The back door of my limo openedand the chauffeur helped my date out of the car.We had arrived at the Plaza hotel in Central Park.I was in a black tuxedohad shaved my jaw clean.Honestly I looked like a million bucks.We walked up to the back garden of the hotel where the Annual Charity event was being held.The lawn ornaments were glowing with celebration.The nighttime sky was deep blue instead of blackwith stars adding to the brightness of the party.The second we stepped inthe press was in full force and the camera lights were bright in our eyesevery journalist wanting to capture pictures of me and the woman in my arm.I looked around at the gardenit was elaborately decorated that it seemed like a celebrity wedding rather than a charity event.The guest list included the Who's of Who of the business world from all over the globealong with their glammed-up wiveslovershusbands and mistresses.A symphony was playing at a corneraccompanied by a large grand piano.For a charity eventI found that very fancy.I nabbed a glass of champagne from a passing server's tray at the first opportunity.I needed liquid courage in order to get through tonight.All I wanted was to get my awardget the hell out of there and go lie down in my comfy bed.I sipped my glass of champagneletting the bubbles drip down my throat and frizzle in my belly.Even the champagne was fancy.

I talked and shook hands with several people while my date kept on smiling and clinging on me like a drunk monkey.I was pretty sure her name was Mary but I wasn't a hundred percent positive of that.She was being an arm candy for her own popularity and it annoyed the hell out of me.Mr Kavinsky a businessman and my client from Russia was speaking to other guests of the party so I took my time before I approached him.He was a big fan of my wine.Always had it at his dinner parties or at the menus of his hotels.I stopped to say hello to Mr Oliver and discussed a few matters of the wine business before I continued forward.Mary or Martha or whatever her name was leaned towards me with a smilemurmuring something about how exciting it was.I ignored her.When it was time for dinner I guided her to the reserved table close to the stage.There were already two couples sitting there.Jordan and his date.Chrissie with whoever her date for the night was.When we took our seats she gave me an innately unwelcoming expression as if I cared.If anything I was blown away by the lights streamed across the tables and the garden blooming with summer flowers.

"This one seems to be your regular." Chrissie chose to break the ice.

"I'm Megan by the way." My date introduced herselfand I frowned.I just wanted all of this to be over.

Chrissie ignored her and looked at me. "Is she going to be wife number three?"

I gave her a bored look before retorting. "Perhaps if you spent more time thinking about your own fucked up relationships and less talking about other people's you might learn something genuinely worthwhile but then you never were much good at appreciating what's really of value in this lifewere youChrissie?" That got her to back off.

Dinner was servedand the quiet conversations continued.My date hardly ate what was on her plate.She frowned at every delicacy that was served.I loved women with appetite and this one was turning me off.She didn't even try her best to be as respectful as possible to the chefs who spent the entire day preparing the dishes.

When the dinner was over the first speaker took the stage and began the award ceremony recognizing well-known businessmen for their contributions.They listed off a few names and then they called my name.

"Mr Juan-Carlos Jalal from Jalal Luxury Chain of Resorts and Jalal wines.For excellence in the wine created in this country giving us a flavour from the middle east.In addition to his founding and support of Jalal Cancer Foundation.Let's welcome him to the stage."

As the people gave a round of applauseI stood up and fixed the front of suit jacket.I caught a glimpse of Chrissie and her datethey barely tapped their palms together.I confidently walked to the stage.I took the podium at my best like a crowd of people wasn't staring at me.

"No words can ever express how grateful I am for the continued support I get from all of you each year since Jalal Cancer Foundation was formed.Enough can't be said to thank you all.This is the foundation my sister and I support the most because it's close to our hearts.When we first networked to promote the foundation we were delighted with the responses and promises for the continued assistance.And they weren't empty promises.Five years ago I didn't think I would be standing here to win this award." I sighed.

"When I was 15 I lost my mother to breast cancer.Five years down the line I lost my father too to lung cancerso you can imagine how much this Cancer foundation means to me.This foundation supports cancer survivors people who lost their loved ones to cancer and those going through serious medical procedures for cancer.I heard that a lot of cancer victims were assisted this year than last yearand that made me so happy that words can't even express it.Once again thank you to all those who give a helping hand to ensure that this foundation is a success.Your assistance will not go unnoticed."

The audience erupted in applause.The Mayor gave me the award.Photographers took our picture before I returned to my seat.

"Can we get out of here?" My date said seductively. After such an exhausting day maybe a good nice fuck could do me good.I regretted having told Lisa not to book the hotel.

I looked aroundrealizing I had said hello to all the important people who mattered.

"Yea let's go."

Her face lit up like I had just splashed a million dollars to her face. "Are we going to your place?"

I frowned to that. "I will tell my staff to prepare a room for us at one of the resorts."I emphasized that we weren't going to my place.I never made a mistake of taking my flings to my place.For goodness sakes my daughter lived there.


"Good morning handsome." Mary or Melissa sat on my laps with her legs straddled over my hips.Her small tits were in my face and her slender waist looked too slim to break.

"Good morning Melissa.Its time for you to leave." I rolled her off me.She looked wounded by that.

"I'm Megan.We have been going out together a lot and having sex.Even after all that you still don't remember my name?Can't you see we have something here?We have chemistry Juan-Carlos.Let's explore that and see where it takes us."

I sighed and raked my hands through my hair. "Heymeaningless sex with women is my great distraction.To me sex with a woman is my version of a friendly handshake.I'm sorry if you thought it was something specialjust for you."

"Why are you like this?I let you do everything you wanted to do to my body and now you treat me like I'm trash.You used me."

