I read my newspaper and looked through my emails.Most of them were from Cassieone of my PA and Danica.Their emails flooded my inbox at every hour from five in the afternoon until two in the morning.They never seemed to stop working but I paid them big bucks for that reason.I turned over to the next page.My name had been splashed all over the financial paperI had stacked a few million dollars from my wine deal with Lindani.All in allit had been a successful dealjust like the one beforeand the one before that.But success could be draining sometimes it took me away from the fundamentals in life.

Jasmine's flip flops clapped against the white marble titles as she emerged from her roomholding her puppy.I sighed knowing that look on her face very well.I was good in almost everything I didbut being a dad proved to be difficult.It was very hard going through my daughter.She had built walls around her that even I found hard to penetrate.She never enjoyed talking to me about her feelings or anyonebut instead she found solace in her dog.It worried me sometimes.I was starting to consider therapy.

"Hey dad." She kissed my cheek and took a seat.

"Did you sleep wellbaby?" I slammed the newspaper on the table and gave her my full attention.

"I did." She took a spoonful of her oats and concentrated on her foodshutting me out completely.

"How was your night?"

She shrugged and continued eating.

I bent down and brushed her hair. "Baby talk to daddy.Is there something wrong?"

She shrugged again and continued eating.

I sighed. "Talk to me baby. Please don't shut me out Jasmine."

She took a deep breath and looked at me. "Why can't I have a mommy who loves me?Am I a bad girl?All my other friends have sweet mommiesand I discovered the fact that the absence of my own means nothing to anyone.Its simply never spoken ofonly when that woman shows up.Why doesn't she love me?She is my mother but she doesn't love me.Why is that?"

My throat dried up.How do you know which words to use in this case when they simply aren't there? "You have me Jasmine.You have aunt DanicaMrs Evans Jordan."

"I don't have a mommy.Why is that?We are not a complete family.A family has a motherfather and a child.I only have you and its not complete." She glared at mered-faced and panting.Tears streamed down her cheeksand her bottom lip quivered.She took a deepshaky breath. "I want a mommy who will do my hair.Who reads me bed time stories at night.You and Mrs Evans are bad at reading bed time stories because you use the same voice for an ogre and a prince charming.I want a mommy who will paint my nails too.Mrs Evans is bad at it.She can't even do a French braid.She can't do my hair!" She shoutedstamping her foot.

I touched her cheek.How was I to explain that not every woman was cut out to be her mommy.Women wanted to be in my life because I was good at fucking and I had money.Most women wanted the opportunity to make me fall in love with them so as to get their hands on my money.But none had pure intentionslike becoming a good mother to my daughter.Even Ariel didn't carenot that I wanted her near my daughter anyway.I was too careful when it comes to my baby.

 "Jasmine my babyfinding a mommy for you is not easy.Baby..."

Her eyes glistened. "Its easy!!!Guy told me that his father went on a date and soon he will have another mother.He already has one who loves him so much and now he will have two of them.Why can't you just take a beautiful woman out and get me a mommy?!"

She yanked my hands off and ran back upstairs.Chrissie triggered all this behavior.If she didn't show her face then my daughter wouldn't be so sad.I was both her mom and dadbut I knew I couldn't fill the void in her no matter how much I tried.

"Give her time.She will come around." Mrs Evans her nanny sighed looking at me.

"I understand.Please check up on her time and again.I need to go to work." I checked my wrist watch.

"If anything happens.Give me a call."

"Okay Mr Jalal.There is nothing to worry about.She will be okay after a few minutes."

I nodded and walked out.

Every day felt like déjà vu.My routine was almost always the same.Early in the morning I had back to back meetings with clients who were interested in my wine and I made new deals.More money was thrown on the table but the pile was always so big I couldn't see it grow anymore.As a man approaching fortyI had accomplished what a seventy year old man only dreamt of having.It used to be exciting but now it seemed repetitive.I was also starting to realise that for sure more money means more problems.Chrissie was after my pockets againAriel tooand the rest of them.

Jordan looked at me with a questioning expression on his face.His eyes narrowed at me."We just scored a huge deal.Its 9am and you're already moody.I thought you would be happy after winning this deal.What's up?You woke up at the wrong side of the bed?"

Danica lifted her gaze toowatching me with powerful eyes.

My mind was dead.Throughout the entire meeting I was thinking about my conversation with my daughter.

"Its Jasmine."

Danica shut the folder without taking her eyes off me and tossed it on the large wooden table where my clients had been gathered just twenty minutes ago.

"I knew Chrissie showing her face would be a problem.What's wrong?"

I sighed and rubbed my face. "She wants a mother.She vented out early this morning."

Jordan turned silent and Danica sighedpressing forward. "Sogive her a mother.Get Ariel down here or something."

I released an audible sigh. "Ariel was never cut out to be a mother in the first place.PlusI don't want her near my daughter they will not get along.Jasmine is a difficult child.Ariel can never be tolerant and patient with her.Besidesmy marriage with Ariel is strictly business related.If I involve Jasmine it will get complicated and Ariel will start to think she means something to me."

