Part 7

In Nigeria


The day has arrived where Olanma gets to be introduced to her ancestors. Both Blessing and Uche feel extremely proud of themselves that they were able to bring a life to the world and today she gets to be introduced to her ancestors. She will grow into a wonderful woman and the ancestors will protect her wherever she goes.

Uchechukwu took the baby and went inside his mother’s hut with her. The people in the hut are those from Blessing’s side and the ones from Uchechukwu’s side. From Blessing side: her two uncles and her aunt. From Uche’s side: his mother 3 uncles his grandfather and 4 aunts. Uchehukwu’s grandfather led the whole process and the child’s parents said a few words. “Now Olanma has been introduced to the ancestors. Your ancestors know you my granddaughter and they will forever be where you are. Let this be the start of all the great things that are to happen in your life. Go out there in the world and shine. Let the world know that you are Olanma Okafor and never be ashamed to let the world know who you are. You are a pearl my baby and never hide that. You are welcomed” said Uche’s grandfather. They all went out where the people were. “This is Olanma Okafor and she has been introduced to the ancestors” said Uchechukwu holding the baby. Immediately after he uttered those words there was a lightning and it started raining. Uche’s father looked at the rain as it fell down. He couldn’t help it but be proud for he knew what awaits their little pearl. The people of the village were both happy and amused by the fact that it rained on the day that Olanma was introduced to the people. 

Emuvoke (the Chief’s brother) went to Uchechukwu to congratulate him. Uche was sitting with other men. When he got there the other men bowed their heads to show respect to royalty. Uche was happy and shocked to know that the Chief’s brother came to witness the ceremony he performed for his daughter. “Congratulations Uchechukwu” said Emuvoke. “You are now a man amongst men because you now have a person who will call you ‘Father’” he continued.

“Thank you. I feel very proud to have a daughter. Also thank you for coming here” Uche responded.

“The Chief sends his apologies for not being able to come here to witness this day. He had somewhere to be

” said Emuvoke.

“I am glad that you made it” Uche responded.

The rain stopped and people sang and danced and ate. It was just a beautiful day for everyone.



Today around 18h00 I am going out with Precious and I cannot wait. It has been a month with me persuading her to go out with her and finally she agreed. She told me she knocks off at 13h00 and I knock off at 14h15 so we both have time to prepare for our “date”. I am just sitting in my office because my appointment with a patient is only at 11h15 and now it is 10h00. Someone opens my door without knocking and that could be my one and only best friend. Yippee it is him. We both come from Nigeria. We have been friends since I was in grade 7 and lucky for us we were and still are interested in medicine. The difference between us is that he is an orthopaedist. Our parents know that we are best friends and have equally supported our goals in life. They didn’t even try to stop us from coming to South Africa. To some people it might be stupid that two grown ass men want to be together all the time but to us it makes perfect sense.

Me: What do you want?

Chris: I want you. Can’t I visit my friend?

Me: Don’t you have a patient or something?

Chris: I am done for the day.

Me: I wish to be you right now. I am so tired.

Chris: How do you feel about your date tonight?

Me: I am happy man.

Chris: You do know that one day we have to go home. Let me correct that one day YOU have to go home so do not involve feelings. One day you will be telling me that you love her.

Me: Love? I don’t think that it will get to that. I already have someone waiting for me back at home.

Chris: Make sure she knows that.

Me: I will let her know. Hopefully she won’t take it in a bad way.

Chris: Be open to anything.

Me: Always.

Chris: And if she has a boyfriend?

Me: She hasn’t said anything thus far and if she does I like challenges.

Chris: My best friend is an asshole.

I just laughed at him. I am not an asshole I just know what I want. The thought of her not wanting anything to do with me leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. We will just have to wait and see.

Knock off time arrived and I went to my place. I took a nap and woke up at 16h30. I took a shower again and put on warm clothes. June is cold! I then drove to her place and got there at 17h53. I texted her that I am outside and shortly she got out looking beautiful as always. I opened the door for her and she got inside. Immediately her scent filled my car and I got turned on. A woman who smells good is my weakness.

Me: Miss Mokoena looking beautiful as always.

Precious: Thank you Mr Eze. You look good yourself.

The way she pronounces my surname I can’t wait to hear how she moans.

Me: Thank you Miss.

We conversed inside the car until we got to our destination. I opened the door for her and we went inside. We ordered and soon after we got our food.

Rachel: Must feel good to be dining with someone’s boyfriend huh? You now into black girls?


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