"We used each other.Anyone can get sex anywhere.We scratched the itch and sate the craving.Now its over.Why do women always have to put all their emotions into meaningless sex?LookI don't have time to continue having this conversation with you.One of my company lawyers will call you.They will present you with a compromise agreement by whichin return for compensation you will not call me and you will not appear in front of me again.And yesyou will also sign a None Disclosure Agreement.Now leave.I should never see you again."

She wore her dresstears coursing down her cheeks.

"So everything is like a business deal to you.You're an asshole Juan-Carlos.A big one."

I crossed my arms over my chest. "Yes everything is a business deal to me because I am a businessman.And I know babe I'm an asshole.It goes with the territory.You can't get to be where I am in life without being one.But one of the upsides?Most of the people look at me and wish they could be me.Now please leave Maria."

She cussed at me on her way out.If a woman thought that she meant something to methen I would have a serious problem on my hands.I always hated it when women got attached and start thinking that they were special to me.A woman who was not my relative was either a fling or nothing.There was no in-between.And with my flings I was very selective.If just after a few nights togethersuddenly you start talking about relationships twenty four-carat diamond rings and church weddingsI would walk away immediately.I was casual but very real.We scratch the itch and we are done.I moved on to someone else days laterand the cycle continued endlessly.

Before taking a quick showermy phone rang on the nightstand and Danica's name flashed on the screen.I set it on the sound system so I could hear her throughout the entire suite. 

"Talk to me."

"Chrissie is here.She is throwing a tantrum saying she wants to see Jasmine.You better hurry up JC before I punch this bitch." Her voice was hardauthoritative and cold the best friend I could ask for.

"I'm on my way." I took a shower quickly and grabbed my boxers and tuxedo from where they lay on the floor.I straightened my hair with my fingers as best as I could before I headed to the parking lot.

When my chauffeur parked in front of my apartment the anger emerged.Chrissie knew where to press my buttons.The elevator took me to my penthouse which was the entire top floor of the building.Once  it came to a halt I walked insidefeeling my pulse pound in my ears like a pair of drums.When I walked into the grand living room only a few feet separated usseparated me from the woman I once loved.She played me for a fool and humiliated me.And to think I actually loved her.

I looked at Danica. "Where is Jasmine?" 

"Her nanny took her to the park.She wanted to walk her dog."

"Okay." I glared at Chrissiewaiting for her to speak first since I had nothing productive to say to her anymore.The only thing that was left in me were cold insults.

She finally bowed her headbreaking eye contact with me."I want to see my daughter.I don't want to fight Juan-Carlos because I'm tired of it.I'm here for Jasmine.And I want us to talk."

"No.I never want you to set foot inside my house again and claim we have a daughter together.Do you understand me?You're stupid for showing your face around here and claiming you want to see my daughter.Maybe you have forgotten all that happened but I haven't."

"I know things haven't been easy between us.I made mistakes just like you did.All I'm asking is for a second chance.You and me.We owe it to Jasmine.I'm sorry for what happened.I have always been sorry.I will give up the shares if that's what it takes for you to forgive me.I want my family back.You and..."

"Shut the fuck up." I interrupted. "You think I will fall for your manipulative ways again?You betrayed me Chrissie.You took advantage of my heart like the whore that you're.Go behind my back and slept with my nephew." My temper flared and I clenched my jaws.

Her own anger rosebut she kept it under control a lot better than I did. "Juan-Carloswill just stop making all this look like it was entirely my fault?You're not a saint either.You played your part in ruining our marriage and you know that.You cheated on me firstthat too with my secretary.You didn't stop thereyou slept with many more other women while you were still married to me."

I remained steadywith my arms across my chest. "And that was only when I found out that you were after my money.I actually loved you and it broke me.I'm not justifying myself because I know I was wrong but I only wanted you to feel the pain that I feltand it was a stupid idea there is no running away from that fact.But I was committed to us before I found out about your intentions.You have played me from the very beginning Chrissie.But even after that I apologized for my bullshit.I gave you a chance to walk away because I felt like shit for treating you the way I dideven though you played me first.I offered for a divorce and even gave you a luxurious settlement to walk away with.But you said you had forgiven me and was willing to make this work.I knew you were after my money but I gave you the benefit of doubt.If you weren't happy you could have walked away when you had the chance to.I was trying to make our marriage work and give us a chanceand you screwed that up.Fuck you Chrissie.You're the cancer that killed us.You act like I'm an asshole when you're the biggest piece of shit in the whole world.Get the fuck out."

My chest continued to rise and fall deeply while the vein down my forehead bulged.This conversation was just making me angrier.

She shook her headtears glistening in her eyes. "Maybe at first I pretended to love you only to get money from youbut when I told you I loved youI meant it.I didn't realize it at the timebut now I do."

"You expect me to believe that?You loved me so much that you even slept with my nephew and tricked him into giving you the shares that you married me for in the first place?"

"I was driven by greed.I admit that.I am sorry.Lookyou can either get back with me the way we both know you're going to do or we will do it my way.I'm getting you back.Better tell that wife of yours to start packing.I know your marriage is one of your business deals.The real Mrs Jalal is back.You better inform your lawyer to start with the divorce procedures.Don't forget I know where all your buttons are Juan-Carlos.Don't make me press them."

Danica chuckled and crossed her legs."Drop the entitlement and shut your mouth.I thought you were just desperate but I guess you're worse than I thought."

Chrissie's eyes snapped openaffronted by the insult.I tried not to smile.Danica was a lot to take in at times.But so was Chrissie.Sometimes I wondered how they functioned in the same building without killing each other.

"You wanna know desperation?Go and look in the mirror bitch.You think helping him to keep me out of his hair and cope with me is gonna make him love you?He won't bitch.You will never taste his dick.You will always be like his sister so go on and dream of having him.I can see right through you.You can fool everyone else but not me.You..."