"Then divorce Ariel and find a woman who loves you and your daughtergenuinely.Its about time.You're not getting any younger." Jordan said.

"I can't divorce Arielwell until I turn forty.But still its gonna be difficult to get rid of her."

"What?!" Both Danica and Jordan were surprised with this new piece of information.

I shrugged. "I should have divorced her a long time ago when I figured out that things weren't working between usand I really didn't need to give in to my family's demands.But I married Ariel in UAE and.."

"You married her under the Arabic law.What were you thinking Juan-Carlos?!" Danica glared at me like I had lost my mind.

"OkayI'm lost here." Jordan looked at both of uswaiting for us to elaborate.

Danica chuckled in disbelief. "An Arabic man who wishes to be divorced must be aged between 40 and 65.In addition he must submit a medical report issued by a government hospital proving that his wife suffers from a medical condition that prevents her from having children.So even if our friend here turns fortyits gonna be hard to divorce Ariel because apparently she is not infertile." She turned and looked at me. "What were you thinking marrying her in UAE Juan-Carlos?"

"In case you haven't noticedI'm Arabic.My mother might be American but I'm Arabic by bloodso I was bound to marry her in UAE.You think I'm not aware that I'm screwed?I thought the marriage would workplus the family was pressing on me.Anywayeven if I successfully divorce Ariel I don't wanna marry again.Marriage will not be on my cards anymore.Its too complicated."

There wasn't a single woman who wouldn't be tempted by my wealth.The second she got her hands on itit would destroy her.People were greedy and would do anything to get something out of meeven if I was to draft all the legal paperwork to keep her hands off my companies in the event of divorce.

"Of course it will be complicated if you marry for any other reason that is not love." Jordan pressed.

I sighed. "Please not this fairytale bullshit again.Anywaythat's not what matters right now.Maybe I should start taking Jasmine to some therapy classes."

"She is just seven JC.She only needs a woman who understands her and can get through her walls.She needs love.I can help out if you let me.I have known Jasmine since she was born.I will help out so she wouldn't have to feel the void of not having a mother.She only needs a mother figure."

"That will complicate things even more Danica.You have a life too.I will figure out a way to deal with my daughter without having to involve anyone.But thanks for offering to help."I stood up and took my car keys.

Danica sighed and squeezed my arm. "HeyI want to help.At least Jasmine opens up to me here and there.Let me move in in one of the apartments." 

I owned four apartments at the building I lived inincluding the penthouse.The other floor was my personal gym.I was a very private person so I loved it like thatthough from an outside point of view it was extravagant.The other two floors were empty.

"I will think about it."

She nodded. "Please do.This is for Jasmine."

"And then where are you going?"Jordan raised his eyebrow.

"I'm going to get some coffee."

"Ohh let me come with you."Danica offered.

I shook my head. "No thanks Danica.I'm going to that café in Queens.I need to breath." _And see Kitty._ 

"That's like more than half an hour away JC." Danica protested.

I nodded. "Exactly what I need."

Jordan spun his pen between his fingersscrutinizing me under his intense gaze. "Something interesting is going on.First we gave a huge donation to the same café which is not even a two star and now you're driving across the citygoing there.Is there something you're not telling us?Something you wanna share with the class Juan-Carlos?Are you hunting something Juan-Carlos? Which will be interesting because you're a predator who always has a carcass by his side." I knew exactly what he meant by that.

"Mind your goddamn business."That got him to shut up.And I walked out


I stood at the end of the queue and checked my wrist watch.Since I was practically the tallest in the room I could see Meredith at the counter serving customers and smiling as always.The second she dropped that smileI had forgotten everything that was bothering me that instant.Only if she could smile at me that way.This woman hated my gutsshe regarded me seriously and not in so many words called me a pigbut I still found her fascinating.Every cell in my body came to life the moment I laid my eyes on her.I finally reached the counter and she tensedprobably because she could sense my presence too.Today she was in a black pencil skirt that hugged her thick thighs and assand a white blouse.He hair was pulled back as usual.I liked it when women left their hair down and long.My fingers liked to grab onto something while I pinned a woman underneath me.But her sleek updomesmerized me anyway.


"What will you haveSir?" My body immediately recognized her voicethe sultry depth that filled my fantasies.Even without seeing her my body would know her.The voice was soothing all the way to my spine gliding across my skin.The second she called me sirexquisite pleasure crept down straight to my balls. _Sir._ She obviously had no idea of the effect of that word had on men like me.I almost grabbed her by the hair.I had a beautiful woman the previous night but my cock never sprung into actionwhich was a first.But the second she spoke my slacks tightened.All she had to do was speak and I wanted her.

After our short conversation I chose to piss her off even more.When I ordered her to watch me eatI felt the ferocity in her look.It was burning with a raging fire and she looked like she might strangle me.Most women couldn't stand my presence because of my charm and looks.They literally fell on my feet but this one couldn't tolerate my presence because I annoyed her.While she found me attractiveshe liked me less every time she saw me.She sat downsitting like a princess wearing an invisible tiara.Then she watched me eatlooking at me through the thickness of her lashes.

