Part 4 continuation


Later at 17h34 I went to take a shower and went to do make up. I did very minimal make up and wore a black dress and black block heels. I checked the time and it was 18h58 so I put all the things I’ll be needing in a clutch bag. Tshepo called to tell me that he is outside so I locked the door and went to his car. He opened the door for me and I got inside. He went to his side and drove off.

Tshepo: Wow baby

you look gorgeous.

Me: Thank you love. You also look good. So where are we going?

Tshepo: You will see when we get there.

Me: Please tell me.

Tshepo: Okay fine! We are going to NCW Restaurant.

Me: Wow! Thank you. I have always wanted to go there.

Tshepo: I am glad then.

I looked at him and smiled. Tshepo is not a bad boyfriend and I even feel guilty that I am crushing on another guy. I am such a bad person! In no time the car parked and we walked in. There were a few people inside and the mood was very relaxed. The lights were not too bright. It was just perfect. We were led to our table.

Waitress: What would you like to have?

Me: Juice please. I am still deciding. Orange juice.

Waitress: And you Sir? 

Tshepo: Same as hers.

Waitress: 2 orange juice coming right up.

Me: What is the occasion?

Tshepo: Can’t I just spoil my girl?

Me: Okay (smiling) you can.

We were interrupted by our waitress for the night.

Waitress: Here is your juice.

Us: Thank you.

We conversed over our drink and after 5 minutes or so we called her over and ordered. She brought our food and we indulged in that delicious meal.

Tshepo: You know that I love you right?

Me: Yes baby. What’s going on?

Wait. Wait. Wait. Dude went down on his knee…


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