"That's enough!!!" I said firmly.

Danica smiled squeezed my shoulder. "Nolet her vent JC.Let's hear the bullshit that she has to say.The floor is yours Chrissie.You can proceed ." Danica folded her arms.

"Of course I will.I don't know what you think you're Danica but you ain't shit.You probably think because you're his childhood best friend then he is your soulmate.Stop lying to yourself.You're desperate and its sad.You're a sad human being.Go out there and get some dick because this one you will never taste it.I will make sure of that." She picked up her handbag.

"And then you call yourself a woman.You watched while he cheated on me and did nothing.You probably helped him in covering his trackswhich by the way didn't work.You're even encouraging him not let me see my child and yet you're a woman.And all you do is bring another woman down even when she is trying to make amends.You're a disgrace to womanhood.This guy doesn't want me to see my child and you don't care at all."

Danica glared at her coldlythe same look she gave me when she was pissed at me. "You expect me to care just because I'm a woman.Your problems aren't mine at all.I don't give a damn.I owe you nothing.You're a parasite Chrissieand now you wanna play victim?Go fuck yourself." She turned to walk out but stopped and continued.

"And yes I will continue supporting JC because that's where my loyalty lies.I don't care what you or anyone else thinks.Whine to someone who gives a damn.And yeslet me tell you something for freeI don't want JC's dick and I will never want it because he is like a brother to me.But of course whores like you don't understand that.You don't know where to draw the line.You fuck both uncle and nephew and call yourself a woman.Bitchyou're the disgrace to womanhood not me." She walked to the kitchenher head held high.

"Now leave." I glared at her.

"Daddy I'm home." Jasmine spoke through the intercom.That got Chrissie to sit on my couch and cross her legs.I knew she would be stubborn and either way she was going to meet my daughter on her way out.There was only one elevator to my penthouse.

I hit the button allowing Jasmine to rise to my penthouse.My floor was high enough that we could barely hear the traffic.Only occasional choppers passed near our windows.A few minutes later Jasmine walked in with her nanny and holding her chihuahua.She had more of Chrissie's features and my character.

"Jas babe come give mommy a kiss." Chrissie said with a smile.

Jasmine frowned. "What are you doing here?Dadwhat is she doing here?I don't ever want to see you here again.Leave our home.I hate you!" She yelled and stormed upstairs.

I looked at Mrs Evans her nanny. "Prepare her some snacks."She nodded and walked to the kitchen.

Chrissie folded her arms and glared at me. " I don't appreciate you turning my daughter against me."

"Turn her against you?Are you kidding me?Jasmine is seven.She is old enough to understand that you don't care about her.You only want her when it benefits you in some way.Now leave."

She stood up and fixed her hair. "This isn't over Juan.This is my family and I'm going to get it back.I'm going to fight with everything in me to get it back."

"You need mental evaluation." I slammed the door on her face.

Danica chuckled holding a glass of scotch. "You can pick em' crazy bitches." She laughed.

"She is the mistake that I will regret for the rest of my life."

"Oh yesand from my own point of view the divorce was the best thing you could have done other than not to have married her in the first place."

I sighed. "Tell me about it.Let me go check on Jasmine."

I followed her upstairs.I reached her door and there was a 'do not disturb' sign.Jasmine was a difficult child.She had a hard time letting people in.Not many nannies could put up with her.But that didn't make me love her any less.She just needed time and maybe maturity would do some miracles.

"Jasmine baby.Can we talk?"

"Leave me alone.Do not disturb me please."

"Jasmine come on."

"I said leave me alone!!!"She yelled.

"Okay so I heard that Fun day is held at the amusement park in the afternoon.Do you wanna tag along?" I asked.

"I will think about it.But right now can you just leave me alone dad."

I sighed. "FineI will see you later when we go to the parkright?"

"I never agreed to anything." She was stubborn and I knew she took after me.

"Ok.I love you." When she didn't reply I smiled. "And I know you love me too."

She was probably fighting a smile.

I walked back downstairs and found Danica going through the emails.She always got work done on a time crunchnever letting anything stand in her way.The fact that she knew how to differentiate between professional and personal affairs made her a good business partner and a friend.She knew that I was both her boss and her friend.She was not only a phenomenal workerbut she was loyal and trustworthy.

"Its a weekend today.Give yourself a break." I sat besides her and checked the emails.

"Nothing important here."

She closed the laptop and removed her glasses. "Just had to make sure.So there is this café that..."

My ringing phone interrupted her.We both looked at the screen and she laughed.

I sighed and picked it up. "Ariel what do you want?"

"Is that the way to speak to your wifemy darling.I called to inform you that I'm coming to America."

I clenched my jaws. "And who said that you should?"

"Your sister said I should come.We have been married for two years my darling.And now the family is expecting an heir.How are we supposed to have one when we live nations apart?Sister in-law Janelle was right.I'm coming there.Better tell your concubines to pack their things and leave before I get there."She spoke perfect English but had heavy Arabian accent.

"You're not coming here.Have I made myself clear?"


I interrupted. "I said you're not coming here?Have I made myself crystal clear?"

"Yesmy dar..." I hung up.