"How is work?How is waitressing like?I bet being on your feet all day long is not that amazing.Dealing with different clients can be crazy tooright?" My PI had given me all the information about her that I needed.Now I knew that she was armed with a first class honours degree in accountancy and business.After graduation she had taken multiple jobswhich sadly had nothing to do with her degree.She was even working around the clock in the casino.It gave me a hind of the kind of woman she was.Hardworking and different.As she explained why she loved her jobit was clear she was dedicated to anything she puts her mind on.She was very innocent because of her outlook on life.She had a lot to learn about the real world.I was tempted to offer her the position for the receptionist.She was the best candidate for itin fact she was overqualified.And with her experience in the waitressing department I knew she could handle it but I was also certain that she would throw that offer back on my face.She disliked me that much.

We argued about the stalking matter and I realized that women were determined to be quiet and well-behavedlike that was what men wanted.But Meredith was opinionated and while she had a gentle and calm demeanor she was aggressive when she spoke her mind.She reminded me of the men I worked with on daily basis.

When I pissed her off againshe walked away without caring twice about who I was and what I was capable of.

My phone rang in my suit jacket.Danica was calling.It had to be important so I answered.

"Juan-Carlos I just got off the phone with a grapes farmerMr Marshall.He owns various vineyards in Mexico.He is in the city and was wondering if you could have lunch with him.He said he can save you twenty percent.Is that something that would interest you?"

I was happy with my supplier and pricing but twenty percent wasn't pocket change.That was a significant difference. "If this man can deliver it's worth the conversation.I will have the lunch.I'm interested."

"You made the right decision because our usual supplier cannot deliver the amount of grapes we want anymore.He cannot meet the demand.Wine orders are increasing each day.Enormous spike in sales.The new blend sold out.Preoders are backing up.I bet you our supplier has empty vineyards right now.Which reminds methere is a restaurant owner in California he wants to start hosting weddings so we want to talk about a deal where he could have a collection of our wines by the barrel.He makes a commission and we make a commission."

I looked at the counter hoping Meredith will show face but there was no sign of her. "Well you handle that one Danica.I know you got it.I will go talk to the supplier now."

"Ohh and that is not all.After that we have to go for an inspection of that old hotel you want to renovate."

I sighed. "We will do the inspection tomorrow.Today we are doing Jalal Winesokay."


"And Danicaget Lisa or Cassie to get information about Mr Marshall ASAP and email it to me including the address of the restaurant we are going to have the lunch at.I have to know what I'm dealing with."

"Alright." She hung up.

Since I was running out of time and Kitty was refusing to come outI chose to write her a note.I paid my bill and asked the other waitress to give Meredith the note.I tipped her good and left.

I met Mr Marshall.Throughout the entire meeting my heart rate didn't rise onceas it used to do when I was 24 and new in business.Now everything was just repetitive that it was boring.It was the meeting I had a million timesjust with a different face.It was the same conversation.The same handshakes.

"I know you get all your grapes from Mr de Lossy.I'm not going to lie to you.He produces excellent grapes of high quality at a reasonable price.Its no surprise you have been in business with him since your started Jalal Wines.So you must have a sense of loyalty to him but when it comes to business personal feelings aside."

I fixed the front of my suit jacket. "If I am to do business with you I won't tolerate anything less than the best.And I don't want any compromise on quality.I'm only considering doing business with you because my supplier can't meet the demand but that doesn't mean I'm going to drop him just like that.I will talk to my team and we will consider putting you on probation."

He nodded. "I respect that Mr Jalal."

I have been in the game for too long.Deals were made for me with little workand getting incredible business deals wasn't even hard anymore.

I grabbed my glass and downed the wine before I rose to my feet.I paid both our bills and walked out.


I looked around the casino in annoyance.It was classy with men in suits.But beneath all the suits and elegant appearancesthey were pigs.How could Meredith work in a place like this?Men we are naturally visual beings and obviously they saw what I saw on Kitty.That didn't sit well with me.My gut twisted as I saw her walking around tables helping the men gamble.The way she smiled at them and chatted with themannoyed me.She never smiled at me like that.Like I had possessive rights over herI just wanted to take her out and order her not to work in there again.But I couldn't do that.The Kitty had claws.I watched irately as she moved to a group of gamblersto individual ones.And they were all checking her out when she wasn't looking.

"You see that curvy babe there with brown curls.I want her." One of the guys on the opposite table said.I followed his gaze and much to my chagrinhe was referring to Meredith.

"She is an ice queen.Doesn't give a damn about men and how big their pockets are.Why do you think regulars are friends with her?She friend zones everyone who tries it with her.I bet she is taken." The other one replied.

"Watch and learn.I will have her number in five minutes.The Wily charm always works.I will tap that fat ass tonight." The first guy fixed the front of his suit jacket.

