Part 5


After relieving stress I transferred R10000 into the girl’s account and drove to my place leaving her there because she was sleeping. Sex is expensive wow! When I got to my place I found mam’ Sindy drinking coffee.

Me: Hi ma.

Mam’ Sindy: Dumela ngwanaka (Hello my child). Are you hungry? I am done cooking.

Me: Let me go take a shower first.

I went to my room and undressed. My phone disturbed me and it was my father.

Me: Dad how are you?

Dad: Son I am not good at all. We have a problem.

Me: What is wrong? What is going on?

Dad: Chief Adebayo has reminded me that the wedding has to go on.

Me: What? They already want Febechi?

Dad: Yes. He told me that they have waited for too long and there is nothing I can really do to stop this.

Me: Dad if you don’t want us getting married to strangers why do you do it? 

Dad: It is how it is supposed to be. You know this too. We are forming good relationships with other kingdoms when we do this.

Me: Does Febechi know that her in-laws want her?

Dad: No but we are going to tell her tonight.

Me: She is still at the royal house?

Dad: Yes. They are leaving next week.

Me: Let’s pray to the ancestors that they keep her protected and that her marriage becomes successful.

Dad: We will do that. Keep well.

Me: Bye papa.

It is things like this that make me hate being of royalty. Anyway let me continue what I was doing before I was interrupted. After taking a well-deserved shower I get dressed and head to the kitchen. Mama dishes for me and I eat my food over peaceful silence. All of a sudden my mind wonders to Rachel and how she is doing. I know I wasn’t going to be allowed to get married to her but we could have made it work. This life thing is very sad I tell you.


Me: What are you doing?

At least are no people next to us or that would have caused us a lot of unnecessary drama and attention.

Tshepo: Please move in with me.

He said so showing me his house keys. At least he didn’t say marriage or I would have died. Even this one is worse. It is too early for us to take such a huge step. 3 months into the relationship and we are already moving in together.

Me: Please stand up.

He stood and went to his seat with hurt and disappointment written all over his face. For a moment I felt bad hey.

Me: Why are you rushing things baby?

Tshepo: I feel like we are ready and that way I get to spend much deserved time with you.

Me: We are not ready. It is too soon. You love me and I love you too but baby it is too soon. We do not have to rush things.

Tshepo: Oh I understand.

Me: Don’t be so sad. That time will come.

Tshepo: I guess you are right. I just didn’t want to lose you. I feel like someone will take you away from me.

Me: Relax

no one will. Let’s get out of here.

Tshepo: After you my Lady.

I laughed and we walked out. I can’t believe this is how my boyfriend feels that someone will take me away from him. I can’t help but feel bad that I have been thinking about Akunna lately. Here I am with what most girls wish to have. I looked at him and smiled.

Tshepo: What is it?

Me: I love you.

Tshepo: I love you too.

We smiled at each other and he drove off.

In Nigeria

At the royal house.

Chief: It is almost dinner time I’ll have to tell Febechi that her in-laws now want her. I don’t know how she will take this. I am also not ready to lose my baby girl.

Queen: We won’t be losing her my husband. Even though she will now be the daughter of another Chief she will still be the daughter of this soil and our ancestors will protect her.

Chief: You are right my wife. Let us go and join the children.

They got out of the room and went to the dining area. Oluebebe was already seated and waiting for their parents and her sister. The royal servants had also put all the dishes on the table.

Queen: Where is your sister?

Oluebebe: She is…

Febechi: I am here.

Chief: Hurry up I am hungry.

They all laughed and sat down. They all dished for themselves. Midway the Chief cleared his throat and they all looked at him.

Chief: I have an announcement to make.

He looked at his wife and she gave him a nod.

Chief: Chief Adebayo sent a letter and he wants the wedding to be in December.

Oluebebe: We are going to have a wedding!

Chief: Yes. Febechi how do you feel?

Febechi: I am okay Father. I always knew that this day would come.

Queen: You are going to be the most beautiful bride we have ever seen.

Febechi: Thank you.


I always knew that one day I would get married to some Prince chosen for me. I got to know that I would be married to Trinity when I was 18. We went out a couple of times and I know that he doesn’t love me. Trinity just tolerates me he is friendly but he doesn’t love me. I don’t know how to feel about what my Father announced. I love Trinity it was love at first sight. I am ready to be his wife. Maybe when he gets to stay with me after December he will see the kind of person I am and love me after that. Imagine this Febechi Adebayo. It has a nice ring on it.  I hope he loves me or at least treat me right. We are in May so I have 7 months to prepare for the wedding.


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