The reason why I married Ariel wasn't because of love.Of course it was business.Two years agoI had purchased some resorts off the auction block in UAE.It was founded by Ariel's family but due to some family conflictsthey ran the business to the ground.I met Ariel through that business deal.She had exceptional business ties plus she was good at what she did.At the same time my family was pressurizing me to remarry and this time around to an Arabian woman.I was the last of our bloodline and that meant I needed to have children with a woman of Arabian descent to keep the bloodline undiluted.My mother was American and my father was Arabian and they made it work but my family didn't want that for the next generation.They already despised Chrissie and never really accepted Jasmine so when they pressured me to marry again I caved.At the same time Ariel happened to clearly fit the bill.I opted to take a personal role in the turnaround and both families were happy.That is how we got married.Ariel understood the rules and the fact that we were nothing more than just business partners but now my older sister Janelle was trying to interfere.

I had to get clear on some facts so I called her immediately.Her phone rang twice and she answered.

"Good to hear..."

"Get your nose out of my business Janelle.Why are you telling Ariel to come here?Stay out of my business." We never got on very well as children.It  was just the two of us growing up and we had different characters.Soyou can imagine the chaos.

"HeyI'm trying to help you.Maybe if she comes you can stop whoring around.If she gives you an heir maybe you can start seeing her importance in your life and grow up.Ariel is a good woman.Smartrefined and more importantfun.She is a great partner and you're too blind to see that." She spoke with simplicity like everything she said was perfectly normal.

Now she was pushing it too far. "Stay out of my business.You can stop playing cupid.I'm a grown ass man who understands what he is doing..."

"Juan-CarlosI'm older than you.Don't..."

"Save your energy for your son.Teach him not to go after other people's wives.He might learn something worthwhile.Stop trying to act like my parent.I'm grown enough to understand what I'm doing.The fact that you're twelve years older doesn't make you my mother." I hung up feeling annoyed.I hated it when she wanted to play deputy parent on me.

"I need a breather from the women in my life." Danica arched her eyebrow.

I chuckled. "You and Jasmine excluded.So what were you saying about the café?"

"Ohh yea.They sell the best rolls ever.But it is in Queens."

"That's like forty something minutes away"

She gave me a puppy gaze.Batting her eyelashes and trying to look cute. "Pleasepleasepleaseits worth it.Can you do this for me please."

I sighed."Fine.I will go and change while you and get Jasmine." She jumped excitedly and ran upstairs.I went to my room and changed quickly.

"Where is Jas?"

"She doesn't want to go."

I sighed. "Its still okay.No one can get through her when she doesn't want to let anyone in.At least I will take her to the park today.Let's go."

The café was small.A typical American space.Bright and cleanwith long lunch counter on one side and a kitchen in the back.Booths lined the opposite wall.Danica and I sat at the first booth with a large window.

Danica's phone beeped indicating a message.She checked and sighed.

"Penny one of the receptionist just emailed me her resignation letter."

"You mean the oldest receptionist who was good at her job?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yea her."

I sighed. "Her presence in the company was vital.She did her job and she did it well." Everything was organized with Penny around and I knew it would be difficult to replace her.She had never made a mistake in the ten years that I had known her.

"Would you like me to begin with the process of finding a replacement for her?" Danica asked.

No one could ever replace Penny.She was really good.Her shoes were simply too big to be filled.

"Yea rightgo ahead but I doubt anyone would be a hard worker like she was.She did all the job.The other receptionist is just good at gossips."

"You don't have to worry so much.You have your PA's to handle all the tedious and annoying things."

"Yea but in my line of work hospitality is my number one concern.Penny was good at that.She knew how to treat customers with respect.I never heard any complaints about her."

She sighed because she knew I was right. "I will start by advertising the position.Then I will get one of the company lawyers to draft the contract for the new receptionist."

"Also you will handle the interviews."

She nodded. "And also..."

I felt her before I saw her and I instantly turned Danica off.I felt this intense heat that caused my body to tighten.I felt the tingle on the back of my neck and inexplicable intuition I always sense when something good or bad is about to happen.That was what I felt and then I saw her.She was in a black and white uniform which matched the rest of the café's employees.I could see the outline of her curves through that tight black skirt and white blouse she was wearing.I was in for a treat and a nightmare.Holy shit! I watched her intensely as she talked to her manager.My eyes were still trained on her as she moved between tabletalking to customers.Her ass looked like heaven and all I wanted to do was bend her over on the nearest surface and have my way with her.I adjusted my trousers so that my cock wouldn't be so painful.I wondered why she settled for a waitress job.With that amazing curvy body and even more stunning looksshe could have led a much different lifestyle.If I had a modelling agency I would enroll her.Besidesdiversity was now the talk of the day and I'm pretty sure the beauty agencies did not only enroll the size zero like the old days.Times have changedeven curvy woman could walk on the runway.

As she approached our tablewhile looking down and wiping her handsI felt myself go hard again.She pulled her curly hair over one shoulder and revealed her stunning neck.I saw the breathtaking skinthe softness of my lips wanted to caress.

"Isn't this interesting?" I spoke deeply.

She jerked her head up and blinked when her eyes met mine.And she didn't look pleased about that.Her eyebrows lowered and her mouth firmed and a muscle clenched in her jaw.

"What are you doing here?" At this moment I was grateful that Danica forced me to take a forty four minutes drive to the other side of the city just for coffee.She was right it was indeed worth it.

I looked at her name tagbut of course my eyes didn't stop there.She was bustyas I expected.Not a full chest but average.Since she worked in a café I knew she didn't have money to afford a boob job.Those boobs were real and my cock thickened a little more.

"Meredith." I looked at her as she tried to glare at me.I almost laughed.She was too innocent for that.Too gentle and soft that it reminded me of a kitten.

"I'm here for a cup of coffee just like everyone else."

"Are you going to take our orders or what?" Danica's rudeness was uncalled for but I let it pass.She was always like that.Always protective of mebut right now I didn't need that.She was ruining my fantasy.Meredith took our orders and walked away while I watched her behind with no shame at all.I watched her moving around.My eyes were glued on her as I imagined her underneath meher tight cunt fighting my intrusion.I would take it easy on her for the first time and then ravage her to the fullest.It always turned me on when they cried underneath me.