I clenched my jaws and approached their table and pulled a chair with meputting it between them before I sat down.They both stared at me blankly.I leaned back in the chair and crossed one legletting my ankle rest on the opposite knee.I turned to the blonde guy interested in Meredith. "Leave." I commanded him.

He stayed put.

This time I made direct eye contact with him.I gave him the same look I gave all my enemies scaring him to death with my intense glare.

"You're Juan-Carlos Jalal.." He said it more to himself more than to me.

"Dude no type of ass is worth a broken nose." His friend said.

I snapped my fingers in his face. "Beat it." This time he listened. He pushed his chair back and left the casino with his friend.

When I turned back to look at Meredithshe was nowhere in sight.A few minutes later I saw her sprinting out of the casino.My first instinct was to follow her.Something sent me running.Protectiveness. When I got to her even I could tell she was rattled.The look in her eyes said it all.

When she ran into her mothers house I leaned on my car and decided to wait for her.I stared into the clear sky and kept thinking about her.She told me off like no one else.She treated me like I was nobody not the handsome millionaire every women wanted in their bed.To herI was just another guy in the crowd.Why did that make me obsess over her?No idea.

"Who are you?" I turned to the voice and came face to face with her brother.I didn't need to be told.Despite the different complexion the resemblance was very clear.I took a moment to stare at him before I responded.He was a good-looking guy.Solid build with masculine features.He had a light beardbrown eyes and brown curls that reminded me of Meredith.His t-shirt fit his ripped armsand he had broad shoulders that suggested he hit the weights hard.He was tall toobut I was taller.

"I'm Juan-Carlos Jajal.Who are you?"

He ignored my question. "What are you doing in my mother's yard?"

I crossed my arms over my chest. "I'm waiting for Meredith."

He tensed and glared at me like he was looking at his enemy. "What business does my sister have with you?"

"We are friends."

He chuckled. "Friends?With a man like you.What do you want from my sister?"

I ignored him because I was going to sound like an asshole and it would piss him off.He was overprotectiveno doubt about that.I knew brothers do crazy things to protect their sisters.I didn't get along with Janelle that much but when need arisesI protected her with everything in me.I took my business card and gave it to him.

"There is enough information there.If anything happens to your sistertrack me down.Nothing will happen to her anyway but if that makes you sleep at nightthere you have it."

He grabbed the business card and checked my license plates before storming into the house.Minutes later an elderly man walked outtalking on the phone and cussing.He immediately drove off and I figured what could have possibly been happening in that house.Family issues.A few minutes laterMeredith walked out carrying a boy.I looked at her brushing the boy's curls and his back. _I want a mommy!_ Jasmine's words rang in my head.Quickly I looked away.The small scene being enacted in front of me reminded me of my own struggles as a father.Meredith was a mother.And the way she was handling her son like a fragile glass showed me what kind of a mother she was.When she approached I noticed the tears that filled her eyes and the way she blinked them away.My suspicions were confirmed.

"Before you leavecan I talk to you for a minute." The brother's eyes flashed with threat.

"Yes." We stepped aside.

"After this I don't wanna see you near my sister.You look like and you're probably ten years or moreolder than her.Stay away from her.I appreciate you giving her a ride but stay the hell away from her.I have seen your type.My sister is not going through that pain again.Stay the hell away."Well he just insulted me about my age but I wore a poker face.The sixteen years difference between Meredith and I wasn't a big deal.

I examined him harderpissed off that he was judging me too quickly.I was a pig yes and I liked being onebut I was not that bad.Yes I wanted to be between his sister's legs real badbut the only pain I wanted her to go through was when she would struggle to take my cock.I had no ill intentions.

"That sounds like an invitation to me.And now I don't think I will be able to stay the hell away from her." I turned and walked to the car.


"If we are buying this hotel then we are revamping it into what I want it to be.It would be modified into a middle eastern style.SoI'm stepping up and getting the renovations moving forward.What does the legal team say about the price?" I asked.

Jordan crossed his legsankle on knee. "I don't understand most of the terms.I swear they teach these people to speak in tongues when they are in law school.But this could be a really good thing for us."

"Agreed." Danica nodded.

I stood up. "Okayso we are going for the inspection.And Danicagood luck with the interviews."

She shruggedsmiling. "I don't need the luck.The candidates need it."

"True.Let's go Jordan." We walked to the elevator with my team and I pressed the call button.

Once againI felt like I had touched an open electric wire.Every cell kn my body came to life.

"Jordan can I ask you something."

He remained silentwaiting for me to elaborate.

"Have you ever been in a situation whereby you sense someone's presence before seeing them?Like a déjà vu kind of thing."

He raised his eyebrow. "Did you take a cold shower early this morning?"

"What's that got to do with what I asked?"

"The cold water probably froze a few brain cells.What you just asked sounds like a plot from a movie."

