It is early in the morning and Blessing is crying her heart out while her husband is outside praying to God and the ancestors to keep his wife safe. Uchechukwu has heard many stories about women dying while giving birth to their offsprings and he didn’t want the same fate to fall on his wife. Inside the hut Blessing is being helped by Uchechukwu’s mother and their neighbor to give birth. After 20 minutes they finally managed to get the baby out and the hut was filled with the loudest cry the women have ever heard. Immediately when the baby started crying it rained so much that Uchechukwu had to run back to the house. He heard a baby’s cry and fell on his knees giving out praises that his baby has made it alive. “Here is your baby girl” said his mother. “The ancestors have given me something so precious” he said. He then looked at his wife and she was sleeping. “Mama is my wife okay?” he asked in a panic mode. “Relax my son she is okay. Slumber has taken over her body but she will wake up when she has rested enough.” He lets out a sigh of relief because fear had taken over his body thinking that his wife has died. When he held his daughter for the first time it was love at first sight. He never thought he would love another human being more than he loves his wife but the birth of his beautiful flower proved him otherwise. A FEW HOURS LATER Blessing woke up and tried getting up and in the process she hurt herself. She looked down on her tummy and it was flat and it all came back to her that she passed out after giving birth. “Uche!” she called out loud. Upon hearing his wife’s calling he ran to their hut. “Ifemi?” he responded. “Nrababa where is our child?” “Blessing we are blessed with a baby girl” he said with his eyes glittering with tears. “Is she in mama’s hut? Fetch her already” she beamed. Uche laughed and went to his mother’s hut. He found his mother rocking the baby back and forth and he stood for a moment in admiration. “I

” she beamed. Uche laughed and went to his mother’s hut. He found his mother rocking the baby back and forth and he stood for a moment in admiration. “I Uchechukwu Okafor a father to a precious baby girl” he thought to himself. “She is beautiful isn’t she?” he asked his mother. “Yes” the mother said smiling. “Blessing is awake and she would like to see the baby” he said. Mrs Okafor handed the baby to Uchechukwu and went out with her to their hut. He handed the baby to Blessing and she couldn’t believe her eyes. A baby so beautiful. Tears went down her eyes as she looked at her baby. “I love you baby. I promise to love and cherish you. The ancestors have entrusted me with you I will not disappoint them at all. I will do everything in my powers to protect you” she said looking at her baby girl. “What will you name her?” asked Mrs Okafor. “Oh ma I didn’t hear you come in” responded Blessing. “My love what are we naming her?” she continued. “Olanma” Uche said. “Olanma Okafor” he continued. 


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