Danica snapped her fingers on my face. "Hellowhy are you staring at her like that?"

I shrugged. "She is interesting."

"Really?" She folded her arms her beautiful face looking ice cold.Danica had known me since were in primary schoolso it was difficult to avoid her detection.She could spot my emotions before I even expressed them.

"It appears to me that there is more to it.Did you fuck her?Which will surprise me because she doesn't seem like your type.She is not supermodel thin.She is far from it.So what's up?"

I chuckled. "So you think supermodel thin is my type?"

She shrugged. "You're always with supermodel thin women.With confidence and ego just like you."

I looked at Meredith and smirked. "You don't know much about me then.What I need is a little relaxation with a female of the species.I don't want some ball-breaking woman who want to play as hard as a man and gives me a lecture on equality if I so much as open a door for her.I want someone soft and gentle.Easy on the eye and on the mind.I'm an arrogant bastard I know thatand I can't have a woman an ego just as big.The room will be too small for us."

She took a glance at Meredith. "She looks like she possesses all the qualities you dislike.I saw the fire in her eyes."

I smiled. "Ohh the little fire is useful too but trust meshe has everything I need.So innocent.Reminds me of a kitten." Suddenly a nickname came to mind _Kitty._

"Are you like some dominant guy in bed and into that possessive fetish?"

I frowned. "I'm not going to discuss my sexual fantasies with you Danica."

"But why?We are best friends.We share everything." She puckered her lips.

"More reason why we will not talk about it.You're like a sister to me.I can't talk about my sexual kinks with you.What the hell?Its awkward."

"Okay." She threw her hands in the air and leaned in her chair. "I was just curious.I didn't know you were into fat women who seem to have no idea what the gym or a healthy lifestyle is all about.She is not even someone who should be seen with you in front of a magazine page.I mean look at that rounded tummy.Can't she do something about it?I feel like dragging her to the gym by the.."

"Okay that's enough." I said firmly and she flinched because I caught her off guard. "I don't know what you have against her but I will not put up with you body shaming her.You can't do that to another person and thank God she didn't hear you.Maybe to you attractiveness is flat tummieshour glass bodies and all that bull shitbut in someone's eyes that's a fantasy right there." I looked back at Meredith.I had no reason to defend her and it shouldn't matter to me what Danica called herbut I felt obligated to defend her honor.Honestlybut I felt obligated to defend her honor.Honestly I felt some kind of pity.She must have definitely went through some great deal of body shaming.It was a pity that not everyone realised that she was a work of art.

Danica pressed her lips tightly togetherending the conversation.She never apologized for her wrongdoings.That was just Danica.She never said anything else after that.Our order came saving us from the awkward silence.

After we were done eating Meredith came back again.I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

"I had the best rolls ever.Do you do deliveries?" I didn't lie about the rolls.They were good.

"No we don't." She said with attitude.The glow in her eyes getting brighter each time.

"Hmm okay.Looks like I have to come here for the sweet cookies then." Danica shot me a look because she got the sense of what I meant.

"You had rolls not cookies." Meredith corrected.

"But they are sweet cookies in hereright." I gave her a look.I saw color rising on her cheeks.She got the sense.

"I'm glad you enjoyed your meal sirand madam." She turned on her heels and walked away immediately.Interesting.

Danica looked at me. "Where do you know her from?"

I shrugged. "From around.Sotell me about that boyfriend of yours."

She rolled her eyes. "We broke up."

I chuckled. "I told you he was a pig."

She didn't hide her look of annoyance. "He was a better pig than you're.At least he was a prince charming at some point in our relationship."

"All men want to be pigs.All men want to be richpowerful and fuck a line of beautiful women.But that's just a fantasy some can never achieve so they settle for what they can get and that is one woman.Then you mistakenly refer to man like that as Prince charming or Mr Right.Your ex boyfriend thought he could ignore his fantasybut soon enough he was at the mercy of his hormones and he started fucking around."

"Is that your outlook on other men?"

I shook my head."Nothat's reality."

She chuckled. "You're more fucked up than I thought.Chrissie did a number on you."

I shrugged. "She just opened my eyes."


By the time DanicaJordan Jasmine and I reached the amusement park the Fun Day was in full swing.As we left my parked carI surveyed the crowd milling aroundand well it had turned out to be a warm sunny day.

"Ohdad look over there.Drench-a-Wench and Soak-a-Bloke.I enjoy seeing people fall into the water tank.Let's go hit them with balls so that they fall into the water uncle Jordan.Aunty Danica go buy me some candyfloss."

"As you wish madame." Danica smiled before walking away.

"Dad come on."We started walking towards the water tank.

I felt it again and stopped on my tracks.It was like a déjà vu.She was here or my brain was starting to play some tricks on me.

"And then?" Jordan asked.

"There is someone here.I have to go look for her.You guys go play the game.I will join you later."

Jordan gave me a quizzical look. "You can just call her and save yourself some hassle.How will you find her?This place is crowded."

I smirked. "Trust me.I will find her.You guys go ahead."

I walked away.I started looking for her.As crazy as it sounds I could tell she was there.The tingling sensation couldn't stop.And then I saw the tent first.It was at some secluded place.I could easily tell it was a gypsy tent because things like that were popular in my hometown.A few minutes later she walked out looking rather flashed or confused.I watched her as she sat on some bench and zoning out.I walked towards Meredith with her oblivious to my presence.She only saw me when I sat besides her.