"Funny." I looked aheadand the elevator's door opened.I was right!She paused when she saw methere was a flash of surprise that moved across the surface of her eyes.I didn't need to look at the mirror to know that I was surprised too.Since I didn't move the men didn't eitherwaiting for me to go first.Meredith was in yet another black pencil skirt with a matching suit jacket.She was holding a folder and I knew why she was in my territory.Great!

"Good morning gentlemen." She dashed out of the elevator and Jordan had a sinister look in his eyes as he watched her walk away before the doors closed.He like what he saw and he wanted more of it.Jordan and I were both predators stalking our prey in the open.I gently clapped his back silently sending a warning.

"Stacking your claim?" He asked.

"She is off limits."

"You know each other from somewhere?She looked like she recognized you." I nodded.

"Let's do this inspection quickly I want to come back before they do the second phase."

Jordan didn't question me. "Alright."


"You're out of your mind!You want us to hire someone who has no experience whatsoever based on your personal opinion.There are other people who deserve this job not her.Just because she has a first class degree it doesn't mean she is good for the job.If she was really good she wouldn't be in this situation in the first place." Danica's attempt to sound calm failed.

"We are hiring Meredith as the new receptionist.I agree she never worked as a receptionist beforeor worked in a reputable company but she deserves this job." I downshifted and kept my smug grin to myself.

"Ohh really." Danica squeaked in mock surprise.She cocked her head her face looking ice cold.She had known me since we were kidsso it was difficult to avoid her detection.

"Yes.She deserves this job.And you know why?I have been very observant when it comes to her.She knows how to handle people.She is good."

"She works in a fucking café not a company.This is a huge company not some fucking circus." Danica was one of the few people I trusted in the worldso a part of me felt guilty for doing something she was strongly against.She has been right about Chrissie from the word gobut I didn't listen to her and look where that got me.

"She works in the café the one in Queens." Jordan asked and I nodded in response.He chuckled shaking his head.

"Isn't this nepotism.Something you're strongly against."

"She deserves this job and it's not nepotism because she is the better candidate and I'm confident she nailed the interview.Her lack of experience in the department doesn't make her undeserving.If anything she deserves a better position than being a receptionist.And I don't think I need to explain myself to you both."

"I'm the one handling the interviews JC!"

"And I overlook every decision made in this company.I have the final say." I said firmly.

Jordan chuckled. "You're the boss."

"Damned right I am."

"You sign the paycheck."

"Damned right I do."

"Don't know why I don't just quit.You don't take our advises anyway."Jordan grumbled.

"Give it restwill ya?Go and announce that they won't be a second phase.We already have a receptionistand yea I will personally notify her that she got the job." I looked at Danica who had her arms crossed over her chestslender glasses on her faceand an attitude that reached every corner of the room.Danica projected her anger directly into my skin.The tense silence stretched between us.She stared at me with hostilityhardly blinking as she met my gaze.The she finally turned and stormed out of my office.

"She is pretty upset."

I shrugged.I opened my folder and looked through my checklist of things that I needed to complete. "I don't care.She will get over it." I respected Danica's opinion but she needed to back off.This was my lifemy company and I was gonna hire whomever I wanted.While Danica was vital to my successshe worked for menot the other way round.She was just a partneran employee.

"Wow.This is the first time you didn't agree with Danica." He shook his headsmiling. "This is going to be exciting."


I hadn't touched my glass since I sat down in the casino.It was my favourite drinkscotch.A single ice cube sat at the bottomslowly melting and mixing with the booze.I watched as she moved from table to tabledoing what she was good at.She gave effortless smilesones that weren't genuine but still undeniably beautiful.Whether she was smiling or frowning she still had the exact same appeal.I walked to where she waswith her oblivious to my approach.

"Kitty." She turned to me and her look of terror was undeniably sexy.

"You were zoned out.What's up?"

Her eyes narrowed in ferocity.Her beauty was even more apparent when she was annoyed. "What are you doing here?"

"Ohh I get it.You're worried you didn't get the callright?Well I told them not to call because I'm here to deliver the messagepersonally.You have been hired.And I'm going to be your boss now.How does that sound?" I turned to walk away but stopped and continued.

"Ohh and in my company I'm a dictator.Welcome to my world.This is going to be interesting."

I never mixed business with pleasure.I was very strict about that.I never messed with my employees.It was a rule I refused to break.I had fired so many PAs before who tried it with me.I knew once I make that mistake then that woman would want to be on my arm always feast on my riches.And be my number one girlthe one with all the spotlight.But maybe Kitty was born to be my only exception.I went back to my seat and trained my gaze on her as she continued working.Instead of getting excited that she got the jobshe was rather shocked.Now she was fully aware of my presence and she would direct her gaze at metime and again.She looked like she wanted to murder me.

At 10:30 she was still taking orders and serving customers.At 11:00she was helping the men gamble.At 11:45I couldn't take it anymore.

I walked over to hergrabbed the tray and placed it on the counter.

"What are you doing?" She frowned.

"Its enough for today.You need to rest.I need you at work at exactly 8am.Where is your locker room?Let's go grab your stuff."

She crossed her arms over her chest. "You're not my boss!"


