up."

He chuckled. "You're happy to see me and you're turned on.Let's not pretend otherwise."He placed a kiss on my forehead. "Anywaysit down and I will dish out for you and your friend." He nodded to my cat Ally.

"Her name is Ally."

"She looks like she is warming up to me." He served me pancakescreamsomelette and fruits.

"The food was delicious and thank you.But I was serious when I said you should be gone.This shouldn't happen.We should set some ground rules."

A gentle morning glow filled the room and blanketed his skin in the most beautiful color. "And why is that?"

"I'm not looking for anything serious.And doing this will only lead to something serious.I'm just interested in the good sex and my career."

He chuckled and filled his glass with warm milk. "Who hurt you?"

"No one."

"So you're just a broken woman then."

"Yes I am and I like it that way.Don't try to mend me."

"I don't want to mend you.I love the brokenness.The beauty.The ugliness.The bad.The good.I want it all like that.I just want to love the broken pieces as they are."

I looked at himshocked and moved.But then again... 

"Plus you aren't my type."

He laughed. "Then what's your type."

"Not a bad boy for starters."

He ignored the remark because what I said was probably true."If you're going to say your type is a prince charming I will fuck your mouth up because a prince charming only exist in fairytales.And you my girlare not a Cinderella either."

"So what am I?"

His eyes moved to mine. "A broken woman for starters.You were hurt by whoever and now you think everything with a dick is set out to hurt you.You're sassyfull of attitude and have a quick mouth on you.You can't be a princess but a Dynamite.My Dynamite." He moved closer and ran his hand on my nipplesqueezing it through the fabric. "And definitely a mixture of something."

"My dad is white and my mother was blackso am I."

He nodded and kissed my neck. "She gave birth to a beautiful girl.May her soul rest in peace."

"Thank you.Sowhat about you?What's your type?"

He shrugged. "I don't have a type.I believe in connection.The moment I saw youI knew you were that spark I needed in my dull life.In fact you were more than that.I asked for a light of my life and I got a Dynamite.I got my ancestors to thank for that." He chuckled.

"You only saw me at that hospital and boomI was what you were looking for?"

He shook his head. "That wasn't the first time.I saw you two months ago.You grabbed some guy who was trying to hit on you by the ballsin a club in downtown.I was impressed and started following you in public places.At the hospital it wasn't the first time." Instead of being creeped outI was actually impressed.

"So I was right.You're a bad boy."

"I own a company give me some credit." He chuckledshaking his head.

"But you do something shady.I'm sure of it."

He perked my lips. "Don't worry your pretty head about it." His expression  changed. "No more other men.Only me."

"I told youI don't want a relationship."

"I'm not saying we should be in a relationship.Let's just practice monogamy.I'm not getting in the back of the line every time I want a turnand I hate sharing."

"That should apply to you too.No other men for me.No other women for you.I'm only making an exception this short period of time because I need to get your out of my system."I was already establishing a dead line because a long-term commitment really was the last thing I wanted. "But what will happen what you go back to South Africa?"

He noddeda smile stretching across his face. "Okaywe will see.I agree to your terms.And don't worry about me going back to SA because now I have a reason to stay here."

He kissed my forehead."Now I need to know the woman I'm sleeping with and I will tell you about me.Who is Leigh-Anne Gold?Tell me everything that I need to know."



Juan-Carlos walked out of his officestill looking fresh like he had just walked out of the shower.I checked my time and it was 7:30pm.My first day at workand he was already making my life a living hell.I loved workingI really did but I had other commitments too.Right now I was supposed to be doing my nightshift at the casinobut Juan-Carlos chose to tie me down with paperwork and assigned me to do work wasn't on my job description.I couldn't complain because in as much as I hated the fact that he dumped paperwork on my deskexcitement rushed through me when I was working on something I actually loved and good at.

"How far are you?" He leaned in behind me.Almost resting his head on my shoulder.God too close.

I cleared my throat and looked at the screen. "I noticed a discrepancy that is not making any sense.When the number of bookings at these resorts in the western chain are lowthe revenue stays the same.On top of thatpresidential suites are booked for several nights but there is no income for it."I moved the mouse around so he could see the highlighted portions. "You see this. These are rooms rentals without fees at least for every month.Then there are low deposits of cash that don't match the room bookings."

He didn't even bother to look at what I was showing him.Instead he was looking at me the entire time. "You noticed that too.You're smarter than I thought.My team only figured it out when the quarterly numbers were presented and it took you a few hours.I'm impressed.Now we need to get going.I will drop you off at home."

Now this was my moment to burst his bubble. "No thanks.I'm driving my classic BMW old modeland I will be just fine."

"I will have the security drop your car off at your place.Let's go." He grabbed my hand and led me to the elevator.

"Nothat's not gonna happen.I'm going home on my own."

He pressed the call button and rested his other hand in his pockets. "You overworked your first day at work and it was because of me.SoI have to make sure you have dinner and go home safely.Pluswe need to celebrate that you're now working for me."

"You're my boss."


"So?You're not my friend. Our relationship ends in the walls of your company.My personal life is not your business.So no dinners or anything of that sort." 