Like alwaysshe instantly filled my dirty mind with dreams of sex.That miniskirt she was wearing wasn't helping either. "This is a nice surprise.Usually my stalkers aren't prettysweet and innocent kitties.If you want meall you have to do is ask."

She glared at meshocked that I was besides her.This woman wasn't impressed with my moneyeven though I could tell she had noneand while she was attracted to my looksshe certainly wasn't attracted to anything that popped out of my mouth.

"I could tell you're arrogant but wow." 

"Wow what kitty?"

She frownedbut still managed to make the frown look sexy. "First of all stop calling me kitty."

I smirked and stared at her like she was the only thing that I could see.She tried to hold my gaze but failed miserably. "Why not?You're so innocent and sweet.You remind me of a kittenkitty."

She ignored the compliment. "Soyou just assume that everyone wants to sleep with you?"

"Don't you?You're even stalking me.First at the bankthe restaurant and now here.Like I saidif you want me all you have to do is ask."

"Jesus Christ!You're even worse than I thought.A cocky man that is so sure he can get any woman he snaps his fingers at.Wellnews flash Mr JalalI don't want your balls." She stood up and started walking away.First of all I was impressed that she actually looked me upotherwise she wouldn't know that I was a Jalalso she was curious about me.Secondly she put me in my placesomething no woman as ever done and it was arousing.

I watched her annoyingly hot body as she walked away.The shape of her ass wrapped in that form fitting leather miniskirt was a problem.SoI was really watching her go?Ain't happening.I followed her and she froze in shock when I suddenly reached for her hand.I grabbed her arm and forced her to turn around.She couldn't hide her look of annoyance. "No one has ever rejected youhave theypretty boy?"

Now she had just insulted me and it was my job to put her in her place. "Did you just call a thirty nine year old mana boy?"

"Let go of me." She said through gritted teeth.

Without warning my hands snaked around her waist and I closed the distance between us.

"What are you doing?What the h..."

There wasn't time for her to express her outrage as  I bent my head and covered her half-open mouth with my own.I didn't care that we were in public.Everyone was too engrossed with what they were doing.No one rarely recognized meunless they were interested in the business world so I wasn't worried about the paparazzi either.I didn't care though.

Obviously I was met with resistance but with my persistence she ended up closing her eyes as she held her mouth against mine.I kissed her harderpulled my bottom lip into hers.Her lips tasted like cherry lip balm.Soon enough our tongues swirled and danced and our breathing was in sync.Her hands held my shoulders for balance.I almost chuckled.The kiss wasn't soft and slow.It was aggressive I had to send the message across.I wasn't a boy.I didn't kiss women very oftenonly if they made the move first and even then I didn't enjoy it.But this one counted as the best kiss ever.When a sound of sensual pleasure purred in her throatI knew my message was delivered.I lifted my face off hers and released her and just as immediately as she raised her arm to slap me across the face.But before her palm could unite with my cheekI caught her hand midway.

"Looks like my kitten had grown some claws."

"You piece of..."

I interrupted. "Don't act like you didn't like it.I felt your body responsiveness to mine.You even let out a soft purr.You want me.And I hope I made myself clear on one important factI'm not a boy."

"Are you.."

I smirked. "You're angry because your body betrayed you." I brushed her cheek. "Do you know what a man like me can do to youkitty?"

She glared at me breathing heavily in anger.I gave her a lazy grin. "Anything I want."

I walked away leaving her shocked.I took out my phone and dialled my PI.

"Mr Jalalwhat can I do for you?"

"Hello Pias.I need you to look for some information about someone.You don't have to dig deep for the sake of their privacy.I just need the basics like full namesageaddress etc.I will send you the first namethe description and where she works.Can you send me the information by the end of the day?"

"Yes sir I can.Just email me what you know about her."



Thanks to the unwanted attentions of a boy who molested me when I was tenI knew exactly how it felt to have a man kiss me against my willbut the sensations the emotions that coursed through my body when Juan-Carlos kissed me was no way similar to what I had experienced then.I felt the odd feeling of lightheadedness and a frantic surge of my heartbeat.My brain went into overloadshort circuiting its own ability to reason or analyse any of what was happening.When I was brought back to reality I was angry.Not because he just kissed me but because my body responded to his touch.I mean what the hell?The way Juan-Carlos had treated metouched mewas unforgivable an assault against my emotions and my moral beliefs.

"Do you know what a man like me can do to you kitty." He smirked. "Anything I want."

And to my disbelief he just turned on his heels and walked awayjust like that.For a moment I stood there watching the very tallstriking figure disappear into the crowd.Then it dawned on me that this dude just kissed me in public.I looked around and sighed in relief as everyone seemed to be minding their own business. 

Hot-faced I closed my eyes and whispered under my breath. "Okayso I did react to him but that was just physical.I mean any man could have.."

"Girl we saw that! We saw that!Bitch you just kissed Juan-Carlos.We saw that!" Chicago and Leigh-Anne ran to mejumping in excitement.

"He sexually harassed me.How could he?"

Chicago laughed. "Girlhe didn't harass you cause you liked it.You were even clinging onto him."

"I don't like the guy but damn he is the man.He just claimed you and that is a turn on.He knows what he wants and he goes for itdamn." Leigh-Anne fanned herself.

"This is not funny at all.Who kisses people without their consent? I'm going to my kids.We are leaving." They laughed at me as I went to the informal crèche where the kids were gathered listening to a story.I spotted my son and nephew.

"We are already going home mommy?" Gabriel asked.

"Yes babe."

"But mom.."

"Okay.I will wait for you guys in the car."


"Sotell us how was the kiss?" Leigh-Anne and Chicago were at it for the rest of the day that it was annoying me.

