In South Africa AKUNNA EZE I came to South Africa 2 years ago to practice as a doctor and I got a job at Netcare and I have been working there ever since. The reason I came to South Africa is because Nigeria is not that well developed and the pay is also not as great as the one I get here. I know that one day I will have to go back home for good so that I can sit on the throne but for so long let me enjoy my stay here in Jo’burg. I also want to open a hospital in Nigeria when I go there permanently. One of the advantages of being born and bred in foreign countries is that when you get here with your qualifications stating that you are a qualified doctor is that you get a job quickly because SA doesn’t have many qualified doctors. I am a neurologist by the way. Let me stop boring you with my career because I would be bored too if someone I didn’t know kept talking about his career. It is a Monday and that means work for me. Even though I am tired because I was with my niggas during the weekend I have to go and I am not complaining because I love what I do. I get up and go to the bathroom to take a shower then go back to my room and get dressed in a pair of jeans with a blue shirt and tuck it in. I roll the sleeves of the shirt up to my elbows then put on a black belt and black formal shoes. After that I go to the kitchen where mam’ Sindy has already prepared breakfast for me. I take her as a mother more than a helper because this woman has been a mother to me since the day she started working here. “Good morning ma” I say before kissing her cheek. “Good morning son are you well?” she asks. See? She cares. “I am okay ma thank you. How are you?” “I am also okay.” She then disappears into the house and I eat my delicious breakfast. When I am done I wash the dishes I was using then leave. Getting to work I was welcomed by a nurse informing me that there is a patient who needs immediate attention. Let the day start. In Nigeria The royal house “Papa what do you think the cause of the rain was because it only rained in the wee hours of Friday then never again?” asked the Queen. “I have also been asking myself the same question because most times when it rains it rains for a couple of days that are yet to follow but it never did again” respond the Chief. “Maybe the ancestors are trying to show us something” he continued. “Should we call the seer and consult about this?” the Queen asked. “No let’s not bother him. If there was something we needed to know he was going to let us know so there is nothing to worry about” said the King. OLANMA’S HOME Uchechukwu and Blessing were sitting on the grass mat but Blessing had put a pillow so that she does not hurt herself. “I am thinking of making a small ceremony to welcome our girl and introduce her to the ancestors” Uche said to his wife. “That is not a bad idea and taking into consideration that the ancestors need to recognize her so that she could be protected” Blessing responded. “I am sure that mama will be happy to help” she proceeded. Uchechukwu laughed because he knew there was no way his mother would say no to such. His mother loved everything that included having people come over at their house. “She will love the idea you know she will” he said. They both laughed because they remembered the day they got married

” he said. They both laughed because they remembered the day they got married Uche’s mother was busy announcing to everyone who has ears to listen that his son is a man amongst men because he is taking a wife and they should pull through to their home and witness that beautiful scene. “At times like this I miss my parents” Blessing said sighing. “Mama would be so happy that I got married and I now have a daughter” she continued. “I don’t even know where my sister is because she decided to run off with a man to Lagos and leave me behind” she said. “You are not alone in this world my wife. We are here for you. I am here for you and our pearl is also here for you” Uchechukwu said. “I wonder if she will be mommy’s girl or daddy’s girl” said Blessing. “She is definitely be daddy’s girl. Girls love their fathers” Uche said confidently. “I want Ola to disappoint you and choose me over you” Blessing said laughing. A knock disturbed them and it was Uche’s mother. “Ah mama come in” said Blessing smiling. Blessing loves her mother-in-law and the woman loves her back. She couldn’t have asked for a better daughter in law. “How is my granddaughter doing?” she asked. “She is sleeping now” Blessing said. “That is good. She kept us awake during the night. Your daughter can cry mahn Uche” mama said and they all laughed. “When Blessing has healed I want to do a welcome ceremony for Olanma and introduce her to the ancestors” Uche said. “That is a very good idea. Our little pearl needs to be protected at all times” mama responded. The baby cried disturbing them from their conversation. (SIDE NOTE: Olanma translates to beautiful pearl) 


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