Later on Zwe walked me home I must say that I had a great time at his house despite our fight yesterday. When we got to my place Dudu was helping my Mother with laundry..

Me: Sanibonani

Mom greeted back..

Zwe: Ma I brought her back

Ma: Thank you very much

He hugged me and kissed me..

Him: I'll call you

Me: Okay

Him: I love you

Me: I love you too

He said his goodbyes and then left..

Ma: Seems like a lot happened yesterday

Me: Can I help?

Ma: Yes please

Me: Okay

Ma: Let me go make myself something to eat

Me: Okay

She walked back into the house..

Dudu: So you back with him? You and Makhubalo are done?

Me: No

Her: You playing two Men against each other?

Me: I'll break it off with Makhubalo

She laughed..

Her: You really going back to him?

Me: I know that Zwe did me dirty but he apologized he has changed

Her: The reason why he "Changed" it's because that girl showed him flames! If she didn't they would still be together

Me: I don't expect you to understand it's my life by the way

Her: That's very true don't expect me to understand because vele I don't qha qwaba! 


We were getting a few things for the day I think people from around here noticed that we weren't from here. The eyeing was on another level of steroids. It's a small town so maybe everyone knows everyone.. 

Me: Alcohol is forbidden 

Zoe: We will bribe the person at the gate 

Fifi: You can't do that alcohol is forbidden for a reason. Plus you get out of control when you drunk Zoe so we don't want you getting out of the car and having a lion eat you alive 

Anelise laughed.. 

Zoe: Fuck you! 

Me: Fifi is right let's rather be safe than sorry please. I value my life 

Zoe: Whatever I am getting alcohol ill see how I stash it 

Me: They search the car 

Zoe: I'll see how to get away with it 

I shook my head.. 

Fifi: Anelise buy us some juice or something 

Anelise: Okay 

Me: I'll go get rolls and snacks 

Zoe: please get meat too charcoal and wood 

Me: Wood will buy at the Garage 

Zoe: Okay 


When we were done hanging I walked back to the house to check my phone. I had missed calls from Makhubalo. I exhaled in fustration and called him. He answered.. 

Him: Hello 

Me: Hi

Him: How are you? 

Me: I'm well and you? 

Him: I'm good 

Me: I got your missed calls sorry I didn't get back to you. My mom and I had a bonding moment yesterday 

Him: It's okay.. How is home? 

Me: Actually home is not bad

I'm enjoying. It's a good place to unwind 

Him: Glad to hear that what are your plans for tonight? 

Me: We going shopping just finished doing laundry 

Him: Okay that's great

Me: What are your plans for today? 

Him: I'm waiting for the kids we going to do visit my wife's grave 

Me: Ohw I'm sorry 

Him: No it's okay don't be 


Him: I miss you 

Me: I miss you too 

Him: When are you coming back? 

Me: Monday morning I'll take a taxi and go straight to work 

Him: I'll see you then 

Me: Let me not keep you 

Him: We will talk again later 

Me: Okay 

Him: I love you Ntando 

Me: I love you too 

He hung up. This was heartbreaking Makhubalo is a good man he doesn't deserve this. I sat on my bed.. 


Ma: Zwe 

Me: Ma

Ma: We need to talk 

I sat down.. 

Ma: If you going to break Ntando's heart again I think you should leave her alone 

Me: I'm not going to break her heart again 

Ma: I don't want you to keep on embarrassing me especially not now that Ntando's Mom and I are friends 

Me: I really want a solid thing with her now Ma. I love her and I won't hurt her again. I'm just waiting to make enough money then save up and pay lobola 

She smiled.. 

Ma: I'm happy that you seeing things that way 

Minnie: I'm happy too 

She walked in.. 

Ma: We love uNtando la ekhaya and we have already accepted her 

Me: I know 

I looked at them.. 

Me: Are you guys ready to go? 

Minnie: Let me change 

We were going to do some grocery shopping. Looking at my family now I'm happy with where we are. We've come a long way and honestly speaking I never thought things would get to this point. My mom was a terrible person I'm grateful that she got up and dusted herself. She's becoming a Mother that I want her to be.. 


Dudu: Let's go buy something to drink then come back and chill 

Me: Okay I'm buying 

Dudu: Wola! 

My phone rang it was Zwe.. I looked at Dudu she rolled her eyes and walked out... 

Me: Hi 

Him: "Hi" kubani? 

Me: Hi Babe 

Him: How are you Muntu wami? 

Me: I'm good and you? 

Him: Ngi right especially after last night 

I clicked my tongue.. 

Him: Don't act like you didn't enjoy 

Me: What do you want Zwe? 

Him: I'm driving the family to town wanna tag along? 

Me: I can't Dudu and I we going to chill and drink 

Him: Ayingithandi lento yakho yokuba yisdakwa 

Me: We will be drinking la ekhaya 

Him: Noo ku grand 

Me: So now you mad? 

Him: No I'm good

Me: If you act like that then I won't come for a sleepover 

Him: No do have fun with your cousin at least you guys are drinking indoors 

Dudu: Ntando asambe so!!! (yelling) 

Me: Dudu doesn't like you 

Him: Yeah I know 

Me: I have to go.. We'll talk later 

Him: Alright sharp 

Me: Bye 

Him: I love you 

Me: I love you more 

He hung up.. 

To be continued 


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