I took the napkin and put it on my lap I looked at her plate and she hasn't touched her food..

Me: You might wanna eat that Dear it's pricy

She looked at me and tried to conduct herself in a more "Respectable" way..

Her: I'm sorry but I'm confused I don't know why you asked to meet up with me

Me: You confused?

She didn't say anything..

I opened my bag and took out the white envelope I gave it to her..

Me: This should take care of that problem

Her: Problem?

Me: You need to have an abortion

She coughed..

Her: How did you know that I'm.. I mean..

Me: My husband is also gonna give you money to abort that's if he hasn't given it to you as yet.. Does he even know that you pregnant?

She shook her head..

Me: When you tell him he's going to tell you to abort.. Trust me

The waiter came to refill my glass..

Me: Thank you

I looked at her..

Me: You think you the first girl he has slept with or promised the world? If he finds out that you pregnant he's going to tell you to abort and then move on to the next thing and forget you I hope the money that he has been showering you with. You did something good with it like paying off your fees and putting some away than maintaining your fake lavish lifestyle 

Her: Mrs Hlubi I.. I'm very sorry 

I flashed a smile.. 

Me: Please don't be 

The waiter walked back to me and whispered in my ear.. I looked at her.. 

Me: Your Uber is here 

She stood up and took the envelope with like a frightened newborn chick she stumbled her way around until she made it out of the exit. I took the napkin and threw it on my plate.. 

Me: Damn you Zwelonke!! 

My husband and I we come from the same hood Zwelonke was the last guy I had my eyes on let alone think of dating. When I was in varsity doing teaching he was that typical guy who had a car wash at the corner. I was the "it" girl who beat all odds and went to varsity which girls around hated very much. I wasn't all for going out and having fun I was mostly locked up at home and reading books or watching my favorite series than drinking and partying I very much preferred that boring life.. I was the only child born to my Parents

my mother was a domestic worker and my father passed on when I was very young leaving me a trust fund that would later on help a lot with me going to varsity. 

Zwelonke knew that he was below the belt to get with me but he kept on annoying me until I gave in. Yes he was my first I never dated in high school I didn't want to trap myself with an unplanned pregnancy which would've been a barrier for me to finish school. My mother wasn't strict but she always gave me good advices I am the woman that I am today because of her. I really enjoyed my relationship with Zwe for some reason I found myself falling hard for him and when I graduated I was lucky to get a job right away. What I really liked about Zwe was that even though he was washing cars for a living but he had a vision he wanted to be the next thing after Apple Samsung and Huawei. He wanted to invert the most worthy gadgets in South Africa that will compete with the biggest in the game and guess what? Although his dreams seemed a bit far fetched but he did it. He made it through and I supported him all the way. He used to live with me in my flat and I was providing for us whilst he was trying to get sponsors it was difficult but someone who believed in his invention ended up investing in his dream. I remember he used to tell me that when he makes it he will give me the world for all the times that I believed in him when no one did. Funny enough he did keep his word he gave me the world. His company is worth millions and I get everything that I want but you know what? I realized at a later stage that all those glitters are not gold...My story will start way back before this devil of a rich life found me. 

My name is Connie "Nontando" Hlubi and this is my story. 


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