"I haven't signed anything yet so I'm not your employee.Besidesthis is not your company.Right now I follow the rules of my boss here.Soget over yourself."This woman didn't give a damn about who I was.She puts me in my place like I was just any other guy.That was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.

"I'm sure I told you that I'm a dictator." I grabbed her hand and approached one of the waitresses.I flashed her a charming smile and asked where the locker room was.She directed meno questions asked.After taking her thingsI held Meredith's hand and pulled her out of the casinoignoring all the people watching us make our exit.I took her outside to my car.She pulled her hand away from mine when we reached the sidewalk.This time I opened the door for herfrowning she climbed me in.This woman was not interested in my richesif it was someone else they would be taking selfies because the interior of my car looked like the interior of a jet.

"You're such an asshole you know that." She didn't posses the same rage as she had beforeprobably because she realised it was my way or no way at all.

"That's not a smart thing to say to your boss." I revved my engine and drove out of the place.

"But yes I do know that I'm an asshole.And guess what Kitty?I love it."

I stole a glance and focused on her bottom lipthe soft pillow I wanted to kiss again and again.I wanted to explore this woman everywhere.When she was aroundI forgot about the women who were already at my beck and call.None of them compared to this woman.Calm but yet sassy.She was the only person in the world who had the balls to tell me where to get off.She spoke her mind without fear of repercussions and she puts me in my place like I deserved.Any other woman in the world would be thrilled to have my attention like this.It was a dream come true.But unlike the rest of themMeredith didn't even care.

She rolled her eyes. "Just when I think you're gentlemanyou somehow manage to prove that you're a pig."

The previous night I had walked her into her home because I wanted to make sure she was safe.I went as far as making dinner for her.Breaking another rule of mine.But I couldn't walk away when she wanted to cry that bad.She was not okayand I knew my annoying ass would get her mind off things.

"Get used to it Kitty.This is who I am.A pig.It goes with the territory."

She shook her head slightly and closed her eyesshutting me out.A few minutes later I pulled into the circular driveway at the building she lived in.She opened her eyes and immediately walked out of the car.I had suspected that she would do that so I was right behind her.

She halted on her tracks. "What do you want Juan-Carlos?"


She clicked her tongue and walked up the stairs.When she was struggling to open her doorI turned her and pinned her on the wall.I stepped closer to her.I moved farther in until our faces were close together in the dark.My hand moved around her neckcupping it right in the front.Her pulse thudded against my skinslow and steady like she wasn't a least bit intimidated by me.My fingers moved to her soft jawline and I leaned in to press my mouth to hers.But that didn't happen.She kneed me in my balls when I least expected it.

"Not again asshole." She pushed me off and turned to open her door.

I groaned and held my sac. "Kitty you still want my nuts in good shape."

She opened her door but her good heart couldn't let her leave me out theregroaning.

"Come in.I will give you a pack of frozen peas."

I should be pissed that she hurt me but in actualityI was aroused.No woman has ever resisted my advances like that No one ever had the guts to kick my balls.The first time she fell for my charms because I caught her by surprise but now she kneed me without thinking twice.

"Why did you knee my sac in the first place?" I limped behind her.Instead on concentrating on my painful cockI tilted my eyes to her ass.I was going to make her regret one day.

She threw a packet of frozen peas at me. "Don't make me regret letting you in."

She glared at me and walked around her kitchenwaiting for me to nurse my sac.

"Where is your cute son?What's his name?"


"That's a nice name."

"Thanks.Are you done so that you can leave?"Most women in my life smiled coyly flirted outrageously and in general made sure they were pleasant company.Kitty didn't give a damn about that.She actually wanted me gone as early as yesterday.

I didn't feel any pain anymoreprobably because she didn't use all her strength when she kneed me.The only pain left was because my cock was thickeningmaking my jeans uncomfortable.I decided to work on her nerves again. "Can I sleep over?"

"Listen upyou unbelievably pompous arrogant prick.If kneeing you in the balls isn't enough to show you that I'm not interested then try to remember that not every women wants your cockand I happen to be one of them.We need to get clear on one fact.Maybe you got the wrong message the other day when I kissed you back.But I'm only human and I'm normal so I react to a man's touchit doesn't mean shit.If you still don't understand that I'm not interested then you need a brain transplant.The only relationship that we will share is one between boss and employeeperiod.This will be the last time you step in my house or follow me at my workplace acting like you own the space.I won't be nice next time and I don't think you will appreciate a punch." She walked to the door and opened it before glaring at me.

"See yourself out."

Her words were like a punch in the gut and they bruised my ego.But the more she resisted me like thatthe more interested I became.

"Its only a matter of time Kitty."


For the umpteenth time since I arrived at Jalal headquartersI smoothed down the slacks of my impressively formal navy blue suit.I couldn't remember ever having dressed for work with such anxiety and awareness.I was happy I got the job and I suspected that Juan-Carlos had an influence in that decision.I didn't feel guilty about it because I was knew I deserved that position.Something better even.But I also knew that Juan was not going to make things easy for me.When I told my mother and my friends about it they were happy for me.But it was Benedict's reaction that raised my eyebrows.He was shocked that I was working for Jalal and demanded to know why I didn't tell him that I needed a job.