The doors opened and we walked in.The small space suddenly felt charged...as if an electrical storm was brewing right inside the elevator.I took a deep breath and looked the other side.If it were other man I wouldn't be in this state.This version of Juan-Carlos Jalal intimidated memade me feel...hot.

We took the elevator down to the bottom floors.Still holding my hand he led us to the garage where he parked his priceless SUV.It was worth far too much money to leave in the parking lot with us common folks.I rolled my eyes.He opened the doorand I climbed in.I also have no idea why I was tolerating this.

"Where do you have in mind?Where do you want us to have dinner?"

"Point of correctionyou wanted us to have dinner together not me.I should be working right now."

"At the casino?Hell no.You're quitting."

I frowned. "Excuse me?!Who are you to tell me where I should work and where I shouldn't?"

"I'm Juan-Carlos Jalal."

I rolled my eyes. "Well Mr Jalal I dance to the beat of my own drum."

He revved his engine. "We will see.Soladies choice.Where should we have dinner?"

I chose to piss him off.I was certain he wasn't comfortable in my own world just like I wasn't comfortable in his.

"There is this downtown deli that I know."

He shrugged. "Okay tell Siri the address.I have never been to a deli.It should be interesting."

When we arrived we both ordered our food then carried our trays to a booth to the corner.I expected him to complain about not having the VIP treatment or the noise but he looked fascinated by the whole setup.He actually looked comfortable.I had ordered a long-foot pastrami sandwich and two slices of piazza.He ordered salad and a slice of piazza.

"Do you always eat a portion of your food?" I asked.

He raised an eyebrow at the question. "Yes.But maybe if you cook for meI will eat everything."

I shrugged. "I guess that makes sense.You wouldn't have a physique like that if you ate everything all the time."

He grinned. "You like my body?"

"Not really."

He chuckled. "You know you do.Let's not pretend otherwise."

I ignored that remark because it was true.

"Always cocky."I couldn't believe I was sitting across from this guythe very guy who annoyed the hell out of me.I stared at him incredulously.I couldn't even convince myself this was real.We were eating together having a decent conversation.I took a bite of my sandwich.No amount of discomfort could chase away my appetite.I worked hard the whole dayand now I was starving.

"And you like me like that.I tick all the boxes."

I raised my eyebrow. "You aren't my type."

He chuckled. "What's your type?"

"Not an arrogant prick for one."

"Bullshit.Then you will get a pussy.Ever been with a man this arrogant?"

I shook my head.

"Then you will change your mind." He stared at me in a way no one else ever had before.He gave me his full attentionstare at me like I was the only woman in the room.

"I won't and I will never."

"You dislike me.But that's okay because all you have to do is want meand you do.You're too stubborn to admit it"After he made his point he sank back in his chair and pulled his glass toward him.

"And you're too stubborn to accept rejection.You think everyone wants youwhich is not the case."

He flinched at my wordslike they cut deep into his skin. "You say that nowbut you will change your mind soon."

A laugh escaped my throat. "Trust me I won't."

A moment later the waitress came with our bill.He took his wallet preparing to pay for our meals but I beat him to it.I was drowning in debts but that didn't mean I couldn't afford two meals.

"Don't ever do that."

"Do what?"

"Pay for my meal."

I frowned. "Why not?"

"Seeing someone less fortunate than me pay my meal doesn't sit well with me."

"Well get used to it." His eyes remained on meas if he couldn't believe what I have just said.


Juan-Carlos Jalal was sent to torment me.I just knew the devil put him in my life to torture me any way he could.The devil's son made my life at Jalal's a living hell.I was chastised for interacting with my male colleaguesand I had to jump to every ridiculous demand that rolled into his thick head.Ohand guess what?The casino manager gave me a fat paycheck and fired me afterwards.When I pressed on the matter he caved and told me that Juan-Carlos was behind it.I confronted Satan's son and he told me that he needed me at his beck and callso working at the casino wasn't convenient.Since I was working overtime and doing what was beyond my job descriptionhe got his legal team to draft a new contract which would start working after three months.I would be on probation in the meantime.Chicago was happy to tell me that my salary would be raised and I might possibly get a better position if I show them my potential.But that didn't make anything betterI hated him.Of all the people in the worldI had to end up working for Juan-Carlos Jalal.

I checked my time as I ran for the elevator.It was 8:02am.My gosh.Traffic was bad.I also have to admit that I woke up a little late.It was a MondayI had spent the previous day with Benedict.We were spending quality time together.I really enjoyed his company...and maybe it was the beginning of something sweet.I smiled to myself as I recalled the time we spent at the paintball.It was fun and I probably burned a few calories too.The past few weeks we went ballingfor movies and dinners.I pushed my thoughts about Benedict to the back of my head as I ran towards my desk.I was only five minutes late but that didn't matter to Mr Jalal.When I reached at my desk he was already standing therehis hands resting in his pockets.

He checked his wristwatch. "You're five minutes late Miss Burnett."

"I'm sorry Mr Jalal but I got stuck in traffic


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