At the royal house.

In the morning of the very same day the Queen woke up and shook her husband so he could wake up. They both went to take a shower and later returned to their room. The bed was already made by one of the royal servants. They got dressed then went to the dining area so that they could have breakfast. They found their children already at the table waiting for them. They have three children two girls and one boy. The boy (Akunna) is the eldest followed by Febechi and the last born is Oluebebe. “Good morning” greeted the Queen. “Good morning Mother. Good morning Father” the kids chanted. “Good morning” greeted the Chief. “Mama did you hear the rain at night?” “There was rain?” asked the Chief. “I thank the ancestors for that. Our soil was now dry and the people were now complaining of hunger” he continued. “That is good news. The ancestors finally heard our cry and helped us. I hope it continues again to rain

” said the Queen. They all nodded their heads agreeing with the Queen. “I miss brother Akunna” cried the last born Oluebebe. “Akunna needs to come back home now. He has been gone to South Africa for far too long now” said the Queen. “My wife he was here two months ago. Your son is a doctor in South Africa so he is needed most of the time” said the Chief. “That doesn't make us miss him any less papa” said Febechi. The Chief just laughed at them and said nothing. ………. Akunna is 25 years old and he works in Johannesburg South Africa as a doctor at Netcare. Febechi is 22 years old and she works as a school teacher at Lagos. Oluebebe 20 years old and she is at varsity. 


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