"There is nothing to tell.Isn't the Consent policy no longer practiced in this country?"I sat down on my couch.

"Ohh come on girl what consent policy?You don't know how unsexy it is to stop and doublecheck everything during every stage of the game.Only boys do that.Like asking may I kiss you?May I touch you?Its a boner killer and a total turn off."Leigh-Anne rolled her eyes.

"I for one believe being polite can be pretty sexy.You just don't go around kissing strangers.He assaulted me and you guys aren't taking this seriously."

Chicago laughed. "He didn't assault you if you liked it.You were even clinging onto him.And don't forget I'm his lawyer and I happened to be the eye witness.On this one girl I will side with himsorry."

"She was clinging?I only saw them ending the kiss." Leigh-Anne asked.

"Yesshe was holding his broad shoulders.Girlget on board." Chicago looked at me with a naughty smile. "If he harassed you and you didn't like it then you should have kicked his balls the moment he held you but you didn't.I mean damn girl you even had your eyes closed.Mannow I understand why women always fall for his charms.He is an alpa males who knows what he wants and goes for it."

I frowned. "No he is a pig who loves touching people without their consent.An absolute asshole."

Chicago rolled her eyes and started going through her phone while Leigh-Anne suppressed a laugh.

Chicago's eyes lit up with excitement and she looked at me. "I guess today is turning better and better just like the fortuneteller had predicted."

"What do you mean?"When she mentioned fortuneteller I frowned.Goshthat woman gave me the goosebumps.

"There is some position for a receptionist.My boss asked me to draft a contract.I'm already sending your CV.You're actually overqualified for this job.They would be stupid not to hire you.If you don't receive a call on Monday for an interviewI will cause chaos."

I smiled. "Are you serious?"

"As heart attack.You will get this job.I pray you will.You need it and it will pay far much better than the café and casino combined." She said typing some notes on her phone.

I stood up and threw myself in her arms. "Ohh my God.Let's hope they will call me.I need it my gosh.None of the companies I had sent my CV to had responded yet."

Leigh-Anne pouted. "I'm jealous now.You will both work at the firm while I work alone."

Chicago chuckled. "No the firm doesn't need a receptionist but Jalal Chain of Luxury resorts needs one."

There was a pause. "Wait what?You mean to say if I get this jobthat man will be my boss."

"Ohh you will get the job because I put in a good word for you.Plus I know you will definitely get this job.And yesif that happens Juan-Carlos will be your boss.But there is nothing to worry about.Like I said that man is called Dracula at work.He doesn't mess around with his employees and he is super strict.If you happen to be his employeethen I'm sorry girlwhat you had earlier was your first and last kiss.He doesn't get it personal when it comes to business."

"Well thank God.I just want this job my God."

"You will get it." Leigh-Anne squeezed my shoulder.

When the girls left with Gabriel and MJ there was nothing much I could do rather than scrub around my empty fridgetrying to find something on the TV which wasn't a game showwhile waiting for my shift at the casino.An image of Juan-Carlos' mocking smirk swam into my memory.With a frustrated yelpI slung the salad and garlic bread into the empty fridge and went to change.While I was at itmy phone rang.I froze staring at the number.I didn't think he would call.

"Meredith speakinghello."

"Heyits Benedict." Then that distinctive velvety voice sounded in my ear.

"Ohh heyhello." I smiled.

There was a heartbeat of silence. "Ohh I called to say I hired a cab for you that will take you to and from the casino.I could have done it myself but I have a lot of paperwork.I hope I didn't overdo it."

I gave a soft laugh. "Nothat was very thoughtful of you.Thank you.And yea about umm that dinner.Umm tomorrow the cafe will be closed so I have the whole day.Are you okay with lunch instead?"

"Ohh yeathat would be nice.What time shall I come pick you up?" He asked softly.

"Twelve will be fine."

"Twelve it is."

"Yeagoodnight Benedict."

"You too Meredith."

I hung up and immediately texted my girls in the group chat.

"Bam girls! I have a lunch date tomorrow at twelve."

"I'm coming for the wardrobe makeover." Leigh-Anne replied.

"Who is the guy?"Chicago asked.

"Benedict.I can't wait to see where this all goes."I jumped up and down in excitement.

"I thought you said you're off dating."

"Its a date not a relationship."

She sent a laughing emoji.


The following morning I picked the mail in the lobby of my apartment building because that was the only thing waiting in my box.I was expecting an eviction notice because I couldn't afford to swing my seven hundred dollars rent anymore.I needed to get the receptionist job and I would keep that one at the casino.I checked the mail expecting some bills or spam but to my surprise it was a notification that my rent was paid for a whole yearGabriel's day care tuition was paid for the year and the following one tooand on top of that they were coupons for my favourite piazza.What the?I sat on my couchconfused and called all my girls but they had no idea who had paid.I asked Merlin and obviously he wasn't the one who paid.I tried Megan's phone but it sent me straight to voicemail.I called the Day Care and my landlord and asked them about the paymentthey all said it was anonymous.I thoughtfully looked at the piazza coupons.Only one person knew that this was my favourite piazza.Not even my girls or my mama knew.

I ran my hand through my hair."It can't be."


I frowned down at the laptop open before mesitting at the great desk that loomed large in the center of the office with stacks of open files and several serious-looking binders filled with more documents.The only noise in the room came from my fingers tapping on the keys of my laptop.I paused when I heard my office door opening.A few minutes later Kate walked into my COO office in the corner of the top floor of Wilson's Holdings her  father's company.

She walked in wearing a stunning black skintight dress and high heelswith her hair in a tight bun.But all those looks never impressed me. "Can we talk?" She sat legs crossed at the opposite chair.

