Part 6

In Nigeria


After eating I left the table and went to my room. I looked at my phone and contemplated with myself on whether I should call Trinity or not. For the past few months I haven’t been thinking of him but now Father announces our wedding date and I suddenly want to talk to him. I am sure he has a girlfriend one that he loves. To think that I haven’t dated anyone in my life. I have been told that one day I am going to get married to a Prince who will soon be the King of that village so I had to keep my innocence. In order to keep my innocence I made a conclusion that I won’t be in a relationship with any boy. It is quite unfair that girls are expected to remain pure whereas boys can go around sleeping with whoever they want to sleep with. A knock disturbed my train of thoughts.

Me: Come in.

Oluebebe got in and she sat next to me.

Olu: Are you excited?

Me: I don’t know. I have mixed emotions. I am scared I am happy I just don’t know.

Olu: Why are you scared?

Me: What if he mistreats me? What if I am not welcomed? What if he already has a girlfriend and he probably hates me because he will have to leave the girl for me if she is not of royal blood. 

Olu: You worry too much. Relax his ancestors chose you for a reason.

Me: sigh



Thank God my shift is over. Imagine working for the whole day on a Saturday. I drove to Rosebank Mall because I need some new clothes. Being a doctor doesn’t mean that I don’t have to dress good. I found parking and parked my car. I started with my shopping and when I was done I went to grab some food at News Café.

Voice: Fancy seeing you here.

Looking up there she is with her famous bright smile. How can one person be this hot? I swear this is the most beautiful black woman I have laid my eyes on. As cliché as it may sound she is.

Me: Hey

I say before standing up. I offer her a hug and she fits perfectly into my arms. There is something about a woman who takes care of herself

she is.

Me: Hey

I say before standing up. I offer her a hug and she fits perfectly into my arms. There is something about a woman who takes care of herself a woman who smells good. I don’t want to let go but I know I have to. Am I being weak again? No. I am just mesmerized by this beautiful lady.

Me: How are you?

Precious: I am good how are you?

Me: I am good too. Please join me.

Precious: As tempting as the offer is I will have to decline. I am with my girl. I just came to your table to greet you.

Me: What a bummer. Can I at least have your number?

Precious: Sure.

She gave me her numbers then left. I sure am going to use these numbers but when she least expects it. I don’t want her to think that I am coming off too strong or maybe I am desperate.


Onica: Who is he?

Onica is my best friend. We have been friends since our first year at UJ and we are still friends even today. Pretty cool right? I know.

Me: No one important just some guy I know.

Onica: Don’t lie to me. Of course he is important otherwise you wouldn’t have gone to him just to “greet” him.

Me: He is my Aunt’s boss.

Onica: Oh so you go around wanting your aunt’s boss to notice?

Me: Shut up bitch and eat your food.

Onica: I am asking.

Me: Okay fine. Maybe I have a crush on him.

Onica: And Tshepo?

Me: I didn’t say that I want to date Akunna. I just said that I have a crush on the guy.

Onica: As much as he looks like a snack you have a boyfriend. He should remain just as that a snack.

Me: Relax Onica.

Onica: I saw how he looked at you. He wants you.

Me: You think he wants me?

It made me happy to hear Onica say that. I got all excited.

Onica: Is it just a crush or you want this guy Presh?

Me: Me? Want him? Pshh.

Onica: If you say so but be careful. You acting like someone who wants to date him. Tshepo is a good guy and he has been a good boyfriend thus far.


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