PRECIOUS MOKOENA After eating I volunteered to do the dishes. I wanted to impress Akunna. I am sure a Prince would like a girlfriend that knows her way around the kitchen. Someone who is neat and tidy. He needs someone who will be able to take care of him in all kinds of ways. Anyway after doing the dishes I bid my aunt goodbye and drove to my place. I stay in Auckland Park so it is not far from my place to Parktown. I got to my place and took off the shoes I was wearing and the bra. Ladies you know how uncomfortable a push up bra is. Do you know how fulfulling it is to sleep after taking a shower? If you don’t know then I suggest you do. THE NEXT DAY How I hate having lectures in the morning. Being a lecturer is tiring I won’t lie. I woke up and made the bed then took out my outfit and placed it on top of the bed. I am one of those people that believe that if you dress good you feel good and if you feel good then you do good. I went to take a shower and then got dressed and made my way to the kitchen. I made myself muesli with plain yoghurt and had my breakfast jamming to Cole’s music. I don’t care what you say but Cole is a G.O.A.T! I finished eating then I put the bowl in the sink and got to my car and drove to work. I lecture at Wits Braamfontein Campus. I parked my car took out all the things I will be needing and made a way to my office. It was 07h20 and the lecture starts at 08h00. I made myself coffee because I was still feeling tired. At 07h45 I left my office and went to the lecture hall. I found a few students already in the lecture hall and I know others are going to arrive late it is no joke to wake up early in the morning. At 08h00 the class started being filled up. Me: Good morning. Today we will be discussing the different sources of law. Who has their Constitution with them now? A few students raised their hands. Me: The ones who did not raise up their hands don’t you have it on your phone? Students: We do. Me: Okay then you will use your phones. We have primary sources and secondary sources of law. What are primary sources of law? Any guesses? Student: Primary sources are binding by the law which means that legal practitioners must take them into consideration. For example the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996 is a primary source of law. Me: Correct. I see someone read before coming to class. The lecture was out at 09h45. If you are wondering

I teach Introduction to Law to first years. First years are adorable they are so clueless about varsity and they are so innocent. But when they get to the second semester they start getting comfortable. My phone disturbed me from my thoughts and it is my boyfriend. Did I tell you I am in a relationship? No? I am such a bad person. I have a boyfriend by the name of Tshepo. We have been dating for 3 months now. Up to thus far he has been good to me but I wouldn’t mind leaving him for Akunna. Don’t look at me like that you would too if you were to see Tshepo then see Akunna. Me: Hey Tshepo: Baby how are you? Me: I am good thanks how are you? Tshepo: I am good. I would like to take you out for dinner tonight. Me: At what time? Tshepo: I will fetch you at 18h45. Me: Okay babe. I will be ready. Tshepo: Enjoy your day babe and I love you. Me: I love you too. See? Tshepo is thee perfect boyfriend. In Nigeria The Royal House The Chief was sitting alone in his bedroom. He had just read a letter from Chief Adebayo of Kano stating that he would like the wedding of their children be in December the very same year. He was not ready to wed his daughter off. Queen: My husband what are you thinking about? Chief: I got a letter from Chief Adebayo Queen: Is it about Febechi and his son? Chief: Yes and I don’t think I am ready to marry off my daughter. Queen: You do realize that they were supposed to get married when Febechi was 20 right? You told him to wait for 2 years and he waited. You cannot go back on your word. Chief: I am well aware of that. My only concern is what if they don’t treat my daughter right? What is she won’t be happy? Not everyone is as lucky as we were we fell in love the moment we were introduced to each other. I haven’t seen Febechi laugh with Adebayo’s son. Queen: The gods will protect our daughter. Chief: I hope they do. SOUTH AFRICA AKUNNA EZE. Today is my day off and I couldn’t be happier my body needs to just relax. I woke up at 11h03 and I went to brush my teeth and wash my face. I wore a muscle vest with a pair of shots and flip flops. I went to the kitchen to eat and I found a note plastered on the fridge that mam’ Sindy went to the mall to get the things we needed in the house and that my food is in the microwave oven. God bless that soul. While eating the bell rang and opened the gate. I waited for the person to knock and finally they did. When I opened the door I got the shock of my life! 


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