I must admit that I enjoyed my weekend at home with Zwe. I enjoyed how we reconnected and reminded of what we once shared. I enjoyed being alive again in a relationship don't get me wrong Makhubalo is a very good man but maybe our relationship was just based on the fact that I needed someone at that moment. I needed someone to help me through my pain and he was there. He was there doing it all and I am grateful. One thing about the heart is that it is very stupid it doesn't care what happened before. If the love is still there it will lead you straight to that person over and over again until it gets tired. I didn't mean for things to happen this way I didn't mean to hurt him.

That Monday morning we had a staff meeting it was very awkward for me especially after what happened between Makhubalo and I. He was addressing us and kept on looking at me here and there my eyes would wonder around trying to not keep a lengthy eye contact. He seemed fine he looked fine. I hope this won't put a strain on our working relationship. He asked me to come to his office as everyone either made tea or went about their business..

I sat down..

Him: Good morning

Me: Good morning

Him: How are you?

Me: I'm good and you?

Him: I'm well


Me: I would like to apolo-

Him: I want you to resign

Me: Sorry?

Him: I will give you a good reference and letter of recommendation

Me: I don't understand

Him: I think it's the least you can do for me after what you did

Me: Resigning that's a bit extreme

Him: I know and I'm sorry but I need you to resign

Me: I won't resign

He put his hands deep inside his pockets..

Him: If you don't I'm going to make sure that you get dismissed. I have friends in high places and you will never get a job in teaching ever again!

Me: That's not fair

Him: Exactly what you also did to me that's not fair

He shook his head..

Him: This boy is going to hurt you something that you won't understand and I don't wanna be there to pick up the pieces again and restore your sanity only to have you back in his arms when you okay. Have you forgotten what he put you through? How you almost died and how your life was almost ruined? I care deeply for you and I don't wanna witness that again.. If you ever felt something for me please resign. It's the last thing you can consider doing for me especially after what you've put me through. You have only 1 week to think about it 


I enjoy work now better than before. Being in charge is very good especially considering the fact that I've always wanted to run a ship of my own this is the perfect time to do so..

Driver: Sir you've called for me

Me: Yes I need you to run a quick errand for me

Him: I'm listening

Me: You will pass by at this shop they will give you a basket of chocolates and a red rose I need you to deliver the basket at this school to this Person

I passed him the piece of paper..

Him: I know that you have a delivery already but please do this favour for me

Him: It won't be a problem Sir

Me: Thank you

Just as he walked out Phumla walked in.

She smiled at him..

Her: Good morning Boss

I smiled at her too..

Me: Good morning

She walked in and sat down..

Her: Wow! Look at you

Me: Look at me indeed

Her: Who would've thought?

We both laughed..

Her: You had it coming though you always had big dreams

Me: What can I say?

Her: Ya.. This is really nice

Me: How are you holding up?

Her: I'm good can't complain.. Met this wonderful man I'm in a better place

I nodded..

Me: I'm glad

Her: I see you and Ntando are back together

Me: Yes we are

Her: I'm glad

Me: All thanks to you

Her: I don't understand

Me: You made me realize that I almost lost a diamond busy chasing the thrill. Honestly speaking if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have realized how important she was to me

Her: Perfect love story

Me: Indeed

Her: I'm proud of you.. You really doing good for yourself

Me: Thank you

Her: Let me go and greet the crew

hope you don't mind

Me: Not at all go ahead

She stood up and walked out..


Makhubalo was right after everything that I've done to him. I shouldn't expect him to continue working with me it'll be too much pain for him. I drafted the letter right away in his office when I was done. I handed it back to him..

Him: Thank you

Me: Again I'm truly sorry.. I didn't mean for this to happen

Him: It's okay.. I understand you can go back to work

I got up and walked out I saw Nkati in the staff room I made my way in..

Her: Hey Roomy

Me: Hey

I sat down..

Her: You okay?

I sighed..

Me: I resigned

Her: What?

I shook my head..

Me: He made me to resign

Her: Why?

Me: I'm back with Zwe

Her: Ohw I see but what does that have to do with you resigning? 

I looked at her.. 

Her: Ohw he can't work with you anymore 

I nodded.. 

Her: This is difficult but still it's not right he shouldn't have made you to resign 

Me: Ahh what can we say I truly understand where he is coming from 

Her: Ya this is difficult 

Me: I will move out month end I'm sorry 

Her: Don't even mention it I totally understand 

Me: I will move back home and I would like it if we still keep our friendship. I really value you as a friend 

She smiled.. 

Her: Don't worry we still going to be friends 

Me: Thank you (smiling) 


I didn't stay for long my former colleagues had to go back to work. It was good being back here and seeing everyone honestly speaking they made me to miss this place.

It was good seeing Zwe again and I'm glad that he was making it he has always been focused and I appreciate that about him.

I went back to my place and Rodney showed up. He didn't look good..

Me: Hey

Him: Did you talk to my fiancé?

Me: She called me when I was at the hotel

Him: And what did you say?

Me: She asked me if we seeing each other

Him: What did you say?

Me: I said yes

He looked at me and then cleared everything from the counter..

Him: She fucken canceled the wedding!!

I swallowed..

Him: Why did you say that? Couldn't you deny?

Me: How could I deny when she had my number? I don't even know where she got it from

He put both his hands on the counter..

Him: We can't do this.. We can't do this anymore

Me: What?

He looked at me..

Him: I'm not going to lose her I need to make her see that she is important to me.. I can't do this with you anymore I'm sorry

Me: Rodney don't do this

Him: She is my fiancé and soon to be wife you nothing! You don't mean that much to me I can't lose her so I need you to move out! By month end you should be gone I'm sorry Phumla

This was not happening to me..


I called Zwe after receiving that basket of chocolates..

Me: I got the chocolates

Him: I'm glad

Me: Thank you

Him: Don't mention it

Me: Are you busy?

Him: For you.. Not at all

Me: I resigned

Him: What?

Me: I was dating the principal so after breaking up with him he forced me to resign

Him: That is very wrong

Me: It's fine.. It's the least I could do for him after everything that I've put him through

Him: I understand

Me: I'll get another job plus it's not like I'm broke broke broke. Had some money saved up

Him: You'll be moving back home?

Me: Yes

Him: Everything is going to be well sweetheart I promise

Me: Let me not keep you talk later

Him: Okay I love you soo much baby

Me: I love you too

I hope I'm not making the biggest mistake of my life by choosing Zwe..I just lost a good job bec of our relationship this should be a better start for us. Better than what we had previously 


To be continued 


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Mr Principal is gonna make sure Ntando struggles to get a job so that it can strain her relationship with Zwe clearly. 🤔

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