Zwe got back a bit late by then I was already passing out in his bedroom. He was shocked to see me laying on the bed with only just my bra and underwear he was alone..

Him: Shouldnt you be at home?

Me: I stopped by to visit your Mother and Sis we were having a good time and I decided to sleep over because it was already late

He nodded..

Him: I'll sleep on the couch

Me: Zwe

I got out of bed and went to him he ran his eyes around trying to avoid looking at my body..

Me: I'm sorry about earlier

He looked at me..

Him: It's okay you had every right to do that. I did hurt you a lot and I'm not proud of my actions

I pulled him a little closer by his hoodie..

Him: Ntando

Me: I love you and I want you

Him: This is not you you have a boyfriend. Don't do this

I wrapped my arms around his waist..

Me: I want you

I stood on my toes and kissed him at first he was reluctant but he kissed me back...

Me: I want you so bad

He ran his hands around my body..

Me: Please make love to you

He kissed my neck with my hand at the back of his neck..

Me: Make love to me


I stared at the ceiling the room was dark..

Zoe: Phum are you sleeping?

Me: No

Her: I'm sorry about earlier

Me: It's okay

Her: You really did love this guy didn't you?

Me: Kinda

Her: He beat you up he is broke! Love doesn't pay bills

Me: It's over now

Her: I hope so.. You can't lose Rodney over this broke guy

Me: He's not broke anymore

Her: But I'm sure he doesn't have Rodney money

Me: Sort off

Her: This is our life this is what we do

Me: You married

Her: I have a side dish remember

Me: Why did you marry him?

Her: For his money.. Only for his money


At least he had condoms I don't wanna find myself with an unplanned pregnancy. I had decided to take the lead on this one he was laid back on the bed and I was ontop of him. He was squeezing my butt as I tried my best to satisfy him. I was squeezing my breasts and biting my lower lip I was going up and down and then just swaying my waist sideways too. I am not an expert but I could see that he was enjoying he was really enjoying.. I put my hands on his chest as I pumped harder he squeezed my ass for dear life trying not moan loud. I was also trying not to scream loud and disturb his Mom and Sister..I leaned over and gently bit his neck that's when he lifted my butt and pumped from underneath...

Me: Yes Baby right there.. Ah ah ah ah

Him: Ohh shiiit (Moaning)

I kissed him on his lips.. I've missed this I've missed his dick..

Him: Fuck I love you soo much!!

Me: I love you too

He continued pumping...

Him: Do you love him?

Me: No I love you... I love you so much

That made him to pump me more harder..

Me: Ohh my word Zwe

Him: Then why did you let him fuck my pussy?

That question was too difficult for me to answer he spanked my ass hard.. Then grabbed it and continued fucking me..

Me: I... I.. I don't wanna talk about him

Him: I don't want him fucking my pussy anymore you hear?

Me: Yes.. Yes.. Yes

He kissed me on my neck..


The following day we prepared ourselves to go to Kruger national park but we started at Spur to have breakfast..

Fifi: Ohw my word you guys are trending

Me: What?

Me: Let me see

She gave me the phone..

Me: Who took the video?

Anelise: The were people there

I passed it to Zoe..

Zoe: This is so bad

Fifi: And funny

Anelise: #SlayQueensFighting

Zoe: The comments they thinking that we fighting for a man

Me: It's insane!

Zoe: This is soo no good for my image!


My pussy was on fire Zwe didn't have any mercy on me last night. He almost fucked me the whole night and this morning I was woken by him fucking me. I was burning and it's like my hole closed again. He was behind me holding my leg a bit up high and deep inside of me. He didn't use a condom this time around but we have agreed to go get a morning after pill. His lips were on my ear he was moaning softly and he wasn't going hardcore. He was very gentle but it was still painful...

Me: Zwe kubuhlungu (It's painful)

Him: You showed up at my house last night to spend a night here you didn't want me sleeping on the couch baby what did you think was going to happen?

Me: Chama ke (Just come already)

Him: No.. Ang'funi

I wet my two fingers and started rubbing my clit it got a bit better..

Ma: Ntando.. Zwe

She knocked at the door..

Me: Zwe stop (Whispering)

Him: No..

Ma: Ntando

She tried to open but the door was locked..

Him: Phendula Ntando uMa uyak'biza

Me: Maaa

He started pumping hard I covered my mouth with my hand..

Her: I made breakfast

Me: Awww (whispering).. Okay Ma ngiyeza (I'm coming)

Her: Okay

Me: Zwe ceda ngiyak'cela

He ignored me and continued pumping me hard I took the pillow and covered my face with it so my screams cannot be heard. 


To be continued 


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I love Ntando and Zwe

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Iyooo Ntando 🙄🙄🤞no words you just drain all my energy 😏ohh kodwa uMakhubela wenkosi ngaze ngamzwela life

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