I looked at her and frowned. "As you can see I'm busy."

She sighed. "Whittaker sent me the divorce papers."

"Greatnow we need your signature on the dotted lines.Kate why exactly are you here?"

"The board called for an emergency meeting.It's in ten minutes."

I folded my arms over my chest. "My PA already told me.What else do you want?"

She sighed. "Can we work on our marriage please Seb.I know things haven't been particularly well between us but can you please consider counselling.Divorce is a social sin and I love you Seb.Please don't do this to me."

"And I have been honest with you Kate from the very beginning.I would never love you.Especially not after everything you and your father put me through." I said with too much foreboding in my dark voice.

"And I'm sorrybut you cheated on me first.Please give us another chance Seb.LookI'm willing to accept your child and we will continue trying to have one of our own.I talked to my gynae and she referred to me to one of the best young gynaecologist back in the US Dr Gold.I will consult with the doctor once we go back and I will give you a child if that what it takes to keep this marriage."

I chuckled and shook my head. "You don't get it do you?You and your father threatened and blackmailed me to get what you wanted.This sham of a marriage was only supposed to last for a year and then we would go our separate ways but noeverything just had to be done your way.I'm done with you Kate.You hurt the woman that I love and you forced me to abandon my own child.While it was partly my faultI will never forgive you for the role you played."

"But I forgave for cheating on me."

"I was never sorry to begin with!" I yelledfeeling my anger fuel. "There is only one person that I should apologize to and that is the mother of my heir Meredith.That is the only person I have to apologize to because I put her through hellthanks to you.Just sign the goddamn papers and leave me the fuck alone."

Kate shook her head and folded her arms across her waist. "So you think she is gonna accept you after everything?You think she is going to forgive you like nothing happened?"

"Not everyone is as evil as you're.I know Meredith has a good heart.She will definitely be angry with me and I know I deserve itbut eventually she will forgive me.Even if she doesn't its still okay because I deserve to be at the receiving end of her wrath." I checked my wrist watch."I'm going to the meeting.You can go whine to someone who gives a damn."

I walked out of my office and stepped into the magnificent glass-and-steel boardroom to find the board of directorsthe company legal team talking quietly at one end of the long table.They fell silent as I walked inside.All the men were like my late father in-lawcorporate ruthless and sleek and they all wear frowns on their faces.Not that it stopped me from returning my own.

Kate walked in and took her seat. "Now we can start."

I took my seat and the head of the table. "Yeslets start."

"Let's talk about you Mr Miller." One of the activist minor shareholder who was always on Mr Wilson's side spoke.

"We are calling a vote to have you removed as COO out of this board Mr Sebastian Miller.You violated a clause in the contract you signed before you became a stakeholder in this company.It was clearly mentioned that if you file for a divorce then you will lose your stakes and we will have all right to demote from your position.Also Wilson's Holdings will stop its support for Miller Energy Tech Co."

I saw this one coming and was well prepared for it.Mr Wilson had demanded that I married his daughter or he would remove my mother as CEO and President of her own company.During that time I had no interest in being a businessman.I was okay with being a temporary lecturer.My mother begged me to marry Kate because she couldn't lose her bloodsweat and tears as a result I caved.

For my third lectureship I went to CalU and that's when I met Meredith.She wasn't doing well in one of the modules and she asked for my help.In my experience during that time I knew they were generally two reasons why a student suddenly failed to live up to his or her forecast academic expectations.One being they chose the course they couldn't handle and the second being that they simply didn't want to work hard.In Meredith's case it was different.She was a bright student but i figured that things weren't going well for her emotionally.I started helping her out and in the process I ended up falling for her.Who wouldn't? I honestly loved her but of course she wouldn't believe me nownot after everything that happened.I was wrong at the time there was no running away from that fact.Even though Mr Wilson and Kate played their partI played my own.I should have tried harder in informing Meredith about what was happening but I guess I was too much of a coward to do that.Benedict's words were stuck with me.What was I going to do if my father in-law was to live for the next twenty years? Continue being a coward?I had to make things right.It was never too lateright? Wearily I bowed my head.There was pain and then there was guilt.The knowledge that I couldn't do anything four years ago for my son and the woman that I loved was spirit-crushing and heart-numbing.Even now I could already imagine the rejection and hate in her eyes if I were to show up at her doorstep.What would she say to me?I wondered.

"Are you even listening to me." Kate's voice broke through my thoughts.

"Ohh yeawhere should I sign?I don't care about this company or the position.I have my own.And yea you can withdraw your support from Millers Energy Tech Co because its not needed.There is no need for you to vote for my dismissal.I quit."I stood up and fixed my suit jacket. " I will be waiting for your signature on the divorce papers Kate."

This time I was choosing my happinessover everything.I knew Meredith wasn't going to welcome me with open armsshe has probably moved on but I just needed a second chanceif not with her then with our son.And this time I vowed to do things differently.I wasn't going to bother her until I was done with KateI had learned from my mistake and I wasn't repeating it again.

I took out my phone and dialled Peter my PI who was in the US.He answered on the first ring. 


"Hey Peter I need your help." I started explaining what I needed him to do.

"And also check for me where Chicago Hayes is working and living."

"Okay siris that all?"

"For now yesthat will be all." I hung up and sighed.I couldn't just bombard Meredith after four years I needed a mediator.Leigh-Anne was a no go.And maybe if I were to explain things to Chicago then she would help me with Meredith.

"Sebplease wait." Kate ran after metears coursing down her cheeks.

"Please don't do this.I just lost my father Seb please.I can't lose you too.I'm begging you.I have no one."

I shrugged. "You have money Kate.Go cry in your Ferrari."


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