I walked into the building this time taking in all the details of the place.In the lobbyseveral chandeliers hung from the ceiling.White and gold vases with fresh flowers lined the tables.I loved the energy the second I stepped inside.Excitement rushed through my veins.I took the elevator to the top floor.And walked into expansive reception.A rag rug in shades of white and gold covered the white marble titles.Several comfortable-looking chairs and a selection of magazines made the area more homey.I went to the front desk where an elderly woman and a younger one were sittingchatting.

"Hello I'm Meredith Burnett.The new receptionist." I smiled.

The elderly lady smiled and stood up. "We were expecting you.I'm Pennyand you're taking after me.I want to get you as familiar with things as I can be before I leave.First I will take you to the HR department so that you will sign your contract and then I will introduce you to the boss later." She smiled and took my jacket and hung it on one of the brass attached to the wall.

The younger woman smiled. "I'm Melissa Browns honey.You can call me Mel or whatever you want.And I'm also a receptionist."

Penny chuckled. "More like an assistant to the receptionist.She is super lazy and does nothing but gossip all day."

Melissa rolled her eyes. "Give me a break Penny."

We went to the HR department and after going through my contract I was satisfied and signed and got my ID.Chicago had drafted itso there wasn't really much to worry about.The salary was amazing and I was sure that if I save enough I will pay off a huge part of my student loan.

Penny was very friendly. "Now that is out of the way.Let's get started shall we?"

"This is where you sit with Melissa."

Centered a few feet from the front door was a white deskbig enough for a headmistress.A computer and a state-of-the-art phone system on its top.

"And I will be honestmost of the time you will be alone.Melissa is an intern and doesn't really care much about anything.Soits you who will be working your ass off.But there is nothing much to worry about though.Our boss Mr Jajal has three PAs who handle all other annoying stuff like getting him coffee.They are good girls and you will be working closely with them."

"Three PAs isn't that too much?"

She shrugged. "Well he has two empires on his hands so its a necessary luxury.Plus it works in your advantage as well.And that is the boss' office." She pointed to my right.The room had glass walls that were blacked out so that we couldn't see anything inside.

Penny must have picked on my curiosity. "The glass surrounding the space is blacked out with special technology that is used to tint windows.The boss can see you but you can't see him."


She nodded. "Yea.Its fascinating I know."

I took notes as Penny explained the workings of the phone and the amount of computer work a receptionist is entitled to.She also showed me the hallway that led to the bathroom a large conference area and a small room that held a refrigerator and a coffeemaker.

"And one important rule.No one should ever step into the boss's office without an appointment.It doesn't matter who they are.If you wanna lose your job then let anyone go in there without an appointment.Mr Jalal doesn't like to be disturbed.Am I clear on that?"

"Crystal clear."

We went back to the front desk and on cueMr Jalaj walked in.In a black suithe walked like he owned the space.Which was the reality.Four women and one man flanked his sides.I spotted Cassie among the ladies.That girl who took the stand four years ago and lied about my temper.She pretended like she didn't notice me.My gaze shifted to Juan-Carlos again.His hands rested in his pockets and his broad shoulders contrasted against his narrow hips.His intense expression hardened like he was annoyed.Not once did he smile.And he obviously wasn't going to.His jaw was clean and chiselled like it was caved out of marble.He obviously shaved the overnight shadow.His eyes landed on mehe didn't flash a smile or a smirk like he usually does.Instead his eyes were hostile and his jaw was clenched like he was angry.For a moment I thought he was pissed at me because of what I had said the previous night and because I had kicked his ballsbut then I remembered that Chicago said he was called Dracula at work.It was like seeing Juan-Carlos' split personality.But the hint of arrogance was still in those eyes.

As a receptionist I was supposed to be friendly so I smiled and greeted them.They all replied.

"Mr Jalal this is your new receptionist Me..."

"Meredith Burnett.We have met before." He interrupted still holding the same expression.He looked at me with an intense gaze that I failed to hold.

"I hope we will work well together Miss Burnett."

"Yes sir. " I never allowed intimidation to enter my expressionso I remained as calm as ever.

He clenched his jaws tighter and closed his eyes for a second like he was fighting a migraine. "Don't...don't call me that.Its just Juan-Carlos." Everyone gave him a shocked expression.

"I mean Mr Jalal." He corrected.

"OkayMr Jalal." He nodded and proceeded to his office.

Melissa came and stood besides me. "Don't waste your smiles there my girl.He doesn't get down and dirty with his employees.He fired a lot of his PAs who tried their luck with him.Nickname is Dracula so tread carefully."

I chuckled.Only if she knew. "Trust meI'm not interested.Not even a little."

She laughed. "Everyone is interested in that hunk.Even Penny is interested."

