In South Africa. AKUNNA EZE. Today things were very complicated at work. We had a patient who got involved in a car accident and that did damage to his spinal cord. We are not sure yet if she will be able to walk again I am still waiting for the results then we will inform her family. Nothing hurts like being the bearer of bad news. The look on the patient’s family and the look on the patients themselves. Anyway it is 18h00 and I am driving back home. I can't wait to rest because that's all my body needs at the moment. I got home at 18h15 because well I don't live far from the hospital. It is in Parktown and I also stay in Parktown. I parked the car in the garage and got inside the house. I was welcomed by some good aroma and laughter. I wonder who is with mam' Sindy. I went to the kitchen and she was with a woman who looked to be in her early 20's. Talk about beauty!! “Good evening” I greeted. Mama: Good evening son. The girl: Hello Mama: This is Precious she is my sister's daughter and Precious this is Akunna my employer. Me: Hi Precious. It's nice to meet you. Precious: Likewise. She didn't seem to be interested in talking to me what a bummer. Me: Ma I am going to take a shower. I will join you guys in a few minutes. Mama: The food will be ready. Me: You are the best. I carried my things and went to my bedroom. I couldn't get Precious out of my mind and that made my little man twitch a little bit. “Relax man” I told myself. PRECIOUS MOKOENA I have seen beautiful men in my life but that one mh!! He is not all that but there is something special about him. I don't know how to describe that SOMETHING but it is there. Don't get me started on his voice Mary mother of Jesus!! Visiting my aunt wasn't such a bad idea afterall. Aunty: Precious? Me: Ma? Aunty: Are you even listening to me? Me: Of course I am. Aunty: What did I say? Me: Aunty: You got distracted the minute Akunna got here. Me: Haibo mamncane (excuse the spelling) Aunty: Don't haibo mamncane me. I saw how you were looking at him. Do you want him? Me: No ma Aunty: Good. Stay away from him. You are a good girl Precious

I wouldn't want you to get hurt. Me: What do you mean? Aunty: You said you don't want him moes so it doesn't matter. I love my aunt but she is one very strict woman but sweet. We set up the table and Akunna made his way in. Aunty: If I didn't know better I'd say that you were keeping tabs on us. Why is it that you arrive exactly after we finished setting up the table? Akunna: It's just a coincidence ma. They laughed and we all sat down. His phone rang and he excused himself. He came back after 5 minutes or so. Aunty: What did I say about picking up phone calls when we are eating? Akunna: I'm sorry ma but it was the Chief. Aunty: Oh how is he? How is everyone? Akunna: They are okay. They keep telling me to go back home. Aunty: I'm sure they are missing you. Akunna: I miss them too. Wait wait a bit. Does that mean Akunna is a prince? Is that why my aunt told me to stay away from him? I know that royal children have lifetime partners already waiting for them to grow up. Imagine at the age of 10 you are already being groomed to be someone's wife. But that's beside the point the point is I want him and I am not looking for marriage. I am 23 for crying out loud I need to enjoy my youth and play here and there. Am I getting carried away? Whatever. All I know is that he is mine. AKUNNA EZE When my phone rang I knew that ma wasn’t going to be happy with me leaving the table to go answer my phone but I couldn’t ignore it it was the Chief so I excused myself. Me: Papa Chief: How are you? Me: I am okay how are you? How are is everyone? Chief: Everyone is fine but you know how your mother is like. Me: She wants me to come home? Chief: You know her too well. She was whining earlier today. Me: She will be fine. Chief: I hope you are behaving there. Don’t forget that you are a Prince and go around impregnating random girls. That will bring shame to the family. We don’t want any bastard children. Me: I am still behaving Father relax. I know I have got responsibilities waiting for me back at home. Chief: Yes. We don’t want you embarrassing your Queen. I heard that she is a good girl and she is waiting for you. She is practically your wife because the two of you grew up knowing that you will get married to each other one day. Me: I heard you. You don’t have to remind me every chance you get that there is someone waiting for me. I need to get back. Chief: Stay well son. Me: Goodnight Father. Now this is the part I hate about my life BEING A PRINCE. I don’t get to choose my own wife what kind of bull is that? Anyway I went back inside and like expected mama shouted at me. After eating Precious offered to do the dishes so that mama could rest. That was very thoughtful of her. She looks independent and the way she carries herself is such a turn on. 


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