Before Penny could make a comeback for it Juan-Carlos walked out of his office and approached our desk.

"Penny go home.I will show Meredith the rest of what she has to know."

"Mr Jalal let me do it.I'm sure you have a lot for work to do." Melissa offered.

He subtly lifted his hand and waved her off.She sat down and fixed her eyes on the computer. "Miss Burnett please follow me."

My nervousness grew.Drums were nothing compared to the loud anxious and thumping of my heart.I found it hard to believe that I had actually called this man an asshole and kicked his balls the previous night.When he was wearing this expression he was intimidating and demanding respect without saying much.

For the next half an hour he took me around the officeexplaining what Penny hadn't.He was keeping it very professional.I liked this. He was talking about important things and he hadn't take a single shot at me yet.No winks.No smirks.No lazy grins.Maybe him being my boss would get him to back off and working with him wouldn't be as hard as I thought it would be.

"Nowmy office." He saidgrabbing my attention.He walked back to his office and I felt the burning stares I got from the onlookers as I walked around with him holding a notebook and a pen.

"Come on in." He opened the door and stepped aside.I walked inside and my jaw dropped.Was this an office or my apartment multiplied by four.I examined the shiny mahogany wood of his desk.It was beautifuldeep colourn example of fine Italian craftsmanship.There were two brown leather sofas along with a glass table.Cabinets were placed on either side of a fire place.A damn fire place in an office.This man didn't know what to do with his money.The cabinets were mostly filled with different wines and whiskey.There was a large window behind his deskit gave him a beautiful view to the busy city.It was something I have only ever seen in movies.It was breathtaking.

"Wow.I could live in this office." I whispered.

"You like it?" He was standing too close.Way too close.

I flinched and took a step back.I cleared my throat. "It appears moody.Its full of character."

He nodded. "I'm a dark and moody man.You should have pursued that interior designing course."He was still towering behind me.

"I should probably go back to work."My mind was a whirl of emotions since we stepped into his office and he closed the door.

"We are working."He led me to the table where he showed me a pile of folders that represented the company's current projects.

I looked at him in confusion."I don't mean to be rude but sir.."

He raised his hand. "I told you not to call me that." He said his voice husky and deeper than usual.

"Okay I mean Mr Jalal.The projects you're showing me herearen't they supposed to be handled by your finance team or your PAs?"

"Who is the boss Meredith?"

"YouMr Jalal."

He held my gaze for a few more seconds and I looked down. "Good.Now you do as you're asked no questions asked.I want you to go through those files and I need a forecast of those projects in three daysalright."

My eyes returned to the folders. "YesMr Jalal."

He settled in the big leather chair behind his desk and brought his hands together. "You can go back to work now.But before that bring me some coffee please.The usual." I wanted to protest saying it wasn't my job but then this man was indeed a dictator and this was his territory.

"Girl.Do you personally know the boss?He has never given a tour to an employee beforelet alone a receptionist." Melissa asked the moment I walked out of his office.I placed the folders I was given on my desk.

"Not really." I went to the small room with a coffeemaker.

After making his coffee I went back to knock on his office again. "Come in."

I walked inand this time around he wasn't alone.The hostile woman who interviewed mesome guy and Cassie were in there too.Another womanprobably one of the PAs followed behind me.

"Mr Jalal I have got your coffee." She walked past me with a coffee cup.

Juan-Carlos took it and tossed it in the near garbage can.Jesus Christthis man.

"Thank you Lisa.Meredith will take care of that from now onwards." He nodded at me and I gave him his cup of coffee.He took a sip and nodded. "Exactly how I want it.Now Miss Burnett this is Danica Simmons and Jordan King.They are my business partners and fellow workmates.This is Cassie Jackson and you will be working closely with her from today onwards.Lisa and Juliet will work with Danica and Jordan starting from today.I will work with Cassie Meredith and Melissa."

"But JCshe is a receptionist." Danica protested.

"I'm aware of that.If you ask methere isn't much of a difference between a receptionist and PA.You can all go back to work.Meredith stayI need to have a word with you."

"This is going to be interesting." Jordan chuckled as they walked out.

"What else can I do for you Mr Jalal?"

He shrugged. "Ohh I just wanted you to stay until I'm done with my coffee."

Someone need to tell me if it is possible to commit murder with a coffee spoon.This man was getting on my nerves and he knew it.He took his time drinking his coffee.After he was done I stormed outpissed.I just couldn't wait to clock and go home.

At 5:20it was time to go home.My first day at work wasn't so baddespite Juan-Carlos trying to dampen my mood.Now I was packing my stuff preparing to go home.Juan-Carlos walked ou t of his office with some paperwork and dumped it on my desk.

"Go through these reports.Sort through the bookkeeping to get our taxes together and come back to me after you're done."

I looked at the paperwork and back at him. "Now?"

"Yes.You have a problem?"

Sheesh! This man.The longer I looked at himthe more I wanted to smack that gorgeous face.I swear I saw a smirk but it disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

"No." I sat down and opened the files.


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